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Honest and uncompromising TRUTH of God’s Word!!! I listen to Pastor Jack Hibbs daily for strength and encouragement during these days of tremendous trials that are unprecedented in our country 🇺🇸

Amazing teacher and Pastor

Pastor Jack has a great gift of teaching! He explains things better than most pastors. His authenticity is much appreciated, especially in these trying times. I don’t want a pastor that’s going to just try to make everyone feel good! I want a pastor that’s going to teach The word and make it relevant to today!

Thank you Heavenly Father in my most Precious Jesus Name

Pastor Jack: I tank Jesus everyday for you and your family. Your messages from the Bible feed and encourage me every moment. I’m 73 living in a Residential Home among 100 nuns. I was Catholic until 20 years ago when my heart was opened up to my First Love Jesus! I know that I’m living among these beautiful women to show them Jesus joy, peace and love. Between the Pope and Mary Jesus has to spread his arms wider than most in hopes they see Him in others. They need Him badly. There’s two floors of skilled patients and I keep asking to see the patients that are fairly ill to let me see them. Please pray this wall they hold up will be torn down (Covid related) soon. All of them dying believe in purgatory and it breaks my heart. Soon I know Jesus will do this but He wants me ready. I’m READY Pastor Jack!!! I will be calling soon to donate to your ministry. Your Church is my Church. None to be found in Ofallon MO. Again pray for my family as well - my daughter is saved and grandchildren but my son lives in Orange County but he won’t go to a church. He’s an hour from you. I keep praying. Lord Jesus / whatever it takes. Much love to all. - Betty Nally PRZ JZS. (My license plate)

Belief system

To hear such a concise hx of Islam and how it captures peoples lives in such hatred was startling and yet the grace of God reaches out to “all” and how someone can find the strength to stand for truth amazing


Always preaching teaching the word of the Bible. A+

The best

Enjoyed this podcast so much 💕

Bible Teaching

Thank you Pastor Jack! Thank you for your Bible teachings.

Jack Hibbs

Jack Hibbs is a educated,intelligent speaker. He preaches the scripture and helps me apply it to my everyday life. I highly recommend him.

Amazing Bible Teacher

I live in Northern California and am a member of one of the few churches in the area with the boldness to have stayed open during the plandemic. During the shutter in place season I searched for other bold Pastors to listen to and found CCCH and Pastor Jack. He always shines the light of the Holy Spirit on scripture. I love listening to his teaching.

Thank you Chino Hills

Although we live in Florida we are continually blessed with the boldness and reverence Pastor Jack and Chino Hills has for Christ! They are taking the call to be a light seriously and God is blessing their ministry because of their faithfulness!

Had me laughing!

Great podcast! Jack had me laughing and meditating on the word. Thanks Jack for your encouragement.

Amazing teacher

Blessed to be able to listen to Jack Hibbs! Teaches the Bible line by line.


Such an inspirational message!

Jack Hibbs Spreading the Good News

It is wonderful to have the Gospel and Truth Spoken in this world that totally forgot what Truth and Faith really is. May God continue to use you to spread the Word around the world.

Truly a great man

Until my family introduced me to Pastor Jack and Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, you never could’ve told me that I would end up living, loving and believing in Christ our Lord. I never connected with a pastor who could keep my attention through a whole sermon from beginning to end as Pastor Jack does! I feel so good and so safe after listening to him speak and listening to what a beautiful heart and mind he has! I know God will always bless Pastor Jack and his family and our church ❤️🙏🏼

Pastor Jack speaks Biblical truth

I thank the Lord for watchmen like Pastor Jack!

Great To Hear Anytime!

Pastor Jack is just fantastic - filled with the Word, filled with passion and enthusiasm, and filled with a way to speak to all peoples. I’m loving this program just as much as the other teachings that you provide to a hungry public. How wonderful to hear a voice of reason and commitment. Rock on, Pastor Jack!

Sound teaching

You will be hard pressed to find a more compelling, Biblically sound teacher anywhere. I listen to pretty much everything Jack and his amazing team publish.



Really Amazing

What an incredible testimony!!! Listen to God’s Grace

Pastor Jack is true to God’s Word!

What a blessing it has been to discover Jack Hibbs online. Finding a church that preaches and teaches the whole counsel of the Lord’s Word along with application is very difficult to find here. We stay in fellowship with other brothers and sisters, but Jack Hibbs is on in our home throughout the day. And we thank Jesus for it all the time!

The real CHURCH

Jack Hibbs brings the Bible alive into the moments in our lives. He is a preacher and a teacher and, as he says, a follower of Jesus which is what we all should be.

Amazing teacher!

Wow, Jack Hibbs is an amazing teacher and is not afraid to talk about all the controversies going on in this world today! You will be encouraged and filled with God’s Word! Thank you for your ministry!

True teaching

God anointed. God gift for us. We don’t mind driving 55 miles to attend and serve @Chino Hill. Since Covid CC Chino become our home church. Very blessed to have Pastor Jack as our Pastor.

Truth in a post truth world

Pastor Jack delivers bible based Truth no holds barred. He is motivating and inspiring, leaves me wanted to dive deeper into the Holy Bible!

Pastor Jack Hibbs has you confirm what he teaches

Pastor Jack is a straight shooter. He has and gives you the Bible versus , as he reads/explains it, showing he is not twisting what is stated in the Bible. He states he is not altering or rewriting the Bible and makes it clear… he’s just the messenger.

Sometimes the truth sucks. Be Pastor tells the truth anyway!!!


Pastor Jack is the most incredible and knowledgeable Bible teacher ever !

Jack Hibbs

A great teacher of God’s Word. Never disappoints and speaks boldly how to apply the written word to your daily life. Pastor Jack often speaks on how to view the current culture through the lens of the Bible and make sense of what is happening now in our world. Well worth your time to listen, learn and walk worthy. This is a man who God is using to teach and lead His people.

My Fav podcast Pastor

The Holy Spirit has used and is continually using Pastor Jack Hobbs to share what Jesus Christ has done for this lost and dead world. Please … Put your faith and trust in the finished work of Jesus …