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Great Word

Super uplifting and timely. I love listening to this throughout the week!

An amazing blessing

What a blessing the Real Life and CCCH websites, along with this podcast addition to Jack’s ministry, has brought to my life. Thank you Jack for being the amazing witness for the people in these last days and for telling it like it is- biblically based and easily understood. May God continue to bless you and give you strength do His work through you until we are called home 🤍

Jack Hibbs Podcast

Wonderful. Thank you Pastor Hibbs.

Jack Hibb is the man!

I look forward to each new podcast!!

Sound biblical teaching

I can’t say enough how much I appreciate this podcast. I have not been able to find a single church in my area that is teaching on current events and end time prophecy, and how it’s all playing out in front of us. Without local churches supporting the people the people are making up crazy things. We need 100,000 more pastors just like him teaching the word, teaching the truth, teaching the prophecies in the Bible. This podcast is keeping my sanity because it helps me to make sense of everything going on around me.

I have learned so much!

I have been watching Pastor Jack on YouTube for a year now and I am so thankful that he now has a podcast. I have learned so much from him and the Lord has used him to change my walk with God!

Thank you Pastor Jack

Your words inspire me. I look forward to hearing every podcast.

Love it!

Can’t get enough! Love Pastor Jack’s teaching!

The Best

Pastor Hibbs teaches the Truth of Jesus Christ. Always accurate. Check out his sermons on YouTube.

Such a God Given Blessing

I watch, listen, and read as much as possible what Jack Hibbs has to say about what is amazingly true and that Truth is Jesus! He is truly a man after God’s own heart. These podcast are a new and an easier way to learn more and more about our Christ Jesus while on the go!

Pastor Jack Hibbs

Pastor Jack Hibbs has changed my life. I am so grateful for his teaching, knowledge and passion for teaching the truth. Thank you Mary Kay.

Wow! Amazing man of God

I have just recently started listening to Pastor Jack and I am blown away!! He is such a knowledgeable Pastor and I am learning and growing so much in my Christian faith! Praying for Gods protection over his life and ministry. 🙏❤️

Thank you pastor Jack!

During the Covid lockdown, while watching you, I recommitted myself to Lord Jesus. 🙌 Such wonderful things have been happening in my life since then. Hallelujah and amen! Thank you Pastor May the Lord continue to bless you mightily!

Wow! Just wow!

Never heard of this pastor until today and I can say without a doubt he is a well studied man of God and does not shy away from truth! Keep on showing that truth with others Pastor Jack! 💪🏼🔥💯


I cannot, and don’t want to, go through my life on this earth without Him.

Share this with people you care about

Brothers and Sisters, share this with everyone you can. So easy to listen to and understand that we need Jesus in our life. Pastor Jack is very sincere about salvation. Read your bibles and listen to the word of God daily. Enjoy.


The message is always relevant and on time. I appreciate Jack Hibbs filling the void that is sadly in so many of our churches. Thank God for Jack and Calvary Chapel Chino Hills!

Everyone should be listening to this truth

Pastor Jack Hibbs explains the Bible beautifully and is working tirelessly to spread God’s Word. He is an amazing servant and I look forward to listening to his teachings!

Thank you Pastor Jack

Your words inspire me. I look forward to hearing every podcast.

Such a blessing!

Pastor Jack and the entire team at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills has been such a blessing to both my husband and I. We Praise God for this church and Pastor! Our prayers are with them, along with all the others trying their best to do the work God had called them to do!

Sound biblical teachings for todays world

Jack is dedicated to spreading the good word. His teachings are relevant to what is happening today with a strong biblical foundation.


This is such good truth!! Love listening to JH!!


Thank you Pastor Jack for not being afraid to speak truth!

Thank you pastor Jack

Keep sharing the word pastor, amazing stuff

Thankyou Pastor Jack

Amazing truth!

Pure Bible

Thank you Pastor Jack for being such a good Shepherd to us. I have grown so much in my Relationship with the Lord under your Leadership and prompting for us not to do Church but live our Daily lives walking in the Spirit.


I listen to Jack Hibbs because he is a truth teller. I enjoy his analogies, the history and of course teaching the truth word by word of the Bible - Gods word. It’s amazing how I spent the majority of my life never reading the Bible but I sure had negative opinions of it - that is the work of Satan and the culture I grew up in. Pleasing myself with the ultimate goal of being happy and yet I have dealt with severe depression most of my life. Cancer has been the greatest gift to me because I learned about what being a Christian truly is and has helped so much in dealing with these difficult times in our world. Thank you Jack Hibbs, your energy amazes me but I can truly see the Holy Spirit working with you and through you. God Bless

Thank you!

Pastor Jack: I first heard you speak on Olive Tree Ministries with Jan Markell and I really just fell in love with your passion for the Whole Word of God and your love for ALL people. You teach in such a way that hits my heart and opens up who our wonderful savior really is! I’m thankful for your honesty at all times and the encouragement you have brought me and my entire family! God Bless you!

Thank God for Truth

Thank God for men like Pastor Jack!