Jack Hibbs Podcast


Thank you for this ministry! My friends may tire of me sharing Pastor Jack’s spirit-filled sermons and podcasts, but I just can’t help it! His Biblical teaching is clear, succinct, and challenging to the saved believer, the unsaved believer, and the unsaved/unbeliever…and his God-given ability to make us laugh and smile at ourselves and the absurdities of this fallen world, yet continuously point us to TRUTH, Jesus Christ, and the HOPE HE BRINGS through SALVATION, are sadly such a rarity in this “woke gospel” world.
Thank you for preaching TRUTH; our prayers are with you all!
P. S. None of my friends have complained about my sharing these truth-driven Biblical messages!🙏😊

June 23, 2022 by SacSpark on Apple Podcasts

Jack Hibbs Podcast