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Thank you Heavenly Father in my most Precious Jesus Name

Pastor Jack: I tank Jesus everyday for you and your family. Your messages from the Bible feed and encourage me every moment. I’m 73 living in a Residential Home among 100 nuns. I was Catholic until 20 years ago when my heart was opened up to my First Love Jesus! I know that I’m living among these beautiful women to show them Jesus joy, peace and love. Between the Pope and Mary Jesus has to spread his arms wider than most in hopes they see Him in others. They need Him badly. There’s two floors of skilled patients and I keep asking to see the patients that are fairly ill to let me see them. Please pray this wall they hold up will be torn down (Covid related) soon. All of them dying believe in purgatory and it breaks my heart. Soon I know Jesus will do this but He wants me ready. I’m READY Pastor Jack!!!

I will be calling soon to donate to your ministry. Your Church is my Church. None to be found in Ofallon MO.

Again pray for my family as well - my daughter is saved and grandchildren but my son lives in Orange County but he won’t go to a church. He’s an hour from you. I keep praying. Lord Jesus / whatever it takes.

Much love to all. - Betty Nally
PRZ JZS. (My license plate)

March 31, 2022 by PRZ JZS on Apple Podcasts

Jack Hibbs Podcast