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Interview with Nadia Hedieh Mirahmadi

Excellent Interview‼️

Still Learning

Always shares/teaches the truth!

Appreciate the commitment to truth

Jack Hibbs is steadfast in sharing the timeless truth of God’s word in these dark times. So glad that he’s put together this podcast. Don’t hesitate to subscribe!


Look no further if you are looking with amazing biblical teaching that is relevant and practical. Thank you Pastor Jack for being a light in the darkness! God bless you.

Jack Hibbs

Awesome truth of God and the saving Grace of Jesus Christ!!

Incredible deep dive into the Bible

If you want to truly dive deep into scripture you won’t find many podcasts that are better.

Pastor Jack and the gospel of Christ

He’s amazing pastor as much as a human being he loves what he preaches he’s amazing

Jack Hibbs

I watch him everyday. He gives me encouragement and God uses him in my life. God bless him

Gifted Bible Speaker

Thank you Pastor Jack! I listen to you all the time, and you explain Bible verses so that everyone can understand. I like that you’re funny too! Keep on keepin’ my brother


God is good!

Man of Truth

This man speaks so much truth

Can’t stop listening!

Jack Hibbs is an outstanding teacher of God’s Word! I highly recommend subscribing!


The Bible is perched

Speaking truth

How refreshing to find a pastor that reached the entire Bible and only the Bible. Time is short. Get right with God before Jesus comes for the church.

Love this preacher

Biblical teachings for today’s problems

America’s Pastor! 🇺🇸

Pastor Jack does not sugar coat anything and is bold about his faith in our savior Jesus Christ. This podcast is just another extension of the incredible ministry God is doing through Jack and his staff.

Rate podcast sermons , best pastor who loves the Word of God.

Pastor Jack is a wonderful blessing to the body of Christ ♥️

To Glory of God, pastor Jack has helped me build on my relationship with the Lord leaving me after every sermon with spiritual strength , knowledge and peace🕊 I thank Pastor Jack from the bottom of my heart for being so dedicated to speaking the truth with love and devotion and I pray he will continue to bless many many more pointing lost souls toJesus Christ our Lord and savior ♥️

Feeling blessed

I feel incredibly blessed to live close enough to attend Pastor Jack’s services in person. People come from far and near to hear him preach God’s Word. Somehow he manages to make the sermon each week better than the last. Thank you Jack, for bringing His Word to so many.

Jack Hibbs

Pastor Jack is is a true follower of our Lord Jesus Christ. Spreading His message about truth, salvation and the forgiveness of sins. May God continue to bless him in all he does. Thank you Jesus for this righteous man.

Jack Hibbs

Biblical teacher that pulls no punches and only preaches TRUTH!

Teaches The Bible. What a concept.

Jack Hibbs is a fearless teacher of the Gospel. God bless him, his family, friends and everyone who is involved with making his podcast available for humanity. Ian Π7Π⁷

Podcast from Pastor Jack

Please keep podcasts like this up and running. Thank you 😃

God’s Word from CALIFORNIA?!?!

I stumbled in Pastor Hibbs’ website quite by accident… …or did I??? Nah. God led me to him, and now to his apps. Many pastors with many podcasts and websites, but Jack Hibbs’ messages hit home with me. Thank you, Pastor Jack.


I love what God is teaching me through Pastor Jack.

Jack Hibbs Chapel Hills Calvary Church

Speaks truth to power 🙏♥️🙏👐💕☝️🙋‍♀️

Love it!

Jack Hibbs is a Holy Spirit filled preacher that isn’t ashamed to speak the truth of the Bible. Definitely check this podcast out!✝️

Amazing Christ follower

Pastor Jack Hibbs’s of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills speaks truth to the world and continuously equips young minds in God‘s word verse by verse chapter by chapter.


That title is given out lightly these days. Pastor Jack is a true man of God, he fears God and speaks to us with his whole heart wanting to reach the world for Jesus Christ. God bless you pastor!!!

Jack Hibbs CCCH

Awesome Podcast