Jack Hibbs Podcast

My life has changed

I found Pastor Hibbs during the Covid shutdowns, and being able to hear from a Pastor teaching the Scriptures verse by verse changed my life.

I’m 61 years old, born and raised in the Presbyterian church, and I never learned much of the Word of God than on these two years. I’m grateful to God for having put Pastor Hibbs in my life by His divine intervention.

Also, I have to thank Real Life with Jack Hibbs because, when I sent an email asking if there was a sister church in my area, they directed me to what is now my home church, Calvary Chapel West Houston, with Pastor Mike Robertson.

I continue to watch, and listen, Pastor Hibbs, and his guests, daily. Thanks to his ministry, I’ve got to know other Pastors, speakers, and authors, that have enriched my life.

Thank God for Pastor Jack Hibbs, and the ministry of Calvary Chapel.

Nov. 15, 2022 by Sarandella on Apple Podcasts

Jack Hibbs Podcast