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Jack Hibbs Podcast

Jack Hibbs Podcast

Jack Hibbs is dedicated to proclaiming truth. Standing boldly in opposition to false doctrines designed to distort the Word of God and the character of Christ. Jack’s voice challenges today’s generation to both understand and practice an authentic Christian worldview.

Recent Episodes

Evidence For Heaven

May 16, 2022

Skeptics continue to debate whether Heaven is real, yet there is undeniable evidence for its existence. In this program, Pastor Jack examines the witnesses that God has given us as proof for the reality of God’s eternal dwel…

Jack Hibbs Interviews Sherriff Chad Bianco

May 12, 2022

Guest Sherriff Chad Bianco - Pastor Jack interviews Sherriff Chad Bianco, a law enforcement officer who took a strong public stance against enforcing nonsensical orders during COVID lockdowns. Jack and Chad discuss topics su…

All Eyes On Israel

May 9, 2022

There is a great emphasis on Israel throughout scripture, especially in Bible prophecy. What is so important about this nation? Watch this week’s program to learn about God’s everlasting covenant with Israel and how it will …

All Eyes Off America

May 5, 2022

In just a short time, we have seen America’s leadership and strength rapidly decline. As Israel’s closest ally weakens, the stage is being set for the End Times. Join Pastor Jack in this discussion of how America’s drift fro…

Jack Hibbs and Dr. Frank Turek Discuss Infanticide and AB2223

May 2, 2022

Jack Hibbs joins author and apologist Dr. Frank Turek to expose this unbelievably evil bill and to let us know what we can do about it. Pastor Jack also reveals why he takes such a public stand on these issues that have beco…

All Eyes On God

April 28, 2022

As evil increases in the world around us, a great awakening is also taking place. People are asking questions about God and what will happen next. The great news is that there is comfort and peace for those who turn their ey…