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Calvary Chapel has the BEST Pastors!

So thankful for finding Calvary Chapel in January of this year! It has honestly changed my life and I can’t imagine my life without Calvary! I attend Calvary Chapel in Rockford, IL and I just LOVE how we seem to have the best pastors and biblical teachers all over the country! They speak the truth of the Bible that many churches seem to shy away from these days for fear of “offending” someone. They are not afraid to say what the Bible really has to say about certain lifestyles and how one cannot live in sin and call themselves a Christian. Calvary has the BEST pastors to convict your heart and keep you from straying and to help you grow in your faith and your relationship with Jesus. Jack Hibbs is certainly one of the best teachers I have ever seen! I love listening to his podcast on my way to volunteer at my church since I live 50mins away from my church. And I love that Calvary Chapels have apps so you can be involved with their services without physically attending their church! It’s amazing! I showed my mom one of Jack’s Happening Now presentations with Amir Tsarfati and she was clearly captivated by the two of them and all of their biblical knowledge and how they tied it to the events going on in the world today. Amir’s Behold Israel podcast available on here is another great resource you should check out. There is so much great info I’ve found from Amir and his books and it’s all thanks to Jack Hibbs.
Jack Hibbs has truly helped me SO much. I am young in my faith, and while I’ve always believed God was real, I lost my faith in Him after watching my father suffer and slowly die of cancer when I was 15. He was such an amazing father & husband and was always there for my family, so for a long time I just didn’t understand why God would take him from us. It took me a very long time to understand that God didn’t create death or cancer. But before I realized this, I turned my back on Him and misplaced my anger for a very long time. I just didn’t know how to let my father go. But ever since I started reading the Bible last year and began understanding where death & disease come from, now I know that it wasn’t God who took my father from me. And that my father had free will to make his own choices and they probably weren’t all for the best. Now I know how He sent His only Son to save us and how He conquered death and through Him I have the promise of eternal life and that I will get to see my father again! That it wasn’t goodbye forever, and that the day I’ll see him again could be rapidly approaching! And at first as a new believer I was scared I’d be left behind in the Rapture and Jack Hibbs cured me of that anxiety very quickly. In just one sermon he taught me that I didn’t have to worry about being left behind because it wasn’t about being “good enough” and that there was no way to “earn” my way into Heaven. That as long as I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as my one true Savior and trust in the Holy Spirit, and live with His conviction that I am saved. So all my anxieties about the Rapture have melted away after hearing that and now I’m actually excited about it, because those who died in Christ will rise again, which means I’ll see my father again! So now I look forward to the Rapture instead of fearing any possibility of being left behind to suffer and endure God’s wrath.
Having someone who is so well versed in Scripture and biblical prophesy is such a valuable asset in these End Times. Because I do believe we are approaching the Day of the Lord and my only hope now is to share the Word and the Gospel with as many as possible so they can share in His Kingdom and have eternal life with us! It is SUCH a comfort to know that something better is waiting for us, something so good and great that we can’t even imagine it! And I thank God for giving us men like Jack Hibbs and my pastor, Charlie Heffelfinger, and granting them the gifts of being such amazing speakers and teachers of His word to shepherd & guide His people in these troubling times when we need clarity, truth and the power of discernment more than ever!!! God bless Calvary Chapel and all of their pastors!!! They truly are different than any church I’ve ever experienced before and I truly believe the Holy Spirit is working within Jack Hibbs’ church & mine in Rockford. We even opened a school during COVID and to see everything we’ve been able to accomplish has been incredible, and ALL the credit goes to God, He has been able to do such amazing work through us and through our school to help save our children from the indoctrination and depravity going on in public schools. I am so moved every time I go there to help out and volunteer because I love seeing God work in the lives of these little ones! Being a part of a Calvary Chapel is truly such a blessing 🫶🏻🙏🏼🫶🏻
Thank you Jack Hibbs for all the work you do! You’ve truly helped me so much with my anxiety over the end times being upon us and took away any fear I had about being left behind. I can’t tell you how much it’s helped me grow in my faith and my relationship to our Lord.

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Jack Hibbs Podcast