Jack Hibbs Podcast

Best truth telling Pastor

Pastor Jack Hibbs is one of the last great Pastors left telling the truth of the WORD of GOD. I am overjoyed to have found him.

GOD put him in my life when I needed to go deeper in the Word and it has been a blessing. I can hardly wait for every Wed. & Sun. to come; to hear what Jesus speaks through him.

Jack is just a willing vessel for the work of Jesus. All the glory to GOD cause Pastor Jack would not want it any other way. He truly is a teacher of the Word! If you want to know and follow Jesus, then listen to Pastor Jack. As Pastor Jack says, “He is not a Christian cause anybody can say they are, but being a follower is what we need to be.

March 27, 2022 by Rhonwhosoever22 on Apple Podcasts

Jack Hibbs Podcast