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So pleased to have access to someone who shares absolute truth…….Gods truth. His Word. Please keep sharing and be encouraged Pastor Jack.

Thank you!

Thank you Jack for your wisdom and insight! Love this podcast and all your others as well!


Thank you for this ministry! My friends may tire of me sharing Pastor Jack’s spirit-filled sermons and podcasts, but I just can’t help it! His Biblical teaching is clear, succinct, and challenging to the saved believer, the unsaved believer, and the unsaved/unbeliever…and his God-given ability to make us laugh and smile at ourselves and the absurdities of this fallen world, yet continuously point us to TRUTH, Jesus Christ, and the HOPE HE BRINGS through SALVATION, are sadly such a rarity in this “woke gospel” world. Thank you for preaching TRUTH; our prayers are with you all! P. S. None of my friends have complained about my sharing these truth-driven Biblical messages!🙏😊

One Spirit filled preacher

I appreciate the preaching & teaching of Jack Hibbs. God is using him in and has given him communication skills that reach both the unsaved & saved with His precious Word! Praise God!🙌🏼


I found Pastor Jack Hibbs again while listening to Charlie Kirk’s podcast. I had listened to Pastor Jack on the CSN radio broadcast years ago & have been a born again disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ since 1997. I had been struggling trying to align my political understanding through a Biblical Christian worldview due to erroneous council from my local church pastor who believes Christ is not glorified through discussing politics. Thanks to Pastor Jack’s Biblical teaching & preaching, I have found the Lord has given me a passion to call out evil & share the gospel with a dark & lost world. God is certainly glorified when He is proclaimed in a culture where politics reign & men worship government. How will they know unless His people who are called by His Name speak truth over evil & point them to the only One worthy of worship, Jesus Christ? I also have found a Calvary Chapel affiliate church where the Word of God is faithfully taught & preached. :)

Americas Pastor

I’m grateful that pastor Jack is my pastor. Im blessed to attend his church in Chino Hills. He is bold and courageous. I’m intrigued by his teachings. I like that he teaches Biblical truth, Bible prophecy, and is knowledgeable in American history.

One great message and pastor!

Jack Hibbs preaches the absolute truth! No mincing words! I am praying for a local church like CCCH with a pastor and staff as is in Chino Hills! God bless this work/ministry!!!

Steve Deace sent me

Looking for inspiration and instruction. Trying to be a better man in Jesus Christ..

Are you sure god knows you

I’m enjoy to listen Jack Hobbs


Thank you for preaching truth unapologetically!

My Joy is to share Pastor Jack’s podcasts 🕊🌈

My Joy is sharing Pastor Jack’s podcasts 🕊🌈

Locaparadios no mas

I am only crazy for Jesus. My husband lied on our marriage license. He was actually divorced, and with two kids. All 3 different women. I am good friends with 1 of the mothers. Everything he told me was a lie. I begged for the truth, but he refused. So I asked for a divorce. He remarried before our divorce was even over, so he committed BIGAMY. It is still a crime. The fact that he is so threatened by me should be enough, but the police don’t take anything I say serious. How is a church going to tell me I need to be married to be saved, if it isn’t protected? The place that doesn’t enforce laws should not be allowed to marry people. Everything in this state is corrupt. God only can save us now.

Making a change

Thanks for telling us all the truth God bless you & family

We love Jack

God is working in this time the last days are in front of our eyes , Guauuuu how exciting and amazing is that. We got to keep reading Gods word , keep praying for all of those people that still don’t know Jesus Christ as their savior. I pray we are all filled with God’s Holy Spirit, so He can guides us and share His Gospel. Jesus is coming do not be afraid , keep fighting. Keep going to church gathering together, today more than ever we need each other. May God bless our pastors and all of us. Jesus we love you.

Life changing

God bless Pastor Jack Hibbs. God has and is using him to change hearts and minds all around the world. He has impacted my whole family through the word of God.


You know the truth when you hear it. This is the truth.

Love Pastor Jack Hibbs!

I love that Jack isn’t afraid to speak the truth. Love his messages!

The best podcast

I love hearing God’s word while I am going about my day! Thank you Pastor Jack!

Truth and hope

Great way to start the day listening to Jack Hibbs sharing the truth in our God breathed biblical scriptures. Reminds me daily of the hope we have amongst the dark parts of this world. Thank you! I’ll Keep looking up.

God’s Work

My local pastor, Amir Tsarfati and Jack Hibbs guided me towards my salvation. I was a believer, but not a true Christian. These three individuals taught me what it means to repent, submit and be born again. The messages here are always true to scripture and God’s word, not personal opinion. Keep up the amazing work! Thank you, and God bless you.

The truth

I love the podcast it’s like God is with me when I listen to this, and I think that whoever listens to this God is smiling at them. May God be with you!

Straight unapologetic TRUTH

Thank you for being a voice for the voiceless. Thank you for standing firm in the word of God. Thank you for preaching truth and always bringing a biblical perspective to current events.

Biblical Truther

Pastor Jack is an amazing Shepard to his flock.

Life Changing Impact

God has used Jack Hibbs in a way that has had life changing impact on my life. I am a law enforcement officer in Virginia, a husband and father of 5 children, and my wife homeschools all 5 of our children. Thank you Jack Hibbs and staff for all you do in the name of Jesus Christ!

Great Show

Thanks for all you do! Love the show.

The real deal

What I love about Jack is he is bold and not ashamed to speak all of the Bible, without ever holding back. He also has a very humorous way of delivery!! God bless Jack Hibbs!


Very thankful for Jack Hibbs. I don’t hear this teaching in my church.

All Eyes Off America

Best. Podcast. Ever.


I learn so much from listening to Jack Hibbs. Great teach🙏🏻🕊


Pastor Jack - I discovered you on Newsmax and have been going thru all of your sermons and podcasts from your website. Your truly “gifted” skill at communicating the connection of all scripture and attention to relevance of today’s timeline, make the hard task of Bible study come together as if you were speaking directly to me and answering all of my questions. You are clearing up deceptions that have given me reasons to doubt the validity of the Bible. Since the Bible is really the only way we, in this culture know about Jesus, then it’s validity is paramount to believe it’s accuracy. I have become well attuned in past church membership, to the responsibilities and difficulties of being a pastor. My prayers are with you and your ministry as you tackle this most important mission of truth! You make it look easy, but that’s your gift. I am disabled and at home (which I am blessed to have), most of the time. Your website is the perfect worship resource for me! Thank you for keeping my eyes and ears open. Dave Dresback