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Jack Hibbs

God bless this man! So thankful for his willingness to be used by God for the Kingdom!


Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is using pastor Jack in such a glorious way to teach the TRUE word of God through his enlightened, conscious searching and soul stirring lessons. No matter the medium, pastor Jack is most certainly God’s “sheepdog” helping Him tend to His flock! Praise God!!!

Awesome Bible teacher

My husband and I both enjoy listening to Pastor Jack. We wish there was someone in our area that teaches like him, the truth, full strength, not watered down.

An essential!

Pastor Jack unabashedly LOVES the Lord and blesses so many people searching for real TRUTH, hungry to know the Scriptures (which is God’s written living love letter to mankind). I am so thankful for Jack’s teaching. God is doing a great work through him. Download this app. It is treasure trove!

Speaks the Truth

I highly recommend listening to Pastor Jack Hibbs. He speaks the truth & only the truth of Gods word.


I started following Jack Hibbs/Real Life in January 2021, bingeing on hours and hours of sermons and lessons. Wonderful, faithful teacher who rightly divides God’s Word.

Anointed Bible teacher

Pastor Jack is known as “America’s Pastor,” not because of him, but because he’s anointed by the Holy Spirit to teach God’s Word. I’ve met him and he’s as humble as he is a fantastic Bible teacher. Is these dark, last days, I’m so grateful to have found him as the world shut down. MARANATHA


Thank you Jack Hibbs for your dedicated faith and teaching.

Encouragement and edification for every day life! Bold truth.

Pastor Jack is an enlightening, down-to-earth and powerful preacher who shares the entirety of God’s word with practical applications for every day life. Proclaiming the truth without compromise. So grateful for this podcast and his other programming and postsg.


The world needs to hear the truth & word of God now more than ever. Thank you pastor Jack for providing this as our time is short. If you love pastor Chuck Smith teachings with boldness, courage & wisdom you will love this! No time to waste tiptoeing around leading our lost sheep to the water of everlasting life! Thank you Pastor Jack & above all thank you Jesus!


God is Good all the time. No matter what. Thankful for Pastor Jack.

Phenomenal Bible Teacher

Jack Hibbs teachings are the best next to Jesus. I struggled for many years to understand huge sections of the Bible. Jack made understanding the Bible so much easier and such an impression on me that I listened to everything he had available. He has really expanded my Biblical knowledge. He teaches the Bible in a very understandable way. Linking things in the Bible that a person may not really relate. He is a true Jesus follower and decibel maker. He makes a difference!

Praise God

Thankful for truth!!!!!!!

Relevant Teacher

Pastor Jack Hibbs teaches on issues and events that are relevant to believers and nonbelievers. Most importantly, his teachings are all biblical based.

Jack Hibbs Podcast - thank God for this ministry

Jack Hibbs is my favorite bible teacher, he teaches truth and his ministry is amazing and life saving. I Highly recommended!!!!

God Driven Ministry

Definitely worth listening to!!! Pure truth!!!

Our Lord and Savior

Excellent ….thank you for sharing your GREAT information that we all need 🙏🙏❗️

Seek and you shall find!

Looking for truth? Find it here!

Jack Hibbs

I come across one of his live on line discussion about the Troops in Afghanistan and I’ve been listening ever since I really enjoy his sharing & teaching of Jesus’s I attend virtual on Sunday and Wednesday. Today is your Day to know Jesus🙏🏼

Speaks the truth in easy to get way.

If you want to understand why you are here. Who is God. Why He loves us and how to be with him for ever by having all of our sins forgiven - Jack is one who speaks the truth


In this world full of false teachers , priests and preachers who have fallen away from the truth of the Bible, it is such a breath of fresh air to hear Pastor Jack Hibbs teach the word of God without fear or reservation. I am blessed and encouraged every day by his teaching.

A Blessing!

Jack is an amazing teacher of the Bible. If you listen once ……you will want to learn more and more. Jack makes the Bible soooo interesting and uplifting! Praise God for offering us ALL His FREE gift of salvation! All we have to do is accept His gift and ask Him to be our savior! Why wouldn’t EVERYONE learn more and decide to accept the gift?

Great content. Watch on RUMBLE!

Unfortunately the interview was not available this Sunday evening, but it was available on Rumble and Spotify. Pastor Jack never disappoints with his content.


Pastor Jack speaks the truth, God bless him

Great Podcasts

Love listening and studying Gods Word with Jack Hibbs. It’s great to hear the true word of God!

Powerful and encouraging

Love Jack’s boldness and passion for the preservation of the USA and for God’s Truths. He always presents the gospel in love.

A Great Teacher

We here in Boise Idaho enjoy Pastor Jack’s Sunday morning and Wednesday night sermons! The sermons are the most biblically accurate and we continue to grow in our walk with Jesus! 🙏 we are grateful to our pastors and our Christian family at our home church, Capital Church in Meridian. We are grateful to call Calvary Chapel Chino Hills our away from home church! God is so good!

Preaches and Teaches the Word!

Pastor Jack is a gift from God to our generation. He preaches the TRUTH of God with a passion for lost souls and a desire for Believers to grow in their faith. My husband and I listen to him several times a week and we’ve learned so much from his teaching. Pastor Jack preaches with humility and compassion yet boldly. Genuine preaching of God’s Word just never gets old. May God bless Pastor Jack Hibbs, his family, and his ministry as he endeavors to advance the Kingdom.

Pastor Jack speaks TRUTH!

I love tuning into Pastor Jack Hibbs. He speaks the Word of God with passion. You’ll be blessed.