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Five Stars.

I have listened to Pastor Jack for sometime now and I can say that I simply enjoy listening to him preach. He is full of passion, energy and fire for the Lord. After losing so many good men of God over that past 10-15 years it is refreshing to see that kind of zeal. This world needs more strong men of God. Never lose your fervent desire to preach the Word of God.

Jack Hibbs Real Life is the best preacher of God’s Word

I try to listen to all of Jack Hibbs teaching. He is totally anointed by God. He teaches only Truth.

Just what God needed to give me

I also found Jack during Covid. I picked up extreme running to deal and found myself repulsed by music. I felt drawn back to God after seeing the evils of man. And I am grateful to hear someone speak scripture and culture because we must have scripture in it to be with God. I am thankful to have found this. It took so much angst away to refit myself to Gods plan. God Bless 🙏🏼

My life has changed

I found Pastor Hibbs during the Covid shutdowns, and being able to hear from a Pastor teaching the Scriptures verse by verse changed my life. I’m 61 years old, born and raised in the Presbyterian church, and I never learned much of the Word of God than on these two years. I’m grateful to God for having put Pastor Hibbs in my life by His divine intervention. Also, I have to thank Real Life with Jack Hibbs because, when I sent an email asking if there was a sister church in my area, they directed me to what is now my home church, Calvary Chapel West Houston, with Pastor Mike Robertson. I continue to watch, and listen, Pastor Hibbs, and his guests, daily. Thanks to his ministry, I’ve got to know other Pastors, speakers, and authors, that have enriched my life. Thank God for Pastor Jack Hibbs, and the ministry of Calvary Chapel.

Like a Brother in Christ!



Listening to Pastor Jack is interesting, educational and entertaining. He speaks to us in plain everyday language so you very clearly understand what he is telling us. The messages are always clear. Listen & learn.

Grateful for this podcast!

There has never been a time when this teaching has been more needed than right now. I am so thankful for Pastor Hibbs and his ability to cut through all of the awfulness and highlight the beauty from Jesus and His way. Thank you.

My favorite weekly podcast!

Seriously, who can pack more into 20 min than Jack Hibbs?! I love his messages because he gets right to it, no sugarcoated fluff. He cites scripture throughout his message. He has made me stop and get out my Bible ti read what he’s talking about. A great podcast to share with a new believer or long time faithful servant.

Standing Strong

Whenever I feel like the rug is being pulled out from under me by world events, I can always turn on one of Jack Hibbs’s podcasts and find a firm foundation on which I can stand. He is insightful and relevant to the times and the trials we are all facing.

Great podcast!

Pastor Jack Hibbs is a great speaker and a bold man of God who speaks the truth and preaches the gospel boldly! I love this podcast! It is encouraging and I praise God that He is using men like Jack Hibbs to speak out against the wickedness in this nation and to preach the gospel faithfully! Soli Deo Gloria!!! -Luke

The truth

This podcast is the best I encourage others to at lest listen to 1 because our world is messed up today. Ever since the American presidential election when Biden won the world became dark for me, and once I listened to this a candle lit inside of me. Even when I got my disability everything went dark until my mother helped with a lot of help from God and Jesus. Sincerely, a huge believer in Christ And just for you to know the rapture is coming soon whether you like it or not.

A conduit for the Holy Spirit

Pastor Jack has a gift from God for explaining The Bible and using it to explain the issues of today’s world. Give it a try.

Thanks Jack

God bless you for standing like Daniel did in Babylon! Praying with the windows wide open! Thanking God every day for what God is doing through your service! What a blessing to hear God’s teachings and see you rightfully dividing the word of truth! Prayers for you and God’s blessings!

The Pastor of Blessings

Pastor Jack is a man of truth. His dedication to teaching the true word of God is so important in these times. I can always trust what he is saying and all can be verified in the Bible! All should listen!


Thank You Pastor Jack for teaching the Word of God

Solid, unashamed, Biblical truth

So thankful for Pastor Jack and his ability to stay involved in our present culture without any compromise. Awesome biblical truths being preached through this podcast.

Bold honest truth.

He shares the gospel, how it’s applicable to culture today and doesn’t shy away from the truth. Jack Hibbs is the definition of bold and graceful.

I really enjoy 😊 this podcast

Jack Hobbs always gives a great 😊 sermon/ podcast right now I just finished listening to number 48 about the planks In our eyes and not judging people. I love 💕 how we brings relevant topics going on in our world 🗺 into his sermons!!!

Don’t push God off

I absolutely love how you explain the Bible! I can so see Moses face when God says grab the snake! Lol I would have the same face! Thank you for being bold but also encouraging!

Great messages

The truth you speak in the Bible is very encouraging! Thank you Pastor Jack!

Like a Brother in Christ!


One great message and pastor!

Jack Hibbs preaches the absolute truth! No mincing words! I am praying for a local church like CCCH with a pastor and staff as is in Chino Hills! God bless this work/ministry!!!

Holding nothing back

Pastor Jack teaches scripture as it is, he holds nothing back even when its hard to hear. It’s good for the soul

Jack Hibbs podcast

Pastor Jack has been richly blessed with the ability to discern the Bible and communicate the meaning of Scriptures in an easy to understand manner. Whether you are well versed and have studied the Scriptures for years or whether you are just beginning to open the Bible Pastor Jack’s messages will provide more insight into the Word. Wish we lived closer to attend the church every Sunday and Wednesday but so thankful for his messages online!!

Finally someone who speaks Biblical Truth

I found Jack Hibbs on a video about the rapture. I then started to watch him on YouTube. This podcast is a great extension to his teaching. He packs A LOT into 30 minutes. It’s easy to get so engrossed with what he’s teaching on that you don’t realize you have watched 3-4 episodes. Thank You for all you do, Jack.

Nothing but truth !!

So thankful for Pastor Jack , he speaks Bible Truths and gives all glory to God ! Take a listen , stay in His word and watch what God does for you!! Thanks Pastor Jack for your teachings ❤️

Just listen 1 time…

Straight down to earth biblical pastor; that I can’t get enough… every listen is a blessing that I want more and more !


Jack Hibbs is a solid, dedicated, intelligent, knowledgeable Pastor who is unafraid to teach the truth that is found in The Bible…the word of God. My husband and I have learned a lot from Jack Hibbs…we listen to his Podcast, we stream his Wednesday and Sunday services…why? Because he always points us back to Jesus.

Toni from Washington State

Thank you for standing on the whole Word of God It has helped me so much to stand firm and not move out of my home State. So sad that we are not the West Coast, but the left coast. Im praying where God wants to use me. God bless you