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Jack is on Fire for the Lord!

This man is filled with the Holy Spirit and I am blessed to be able to learn from him each week! If you want to learn Biblical truths, in a way that is relatable and easy to understand, you need to listen to Jack! I highly recommend his teachings as they are inspired, and seem to be directly downloaded from our Lord, Jesus Christ...and that is the Holy Spirit, my friends!


True to the Bible and doctrine on point

The Truth!

Preach it Pastor Jack!

Talented Teacher- Joshua 1:9

Pastor Jack Hibbs is a talented teacher who is not afraid of sharing the truth, no matter how unpopular it may be. If you want to be taught God’s truth you want to subscribe.

It’s not about him it’s about HIM 👆

Came out of 47 years of Mormonism during the rona. I was lost and looking for Biblical truth. Pastor Jack Hibbs has a love and enthusiasm for Jesus that really resonated with me. I was so off base from sound loving biblical teaching. I have a deeper understanding of Gods’ love for me. I look at Him so different now. I have found a peace I have never known.

One of the best Bible Teachers and Humans I’m existence

I wouldn’t be where I am today without the solid biblical teachings of Pastor Jack. In an age where people are increasingly more afraid to speak the truth in love, Pastor Jack is not! He’s well informed about various topics, including politics. If you haven’t listened to him yet, you absolutely should, Jesus and his teachings will change your life!


Need more

Anointed man of God

I got tuned into Jack Hibbs in 2020 when my church closed down for a few weeks because of Covid. Jack Hibbs has a heart for God and people “that all will come to the full knowledge of God”. He teaches the Bible with accuracy, truth , knowledge, passion , & excitement. He brings the Bible alive for daily living. He does not candy coat Gods word but reveals God Truth encouraging people to know the living God and have a personal relationship with Jesus . Thank you Pastor Jack DJM


Excellent teaching. Thanks for sharing


Ez Layup

Awesome interview

Dynamic speaker! Inspiring, interesting and full of hope. Much needed today. Thank you.


It’s a blessing to have a pastor who speaks truth and religion 24/7. I love that I can listen to pastor Jack whether online, in person or podcast to help my day be a better one!!

Amazing Teacher

Jack Hibbs is an amazing Bible teacher. His teachings are clear and easy to understand and straight from the Word of GOD.

Best BiBle Teacher and Podcast

The way Pastor Jack Hobbs let’s himself be used by God present and teaches the Gospel is amazing. Great Preacher!

Love it!!!

Jack Hibbs is an amazing teacher of the word. It doesn’t get any better than this!

The best teacher of the Lord!

Jack Hibbs is a fantastic teacher who never hides from the Truth.

I love the truth

If you demand truth then tune in!! ❤️🇺🇸🤙🏽

Amazing Teaching!!

Pastor Jack Hobbs is a genuine pastor and lover of the Word. So blessed by it!

Love Pastor Jack Hibb’s Preachings

Awesome Pastor has been raised up for a worldly life like this!!!! So much confusion and heartaches on this earth yet his message is clear like a diamond 💎 and powerful like a dynamite 🧨

Black Robe Regiment Pastor

When Covid 19 struck Fear into the hearts of many pastors and their congregations, Pastor Jack stepped forward to fight “the dragon” that was unleashed by California’s state government. I wholeheartedly thank God for Blessings me with locating Pastor on-line and I have been attending CCCH ever since they fearlessly opened up again on Pentecost Sunday of 2020. No man is righteous, however, the man that “follows” Jesus the Christos is covered by His Righteousness. Amen!

God at work!!!!!

The word of God

Shalom. Jack is full of wisdom and cares about the word of God!

Easy to follow and is engaging!

I am very new to Christianity (coming as a previously staunch atheist; I’m 24 and was an atheist for my entire life). I love how engaging Jack is. He references the Bible frequently, which I appreciate a lot. I also appreciate that he references the Old Testament as well as the New Testament. I’m in the second book of Kings currently, and I’ve actually been recommended by other Christians to just skip through to the New Testament, which baffles me. I like that Jack uses the whole Bible to teach us. I couldn’t recommend his podcast (or YouTube channel/streams) more!

God inspired…

God has inspired and worked through Jack Hibbs life and testimony. He is a living example, fearlessly representing Gods love and will for ALL, regardless of one’s history or background.

Blessed by this Pastor

Thank you so much Pastor Jack Hibbs for your messages. My family and I have drawn so much closer to Jesus and have strengthened our faith by listening to your sermons. You are a light to this world. Thank you for shepherding all of us and helping to keep all of us on that narrow path to Jesus. May God bless you and your family.

Jack Hobbs podcast

God is good!!! Please continue to have more messages like this.

Soldier for Truth

I was saved many years ago, and I have studied under some good pastors. But Jack’s ability to speak to the moment, his teaching is sooo relevant for today. God is using Jack in a mighty way!!


If you want to get the in adulterated truth from the bible.. this is it… along with Amir Tsarfati of Behold Israel Many churches today dont even truly understand much of the Bible so they don’t preach it. Many denominations and other churches are preaching apostasy.. especially now and in days to come in end days. Be Holy Spirit discerning when you hear other preaching.

Podcasts by Jack Hibbs

Jack Hibbs messages are so relevant for today that many are listening, so please continue to broadcast his selected messages on this podcast. Thank you.


Glad to hear the testimony of the guest. Looking to hear more miracles YAHWEH did in peoples lives. And to hear truth.