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Pastor Jack has changed me fundamentally. I've always been a Christ follower, but listening to these podcasts has lifted me up and changed the way I see the world. He teaches the Bible so that I can understand it. That means more to me than anything. It touches my heart daily and feeds my soul. I am a better person for these messages. Thank you so much.


So grateful for this outreach ministry I attend in person as I can But now with daily insights thru TV RADIO PODCASTS LIVESTREAM I now have tools to continue on in the following of My Jesus. So exciting that: REAL LIFE = Live Out~Believe In This podcast solidly exemplified how being a follower of Jesus is not something I do to add to my life, BUT rather minutely resurrender in the stillness of my quiet mind & soul so to hear N see His presence within. In this podcast :Thank you for friends example at airport awaiting Next what God was doing As a senior widow I’m with my great grand daughters at park a lot I’ve been asking where to be (having recently done one session of THE CALL) & currently in New Beginnings 2.0 GREAT TIMES The park my kiddos wanted to go to after dinner was fine kinda dusky A young dad n mom with 3 yr old came also came I introduced self Simply young man said he n wife have more time now to be with son They had passed a church and they had expressed a desire to find out more. He asked if I was Christian. More questions Then I spoke w/wife she was happy to here about church “Maybe we can go with you soon” We prayed n thanked the Lord for divine appointment Two of my greatgrand daughters ran back home to bring back for Dennis & Wei The New Testament by Chuck Smith and One Year Bible We exchanged numbers Looking to share Gospel with them soon. So yes Jesus places us right in middle of His purpose for us as we look up. 🙏🏽❤️‼️prayers for Pastor n Lisa All those keeping their lives transparent AND REAL‼️ In Jesus name Amen

Podcast appreciated

Thank you Pastor Jack for your great messages. The Lord is using you to save many. We are praying for you and your church and ministries. Linda & Clyde from Montana


Pastor Jack. This was one of the best messages I’ve ever heard. Thank You and Your Group! Victor Crockett

Love this podcast!

These podcasts are a great way to positively start your day!

Love Real Life

God uses anything to get His message of personal relationship in Jesus.

Great Podcast

Great podcast! TRUTH! Bible believing pastor! Great encouragement, wisdom, love and truth! I appreciate Pastor Jack speaking truth in love!

Love This Podcast

I Love this Podcast! He’s funny and bold!

Holding nothing back

Pastor Jack teaches scripture as it is, he holds nothing back even when its hard to hear. It’s good for the soul. I have grown so much in my Relationship with God since I started listening to Jack.

The podcast everyone should be listening to!

This is the podcast every person should be listening to. The Truth of Gods Word spoken of accurately.


Thank you Jack Hibbs. Love listening to your podcast. God bless you. ✝️🤍

Pastor Jack Brings It

Appreciate the TRUTH in scripture that doesn't shy away from relating politics and current events! ❤️ I pray daily for us all. Grateful God is using Pastor Jack to bring us together to actively await His return 🙏🏻

God uses Pastor Jack mightily

Thank YOU LORD for using Pastor Jack to speak YOUR TRUTH!!!!! So grateful and I thank God for him! So many churches have gone away from teaching The Bible! Tickling of the ears, heretical teachings, and thinking we can do anything to be saved! For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast. Left the church I was at because they were conforming to the patterns of the world!!!! This is such a solid, alive, and forward moving church in Jesus Name! We are the church! A living breathing organism!!!! I leave every time with sooooo much to unpack and eat and chew on and convicting the sin nature! If you can’t go here, you would be greatly blessed and receive so much from watching and listening to God speak through Pastor Jack! God is looking down to see who are His children! If you were to die today do you know you would go to heaven? If God were before you, and asked, “Why should I let you into MY heaven? What would you say? Have you received the free gift of salvation? I pray you know man is a sinner and cannot save himself! Only saving faith in Christ ALONE!!! A gift is only received! That is Jesus! May God keep you!

Dead on and I afraid

I’m 55 years old and I want Jack to be my dad! I know I would have been a better man for it. But it’s never too late to get schooled. His way of speaking and being so blunt is refreshing and inspiring. I’m going through the podcasts and I also listen on CSN radio. This stuff gets under my skin and makes me really think, as well as feel. Keep on keeping on, pastor and never shrink away from truth.


So grateful that God brought us to Calvary Chapel Chino Hills right before the “pandemic” and shut down. Pastor Jack’s Bible teachings are great, we have learned so much and love his love for not only our country but also for our state (California). Pastor Jack is right…it (California) is worth fighting for. We drive from Palmdale CA, at least twice a month for his Sunday service.

Pastor Jack.

Hands down, Pastor Jack is one of the best Preachers and Gospel Teacher than I’ve heard in my 66 year old self. The World needs more like him.

The truth

This podcast is the best I encourage others to at least listen to 1 because our world is messed up today. Ever since the American presidential election when Biden won the world became dark for me, and once I listened to this a candle lit inside of me. Even when I got my disability everything went dark until my mother helped with a lot of help from God and Jesus. Sincerely, a huge believer in Christ And just for you to know the rapture is coming soon whether you like it or not.

My FAV pastor

I absolutely LOVE Pastor Jack and this ministry! He teaches the truth boldly, he packs what he says with scripture, and he speaks in a way that’s easy to follow and understand. I praise Jesus for leading me here♥️


Blessing to be able to listen to Jack!


You are a blessing Pastor! Thank you for speaking Truth!

Thank you Pastor Jack!

Biblical truth, biblical worldview, and always encouraging!

Truth & backbone!!!

Love this podcast !!!


Great word today Pastor Jack. May God continue His anointing upon You. Merry Christmas to You and Yours!!!!!!! Victor

Thank you Lord

Posted a year ago when I was 59 looks like it didn’t send doubt it was on my end I’m pretty sure there’s shenanigans going on but God is good and all things work together for good for those who love him and are called according to his purpose

Pastor Jack Brings It

Appreciate the TRUTH in scripture that doesn't shy away from politics and current events. I pray daily for us all. Grateful God is using Pastor Jack to bring us together to actively await His return 🙏🏻

Jack is the “real deal!”

Jack grounds me when my mind has gone astray. God is in control. We know how the story ends. We’re just along for the ride. In the meantime, do good works on Earth through the grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ!!!

Five Stars.

I have listened to Pastor Jack for sometime now and I can say that I simply enjoy listening to him preach. He is full of passion, energy and fire for the Lord. After losing so many good men of God over that past 10-15 years it is refreshing to see that kind of zeal. This world needs more strong men of God. Never lose your fervent desire to preach the Word of God.

Jack Hibbs Real Life is the best preacher of God’s Word

I try to listen to all of Jack Hibbs teaching. He is totally anointed by God. He teaches only Truth.

Just what God needed to give me

I also found Jack during Covid. I picked up extreme running to deal and found myself repulsed by music. I felt drawn back to God after seeing the evils of man. And I am grateful to hear someone speak scripture and culture because we must have scripture in it to be with God. I am thankful to have found this. It took so much angst away to refit myself to Gods plan. God Bless 🙏🏼

My life has changed

I found Pastor Hibbs during the Covid shutdowns, and being able to hear from a Pastor teaching the Scriptures verse by verse changed my life. I’m 61 years old, born and raised in the Presbyterian church, and I never learned much of the Word of God than on these two years. I’m grateful to God for having put Pastor Hibbs in my life by His divine intervention. Also, I have to thank Real Life with Jack Hibbs because, when I sent an email asking if there was a sister church in my area, they directed me to what is now my home church, Calvary Chapel West Houston, with Pastor Mike Robertson. I continue to watch, and listen, Pastor Hibbs, and his guests, daily. Thanks to his ministry, I’ve got to know other Pastors, speakers, and authors, that have enriched my life. Thank God for Pastor Jack Hibbs, and the ministry of Calvary Chapel.