Jack Hibbs Podcast

Teaching as it has to be done to make a difference

Jack is one of the contemporary members of the “black robe brigade” that, at the dawn of our country, called their congregations to rise up against the tyranny of their time. We are at such a juncture in our day and men like Jack, who pursue God with all their heart, are teaching and sharing the word of God with such applicability to our time that one is compelled to rise up and take a stand against the tyrannical mania of our day. The Creator and King of the universe is calling His creation to be set apart from the madness of our day, to go out and make disciples and keep our eyes up as we look for His coming. We are continuously blessed by brother Jack’s ministry. Give him a go, you will as well!

The Grace of our eternal God be upon you.

March 26, 2022 by GGaltere on Apple Podcasts

Jack Hibbs Podcast