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A real lover of Gods Word!

Pastor Jack has a heart for the lost sheep of Gods flock and earnestly and truthfully TEACHES the Word without apologizing for it. Truth is truth and in these days of lies disguising as truth it is soothing to my soul. I know that even if it steps on my feelings I can TRUST Pastor Jack to speak Gods TRUTH from His Word which is His road map for my / our life.

Five stars for this podcast!!

The truth has been spoken clearly in this interview. The Gospel of Jesus Christ preached as Hedieh shared her story and search for God and found Him in the Person of Jesus Christ. I was enthralled with her testimony and journey. Her struggles are true, as one sacrifices much to follow Jesus. But with sacrifice comes so much more. Thank you Pastor Jack for choosing Hedieh as your first interview for this Podcast.

Need more podcast like this..

Amazing podcast with Pastor Jack Hibbs at Calvary Chapel Chino. Need more podcast like this. Thank you Pastor Hibbs.

Real Life Pod Cast

I am so grateful and happy to find this awesome pod cast !!!

Directs me to Jesus…like no other pastor I’ve had.

I just have one question…all I see are 5 star reviews. So why the 4.9? What can be said but praise God for a pastor that speaks truth and sticks to the Bible but shows life application, as well. Thank you, Pastor Jack. Longing for heaven like never before.

Best truth telling Pastor

Pastor Jack Hibbs is one of the last great Pastors left telling the truth of the WORD of GOD. I am overjoyed to have found him. GOD put him in my life when I needed to go deeper in the Word and it has been a blessing. I can hardly wait for every Wed. & Sun. to come; to hear what Jesus speaks through him. Jack is just a willing vessel for the work of Jesus. All the glory to GOD cause Pastor Jack would not want it any other way. He truly is a teacher of the Word! If you want to know and follow Jesus, then listen to Pastor Jack. As Pastor Jack says, “He is not a Christian cause anybody can say they are, but being a follower is what we need to be.

Enlightening interview

“When eyes can hear us”. Let us pray. Amen

Jack Hibbs Podcast

EXCELLENT! We want MORE of this type of podcast and content. Thank you Apple!

Sound Messages

Solid teaching and always worth listening.

Pastor Jack Hibbs

Pastor Hibbs teaches the word of God through scripture from the Bible. Speaks the truth on marriage, abortion, politics, and Christianity.


Please keep content like this!!

Praising God!

Praising God for Jack Hibbs and the ministry through Real Life and this Podcast!

Pastor Jack Hibbs is a Real Life Biblical Scholar

If you really want a Teaching Church, then follow Pastor Jack Hibbs at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills. We go on Wednesday evening Bible Study and Jack teaches not only the Biblical view based on Facts, but also how current times and how the time we live in coincides with the Bible!

Wonderful testimony

Such a beautiful testimony. Thank the Lord for her.

Jack Hibbs A++++++++

Pastor Jack teaches the Word, without watering anything down. He talks about the current events, which many churches avoid nowadays. If you desire learn about the absolute truth in Jesus name, I highly suggest Pastor Jack!!!

Jack Hibbs

Outstanding podcast I need more of this content great deserves five star rating .

Stand for Truth

Jack is one who stands for truth and is bold in proclaiming the saving gospel of Jesus Christ. In a world that is rampant with false teaching and anti god world views, jack boldly teaches the Bible in its entirety.

Love this podcast

Refreshing truth content that not only encourages faith based living but living by truth and learning from our past.

Jack Hibbs teaches truth

Been watching church online since beginning of pandemic-absolutely love this church-the boldness of the truth that is preached here is refreshing and absolutely needed in such a time as this! You will be blessed.

Hibbs Podcast

I’ve been listening to Pastor Jack for over 15 years and has been faithful to the Word and hasn’t stepped away from standing up in a culture that has been an enemy to Jesus and His Church.

Jack Hibbs

Please play more podcast like this we love it

God using Jack to teach the truth.

God has been using Jack to teach the truth. May God continue to use all types of platforms to Bless all people with truth and salvation.

America True Pastor

If You Want True Biblical Doctrine You Must Subscribe Please Jesus Is Coming Soon… ✝️🛐🙏❤️🌎…


Thankful for PASTOR JACK who has been a great Pastor!! I'm 25 years old and always learning and growing in my faith and I highly recommend Pastor Jack and his church!! ☺️❤️

The Best

Jack preaches the truth of Jesus. Period. So grateful for his anointing , boldness and light!

Jack Hibbs podcast

Please keep more podcasts like this!

Bold Biblical Truth

If you want bold, Bible based truth, this is for you. Jack boldly preaches truth 🙌🏻


We need more content like this!!!

Learned so much!

Pastor Jack is a great and fun to listen to teacher. Luckily we live close enough to attend his church. It’s been a blessing to our entire family.