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Passionate Follower of The Word 🙏

One of the best podcast out there teaching Gods perfect word. Thank you for speaking the truth and educating the hungry 🙏

God speaks

Truly truly God uses Pastor Jack Hibbs to touch so many lives and I praise God every day for using you. Praise God!!!!!!!

Great listen!

Love this story. God is on the move saving people in a dark world.

Thank you

Thank you for your unvarnished teaching and the way you call our attention to current events in regards to the Bible. I would also like to thank your family for sharing you with all of us.


Jack Hibbs delivers The Word in a straightforward format that you can easily apply to your real life. Always pointing to Jesus and His truth.


Thanks Pastor Jack for letting your light shine in these dark times! The time is short, let us press on to the finish line that we might hear the words well done good and faithful servant. God Bless

Awesome, eye opening, great information, and teaching.

Thank you!!

Thank you Pastor Jack for preaching the Bible and standing up for what is right in the eyes of God!!

I really enjoy 😊 this podcast

Jack Hobbs always gives a great 😊 sermon/ podcast right now I am listening to his podcast on Revival and he mentioned Chicago and I was like YESSS PREACH!!!! I love 💕 how we brings relevant topics going on in our world 🗺 into his sermons!!!



So encouraging!

I am so thankful to have discovered Pastor Jack’s podcast. He adds so much to my plate. Thank you for the deep and encouraging teaching.

Wonderful podcast!

I love Pastor Hibbs messages .

Episode 98

Thank you Pastor Jack for ep. 98. It was a blessing and made me reflect on how to truly discern when God is speaking to me.

Best Teacher Award

I watch your sermons every Sunday with my wife. We both feel blessed by your teaching of the Bible, as well as, feel that you are truly genuine in your passion for God’s word. Thank You for all that you do!


Best and smartest Bible teaching Pastor. Between Jack Hibbs and Joseph Prince, you can get your daily bread in ample supply. Thank you Pastor Jack Hibbs and your entire team for boldly professing and teaching the Real Life Truth of the Word of God!


Thankful and grateful to hear God’s word broken down by Pastor Jack. It’s so encouraging to start my day or end my day along with reading God’s word and some alone time with my Lord!!


Very encouraging and I always learn something new!

Thank you

Thank you so much pastor Jack for having the courage and boldness to use what god has given you pls keep up the good work. Praise God!!!!!

Speaking truth

Appreciate the truth you speak. Very encouraging podcast ! Thank you


I really like this podcast. Like, a lot! I figure they are all bites of a larger sermon, but I wish y’all would also put out the entire sermon in the podcast too. That would be nice. To anyone who hasn’t listened to this podcast, please try it out; you won’t regret it.

Jessica tapia

How true is this, we need to stand up for our Godly values

You can feel how close we are

Excellent podcast! Listening to Pastor Jack put together what the Bible has to say about the End Times and where we currently are on the time line is literally amazing. This podcast is is truly eye opening!

God is Amazing

I am so grateful for the teaching of Pastor Jack, that he does not waiver. It is such a blessing to hear the truth of God spoken in love and in strength. Thank you for staying true to the Lord.


Always handing out the truth. Thank you!!!

Great information

Everything he Jack shares is well founded and told in a great way that keeps my interest and causes me to really stop and consider the way I think and live my life.

Jack Hibb Podcast

Thanks Pastor Hibbs! Love your work! A great podcast based on truth and Spirit. Teaching Church to Stand. Ephesians 6!

Stay Strong!!!

Amazing messages. Encouraging to hear the truth from God’s Word!! Stay strong and continue to spend the Good News, encourage the saints through prophecy and stand on the Truth!!

Be courageous and stand firm!

This podcast, Real Life with Jack Hibbs has really opened my eyes to all that is going on in this world, and encouraged me to be courageous , strong , and to stand firm against the lies the enemy and the world ! Jessica Tapia, you are an inspiration to many! Everyone should listen to this podcast to help them prepare for what it really means to live life for Christ !

Praise God

I praise God that my family have found Jack Hibbs and his church. He speaks the truth when so many other church leaders don’t want to rock the boat of mediocre repetitive teaching. We ARE in spiritual warfare, and we all need to stand for our beliefs. Please listen to Jack’s teachings of the truth. It is a light in the overwhelming darkness!

Biblical truth

Thank you pastor Jack Hibbs for your boldness and clarity when speaking biblical truths as it applies today.