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So thankful for your BOLDNESS

I’m so glad that God gave the world Pastor Jack Hobbs! I love hearing any & all your sermons, podcasts (need at least an hour podcast program) radio, etc. and it is nice to know you don’t just teach the gospel & Gods word, you literally stand on His Holy Bible and jump up & down on it, spreading it far & wide! You are inspiring people to be bold for Jesus, to encourage all followers of Jesus to never give up or give in to the evil warfare we’re up against. I will continue to praise God for you & your amazing BOLD, in their face truth. Praying for you, your family & church, & the plans God has for you, your many outreach programs & for protection in all you do. Again, I sincerely pray I get to meet you with time to spend in our Bibles together over large glasses of iced tea!!!

Waiting and watching for our Lords return,

Kimberly Meador
Ghent, WV

May 19, 2023 by Kimmie292 on Apple Podcasts

Jack Hibbs Podcast