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Well done so far Jessica!

Great interview Jack highlighting Jessica’s battle. Thank you Jessica for standing in truth and being an example for us all! Thank you Jack for standing beside her and in truth instructing us all! 5 stars to you both!

Thank you

Thank you for your work in spreading truth against the lies. Light against the darkness always wins. The Lord is faithful ☝️

Bold & Encouraging

This podcast has been an encouragement to my faith and reminds me that we are not alone in the fight for a righteous society. I love the bold way that Pastor Hibbs talks about the Bible as it relates to the evil currently being pushed main stream culture.


Thanks Jack!

Teach it Jack!

Thank you for reaching us the truth! Jesus is so awesome, we don’t ever need to try to make Jesus look better or try to make him appealing to us. No just tell people the truth, and that’s what Jack Hibbs does! What an inspiration! Thank you! Please keep telling everyone the truth! I ask that God will richly bless you every second from now on!


Encouraging, life lessons.

Saved my faith

Pastor Jack brought me back to walking with Jesus. Thank you I attend CCCH I also rewatch on YouTube then I listen to the podcast I just can’t get enough! Pastor Jack is a national treasure 🙌

Thank you for being a light!

You point to Jesus and I’ve learned so much from your teaching. I appreciate how you tackle the hard but necessary topics and are boldly proclaiming truth.

A voice for the times

Pastor Jack Hibbs is a rarity in our darkened culture. He is a pastor who preaches the full counsel of God!!! 🙏🏻👍🏻 I THANK God for him in the last hour we are living in. Brian Central CA

Thank you

Thank you, Pastor Jack, for being a faithful servant of our Lord, and for your excellent teaching! I always get so much out of your messages. May God bless you!!!




Pastor Jack, I appreciate how mush truth is spoken here and how much you keep me on track with God!

Always Encouraging and Spot On

Jack Hibbs shares truth that is Biblical and theologically spot on. He encourages my weary soul.

Look forward to all your episodes

Pastor Jack is so wise and a mighty warrior for Jesus! Thank you for your sermons, podcasts, Instagram posts, etc. would love to get I. My car and drive across the country to Chino Hills and experience in person. What a blessing you and your church is. Pray for you daily. 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

Awesome Podcast

Pastor Jack Hibbs talks about current events and how that translates to Bible prophecy.


Thank you for explaining what revival means!!!

Monday mornings just got a little brighter

Love hearing from our Godly and wise Pastor Jack as a great way to start my week!


The message is timely, relevant. It’s inspiring. Please listen to all the narratives as they become more interesting and incisive as they go on!

My Son

Good Morning Pastor, God has put you in our path at the right and perfect moment, i have a 23 yrold son loves God with all his heart and i have seen Jan for yrs and he as well that’s where he got his foundation. He wants to preach the word but needs help finding a strong bible collage please help to put him in the right direction. Thank you and always praying for Gods return love u guys

Excellent teachings!

Love listening to these podcasts!

Never underestimate the power God!

I love Pastor Jacks messages! His messages are honest and Biblical. Reader, never underestimate the power of Gods messenger to get out His message to reach all who needs to hear at the right moment. I’m one of them ! I look forward to hearing Pastor Jack and study what he is teaching every week and I do take notes and find it in the Bible! Thank you Pastor Jack Sandra

Top Notch.

I honestly can’t remember how we stumbled upon pastor Hibbs teachings but he is a bold and unapologetic teacher of God’s Word. I’ve grown so much in my knowledge of the Bible and historical context and feel convicting accountability through his messages. I cannot recommend this podcast and all the work from Calvary Chapel Chino Hills enough. If you have struggled to find a sound, Bible teaching church in your area like my family this will be an excellent supplemental teaching that you can trust. Shout out from Indiana! My God Bless and sustain pastor Hibbs, his family, and his team.

This is Truth We All Need

Jack Hibbs is an incredible preacher. He’s bold and tells the truth in a time when it is so needed. I pray blessings over this ministry and podcast!!

Truth for living

Love his preaching of God’s word. It is practical and applicable.


Thank you for speaking truth on a relatable level. I am praying for you and yours, as well as the team that helps put it all together. It’s appreciated!

Life changed

Jack Hibbs teachings has changed my walk with Jesus. I highly encourage you to listen to his message!!!

A word well spoken

Pastor Jack manages to use God’s word to uplift even when everything around us in the news and culture is a downer. May God bless and keep you and yours, Pastor Jack.

All Glory

There’s nothing I can say other than the fact that I wake up ready for more every day. This podcast and your sermons speak to me loud and clear. Yes, I’m listening Pastor!

True Biblical teachings

I have gotten so much out of this podcast! Thank you.


The truth of the gospel & Jesus Christ in every message!! Thank you Pastor Jack!