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Such a timely podcast! Full of wisdom and truth! Thank you pastor Jack Hibbs for all your outpouring into building others up!

Preaches True Gospel

Pastor Jack Hibbs is an amazing and influential pastor that preaches and teaches true gospel. You have to listen to him and def check out his sermons online.

Word of Truth

Listen and be blessed!


Amazing teacher of the TRUTH

Great Podcast

Great interview! Amazing!


What an incredible ministry Jack Hibbs has! His guest, Mirahamadi is an inspiration. To God be the Glory!

A must listen in these days!!

Pastor Jack is Americas pastor! Solid Bible teaching and teaching us as believers how to lead and live our lives well even during these chaotic times!! So thankful to have found a true and bold leader for Jesus who speaks up about the issues facing our daily lives!!

His Love

If you find yourself in between church’s due to the lockdowns or whatever it may be , Jack Hibbs is on point w his theology and teachings. I’ve been blessed to be discipled by a few awesome pastors that have gone to be w/ the Lord and I am grateful for another Mentor in Christ our Lord✝️ Shay Wilk

Thank You Jack Hibbs

Praise Jesus for pastors like Jack Hibbs. He speaks truth and I have learned to much from him through his sermons!

The Best

Jack Hibbs always gives a logical and informative interview that you will not hear the n the mainstream media.

Speaking the Truth

Pastor Jack teaches Biblical Truth. Such a Blessing that a Pastor in our day will speak boldly to help direct Bible believing Christians! Thank you Jack Hibbs and Calvary Chapel Chino Hills!

Saved us!

Jack Hibbs’ powerful and biblical teaching literal saved my wife and me… brought us to understanding the gospel and belief in Jesus. He is a joy to watch and listen to!

Honest Word of God Teacher

Jack Hibb’s is a great expositor of God’s word, I’ve been listening to him on and off for over 20 years. Since 2020 I’ve been listening on a regular bases. I learn about Jesus more every time I listen. Thank you Jack!

Message of hope

Wonderful simple and practical teaching of God’s love and hope for our times.

Jack Hibbs

The best program on YouTube! I rate the show a 10 not just a five star. So happy that this podcast has been started. I will continue to follow. Such truth offered here! To God be the Glory!

Iam born again In GODS Name🙏

Thank you Jack, you helped me find GOD and a all his glory!! GOD BLESS OUR COUNTY 🇺🇸! What happens in the Dark Will Come To The Light’! We All Need Jesus In OUR LIFES!!! Satan was NO Power In My Soul!! 🙏🙏. The 💡is Jesus is in my heart ❤️. THANK YOU CHURCH!!!!!


A great way to hear The Gospel!!!

A Pastor’s Pastor

One of the loneliest vocations in regard to close relationships is being a pastor. I’ve been a pastor for 45 years, and I confess that often times I’ve been in a spiritual desert. Jack Hibbs and his ministry at Calvary Chapel goes far beyond the boundaries of Chino Hills and California. He feeds his congregation with the unadulterated Word of God, and I’m truly blessed to be one who eagerly tunes in for the feast upon the Word. His expositional preaching and speaking, his openness of spirit and abounding love for Jesus, the Word and believers is like a multi-course meal for this pastor that also hungers for this. Thank you, Jack. We most likely will never meet in this life, but we will most definitely meet in the next.

Bible Teacher

Awesome pastor! Love him dearly!

Love listening to Jack Hibbs

I watch him on YouTube and now excited to start listening on Podcast too.


I am thankful for the work Christ Jesus is doing in Jack Hibbs. He is obedient, faithful and listens to the Holy Spirit. My husband and I listen to Pastor Jack every Sunday. We are elderly & my husband doesn’t get out much anymore. The Lord Jesus is alive!

Thank You God!

Thank God for using Jack Hibbs in todays world!


Pastor Jack has been chosen by God to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to the world in a manner that is easy to understand. He sticks to the truth and has the passion to teach us all in a way that blesses us all.

Great Podcast

Excellent podcast. The guest was really interesting. Blessings.

An absolute asset and must have subscription

Jack Hibbs is simply a teacher of the Bible line by line precept upon precept. He loves Jesus and he loves you and wants you to know the true and living God. I’m so excited to hear what is going to come up out of this Podcast from current events to challenges that we may not be willing to speak to each other about through a Biblical lease.

Jack Hibbs and Jesus save life’s

Jesus speaks through Jack and he saves life’s. Jack’s word is amazing and will make people awakened to Gods love!!

Teacher of God’s Word.

I am part of the online congregation and never miss an opportunity to learn and keep my mind focused on the Glory of God no matter what is happening in the world. Podcasts with Pastor Jack is another weapon for the fight against the spirits that wander to destroy people. The interviews are full of people and hope for our coming days.

Hedieh Mirahamadi

Great interview.

True to God’s Word

I discovered Jack’s ministry on YouTube a few years ago and he quickly became one of my favorites. He stays true to the Word of God and has a very personable approach to preaching and teaching. I appreciate his sense of humor yet HE does NOT take God’s Word lightly whatsoever; his boldness in speaking the truth rings loud and clear to my ears which inspires me to be bold, as well.

We love Pastor Jack!

Pastor Jack Hibbs has been our virtual Pastor for the past 2 years. Since the pandemic hit in Spring of 2020, Pastor Jack has brought Gods word to our living room and teaches the Bible word for word and teaches us how it applies to our lives today. Especially how it applies to our constitution and American rights. Thank you Pastor Jack Hibbs and all who serve at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills.