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Northern California loves CCCH!!

My husband and I love the Lord, we love our Church in Placerville and we love our evening Church watching Jack’s Sermon on Sunday night!! His teaching is totally from the Lord, with Jack’s flair included!! Otherwise we wouldn’t be watching!!

Awesome podcast

Loved the content, real life example of God working in our lives

Barbara Evans

This podcast has saved my life

Truth in love

Truth and get done in a loving way that does not aim to be woke or trendy or lived by this world. Pastor Jack is not perfect, not claims to be. Jack Hibbs is just a wonderful pastor who shares the message of God. Salvation through the mercy and grace of the blood and the resurrected Jesus Christ.

Why aren’t you listening to Pastor Jack?

Give this podcast a listen. Consider the truth of the God of the Bible taught by an excellent, logical teacher. What do you have to lose?

Great ministry

Love the word preached!!! Thank you for giving to the Lord!

Preparer of the Church

Jack Hibbs, through Christ, leads the way to what “we the church” should be focused on, preparing for, and most importantly encouraging toward: becoming disciples in Christ. In this day and age, the typical American church is weak and emaciated, not with Jack Hibbs and Calvary Chino Hills. May God bless Jack and his organization as they complete Gods Holy work!

Thank You

Thank You Pastor Hibbs - always enjoy listening to you teach.

Can get enough of Jack Hibbs!

God bless you Jack!

Gifted speaker that tells the Truth

God bless Pastor Jack and his teaching. Great bible teaching pastor who tells it like it is. Beautiful and spirit filled messages that you can actually test against the bible. Never in contradiction to God’s word. You are a brave man Pastor Jack. I pray this podcast reaches the lost while time is short. If you want you ego fluffed, this isn’t for you. He teaches God’s word in love.

Preaching by Pastor Jack Hibbs

Here’s a message for everyone; especially those people who don’t know who JESUS is. May GOD bless you all wherever you are in the world 🌎

Excellent podcast

Love this podcast

My favorite

At 59 years old and walking with Jesus for many decades let me tell you how blessed we are to have Jack at this time….

Pastor Jack Hibbs

God fearing man being used by God to share the Word! 📣Uncompromising Truth as all is being unmasked is essential!!! 📣🙏🏼🙌🏻🙏🏼

Excellent Podcast

Jack Hibbs is bold and is an excellent teacher!


Make sure to listen to this. Excellent.

Faithful to the Lord

Praise God for equipping Pastor Jack with boldness to preach the truth of His word in these turbulent times. I live on the complete opposite side of the county, but I am blessed to hear the truth of God’s word through the faithful teaching of Pastor Jack through a variety of online resources that include this podcast, the Calvery Chapel Chino Hills website and app, and a plethora of videos on YouTube. Not only does Pastor teach God’s word, but he instructs how we as Christians should act in light of what is happening in our world today. Always be looking up!! Thank you Pastor Jack for your ministry and your unwavering commitment to the Lord.

Jack Hibbs is the meat and bones pastor

When you’re done being a bottle fed Christian, Jack Hibbs is the man to teach you the unapologetic truth about Christ and being a Christian, no holding back. So grateful God moved us to his church in 2020 when he was one of a few pastors who refused to bow down to the Government. Just brilliant.

Jack Hibbs Podcast

Pastor Jack Hibbs is dedicated to teaching the Word of God, Thank you Pastor Jack for teaching us how the Word of God takes us through our life.


Jack is a great speaker, the Holy Spirit has used him tremendously. His podcasts will no doubt be full of wisdom, truth and be spoken in a manner for all to understand. I’d highly recommend to anyone looking into the spiritual truths of the world, or how the biblical world view plays into politics and life.


Always refreshing aaaaAaaa

Absolutely the best Podcast!

You can’t handle the truth!

Well that’s what Pastor Jack is gonna deliver… can you handle it? Love this church!

Fantastic speaker!!

Like it or not, Jack tells it like it is. Truth, knowledge, humor and relevance. Something for everyone…

Jack Hibs

This is the best podcast.keep it going

Filled with Holy Spirit

What an awesome teacher! Worship team is amazing. I learn so much from the messages and small groups.

Thank you 🙏

Have been following Pastor Jack for years. He speaks Bible and is right on!

One of the best Bible teachers!!

We absolutely adore listening to Pastor Jack and grow so much by his teachings.


Jack teaches Basic Instructions before Leaving Earth! <BIBLE>