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Can You Be Lied Into Hell?

March 23, 2023

Today’s culture bombards us with so much information that it can be hard to distinguish what is actually true. The devil inserts his deception into the mix in an attempt to lie you into Hell. Visit for …

Just When You Thought It Was Over

March 20, 2023

When the bottom drops out, and one bad thing is added to another in this ever-changing life, the Bible provides the stability we need to make it through all trials and tribulations. Learn more from today’s episode! Visit htt…

Part 2: Hearing from God (Part 2 of 3)

March 13, 2023

“He who has ears to hear, let him hear what the Spirit is saying…” Do you have ears to hear from the Spirit of God? Learn to listen when God speaks in today’s installment of the Jack Hibbs Podcast. Visit…

Part 1: The Voice of God (Part 1 of 3)

March 9, 2023

How can we identify the voice of God in our hearts and minds? How do we discern God’s voice from the other influences speaking into our lives? Pastor Jack answers these questions in today’s episode. Visit https://JackHibbs.c…

Ready, Watch, Pray... Look Up!

March 6, 2023

Today’s episode teaches us how to live our lives in light of the Second Coming. How can we be ready? What should we be watching for? How should we pray? Let’s look up for the return of Jesus! Visit for …

Bible Prophecy in Today's Headline News

March 2, 2023

What does the Bible have to say about the economy, the government, and the religion of the last days, and how are these things reflected in current events? Walk through time and explore the future with Pastor Jack now. Visit…

Choosing God Over Government: Standing Up to Bullies and Pushing Back Against a 'Woke’ World with Public School Teacher Jessica Tapia

Feb. 27, 2023

In this episode, Jack Hibbs talks with Jessica Tapia, a public school teacher who recently lost her job for her faith. We explore the culture of disrespect and immorality in public schools and the bullying Jessica experience…

Bible Prophecy Puzzle, Solved

Feb. 23, 2023

How do you solve the puzzle of Bible prophecy? By comparing the prophecies of the future with the fulfilled promises of history. Let Pastor Jack show you how to fit the pieces together in today’s episode. Visit https://JackH…

Revival: Returning to Our First Love and Living Out What We Believe

Feb. 20, 2023

In this episode, I discuss the idea of revival in America and what it means in a Biblical sense. I explain that revival is more than just an experience and cannot be manufactured. It requires a return to our first love, Jesu…

No more Religious Rules

Feb. 16, 2023

Do you find yourself caught up in religious rules and regulations? Join Jack Hibbs as he shares that it’s the simple things of God that are important. It’s time to live out what you believe in! It’s time for Real Life. Visi…

When You See These Things

Feb. 13, 2023

There are signs of the times all around us, pointing us to prophetic passages of Scripture. Learn to read those signs in order to live in light of the imminent return of Jesus Christ. Visit for more inf…

Be Liberated In Christ

Feb. 9, 2023

Romans says that we can be “justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ.” We can be set free from the power of sin! Do you long for the freedom that comes through Jesus? Visit…

Living In Liberty And Freedom

Feb. 6, 2023

Sin enslaves us, but the grace of God sets us free and transforms us by making us whole, clean, and righteous. Find out how God can sculpt your life into a beautiful work of art by giving you the liberty and freedom to walk …

Having A False Sense Of Grace

Feb. 2, 2023

Perhaps you’re under the impression that because God is good and loving, everything is fine, and you can keep living in sin. But without repentance of sin and an understanding of God’s deliverance, you may be living under a …

Having Power Over Yourself

Jan. 30, 2023

Learn the spiritual discipline of self-control to overcome the sins that tempt and entice you. By having power over yourself, you can avoid spiritual catastrophe in your life. Visit for more information!

Having A Life Worth Living

Jan. 26, 2023

If you gain the whole world but lose your soul, then you’ve missed the point of living. It’s not about having abundant possessions, but having the abundant life that Jesus offers. Visit for more informa…

The Radical Righteousness Of God

Jan. 23, 2023

God’s righteousness is pure, holy, and unadulterated. It is radical! And it is found in the person of Jesus Christ, whose death and resurrection allow us to share in it. Learn about God’s righteousness in today’s episode. Vi…

Love God, Live As You Please

Jan. 19, 2023

Jesus offers a freedom that transcends any freedoms offered by governments or constitutions. It is a freedom of the heart and soul. Examine your God-given freedom with Pastor Jack Hibbs in today’s episode. Visit https://Jack…

Living in the Last Days

Jan. 16, 2023

The Church of the Last Days must be a Church that is known for its discernment, its dependence on God, and its humility. Do these characteristics describe the Church today? Visit

The Church of the Last Days

Jan. 12, 2023

What will the Church look like during the End Times? Will it influence the world or be influenced by the world? Pastor Jack encourages the Church to take a stand for truth in today’s compelling episode. Visit https://JackHib…

Today is Your Day

Jan. 9, 2023

Our heavy sins weigh on our shoulders and cause us to despair. What can we do with them? Pastor Jack says we can give them to Jesus. That’s why today is your day! Visit to learn more and get great resou…

God's Big Problem

Jan. 5, 2023

God’s biggest problem is one that He would go to any lengths to solve. It involves bridging the gap between sinful man and His own holy nature. In this episode, Pastor Jack talks about the problem that God delights in solvin…

Why Does Truth Divide Us? (ReEdit of The Deconstruction of Morality)

Jan. 2, 2023

We are seeing a rise in political, racial, economic, and social division among people all over the world. Why? Because we are listening to the deception of the enemy. Jack Hibbs explains in today’s episode. Visit https://Jac…