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March 31, 2022

Adversity - Will You Stand Or Fall?

God chose the Jews to be His special people, and yet they constantly faced adversity. He had a plan and a purpose through it all, though they might not have always seen it. We, as believers, also face adversity. But the question is - do we trust God to accomplish His will?

God chose the Jews to be His special people, and yet they constantly faced adversity. He had a plan and a purpose through it all, though they might not have always seen it. We, as believers, also face adversity. But the question is - do we trust God to accomplish His will?

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Can take Ezekiel 33, 1 through seven and take the word Watchman and put in pastor if it's pastor is evil coming. And if he blows the trumpet and warns the people, God says, that's awesome. If that pastor doesn't blow the trumpet of warning, when evil and wickedness is coming, I will hold that pastor accountable and all the blood of the people who are shed because he didn't do it and say it I'm gonna require his hand. That's the, and which we live at. 

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You're alive and you're living and you are a Christian for such a time. As this 

Here, you are not by accident for such a time as this, here they come. See what I mean? Here they come. Evil. The purveyors of evil evil becomes personified here in Esther in the name or in the life of this man. Haman Haman is a Aite. He's a descendant of king, a egg of the Amal kits. And isn't it amazing that when we don't obey God, we wind up having to deal with things later on. Listen, the Amal kits king Saul Wasup remember this king SA was supposed to kill king AEG and Amite because God said that culture is so corrupt. He's got to be destroyed in all of their culture because they're so polluted. They're so evil. They're so sick and SA says to himself, well, we'll save the king and his stuff. The descendants of that sin of king Saul, the eventual birthing of a man named Haman is the guy that reeks havoc on the Jewish people, all because of disobedience. 

And what's remarkable about this is the fact that in every culture of every age, there's gonna be a Haman in your life. They're gonna stand against you. They're gonna fight you. They're gonna resist you. And when I say you and, and us, I'm I'm, I hope I'm talking more specifically about as you and I follow Jesus, they're gonna be rejecting the Jesus and the Bible and the God that is at work through us. We need to remember that people can reject us all. Uh, they want, we, we deserve as humans to be rejected, but when it comes to us saying something that is purely Christ centered, it's purely the gospel for ex you can be getting along with everybody. But if you give the gospel, people will hate you in the moment. Why cuz it's spiritual issue, man, I tell you, some of you are doubters go to some people group or go to a family or a gathering and, and give the gospel. And your doubt should be diminished in the moment because people who are once patting you on the back in five minutes will start grinding their teeth at you. And all you gave them was a pure Bible verse. And that will convince you that this is a spiritual thing we're living in 

Evil. Evil is personified in our world today. Evil is finding a place in a home and people's lives and positions of power influence Isaiah chapter five, verse 20 and 21. Whoa, the Bible says be those who call evil good and good evil. By the way, I'm reading a 2,745 year old verse right now. And it's, it can go on tomorrow's headlines wo to those who call evil good and good evil who put darkness for light and light for darkness who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter Wo to those who are wise in their own eyes wise wo to those who are experts in their own eyes. That's what it, that's what the word means By the way. See that word. Whoa. Twice verse 20, whoa. And look at verse 21. Whoa, God's not riding a horse. He's making a statement and it's terrifying. Whoa, whoa. The word whoa is ah, in Hebrew. Ah, so I, I dunno what that means. I understand in Hebrew it means this condemned or damned are you Condemned? Are you? If you say good is evil and evil is good, God's serious. Condemned are you. If you put life for darkness and darkness for light, this is what gut says. Isn't the Bible relevant. It is man. Just, you know what? Open up and let it go. 

It's alive for such a time. As this here you stand. We are to stand at this hour. This is an awesome time to be alive. It's an awesome time to be following Jesus. And Jesus said in John's 1633, these things I've spoken to you that in me, you may have peace in the world. You will have tribulation, but be of good cheer. I've overcome the world. Is that awesome? So what what's he saying? Jesus said, you follow me. It's gonna be a bumpy road, but cheer up, Cheer up because I have overcome the world. He said, well, how does Eddie equate to me? I'm glad he overcame the world. What about me? Oh, listen. He overcame the world to let you know that the world has been overcome That as you walk with him and you stand you're, it's gonna be, you're gonna have tribulations and difficulties and troubles, but God is saying I'm working through this. In fact, you could just look at it this way. Again, it's a continuous of that divine appointment. I can stand. You can stand in the time of trouble because I've been brought to the kingdom for such a time as this, because God's got our back for that matter. He's got the front, he's got the sides. 


Look to God's appointments, divine appointments. Look, look to them, look for them. So listen, theoretically, hypothetically, you could leave here today, get a flat tire and you can panic and punch the dash and call up the AAA chew 'em out. Or you can pull over and you can say, Lord, 


I'm gonna take this from you. You may not have caused my flat, but I'm gonna take it from you that you want to use my flat. So you dial AAA And the truck comes and it's already look, you're already, you're already 50% there. The guy gets out. He has no idea. What's about to happen to him, Dude. I got a flat tire. Yeah, it happens all the time. Yeah. Well, you know, what's funny cuz I was just praying that God would use his flat tire. Now look the guy's down there. He's down there. He's he has to fix your flag. You have to stand there to make sure you give him the gospel while he is fixing your flag. So yeah. Listen, take your bifocals and go from the broad view down to the 


The close view, the magnified view, the exact view. Why is the flag? Why? Listen, give that over to the broad view, dial down the guys right there. Tell him Here we use Uber when I travel and I'm at and if, if it's for uh, uh, church or business work stuff, I'll use Uber and those guys they're sitting ducks. That's how I view Uber. Uber is my Hmm. I feel like witnessing. Yeah. I need an Uber car right here. 

Those guys. I love those guys. And I don't know what it is, but every time I pull up it's either Kali or Muhammad who picks me every time. And I love it because they probably believe in God or God's or something. So the moment I get in, Hey, what's your name? Mohamed. Mohamed. Nice to meet you. My name's Jack. Do you believe in God? Look, they have to take you to the destination. He's stuck. He's stuck by the way. Listen, I gotta tell you something love on your local Muslim. They are ready to talk about God, you don't have to break the ice and they need to know about the real Jesus who loves them. And listen, we get into the most wonderful talks and I gotta be honest. I follow up with cuz you, you don't have to tip, but I always follow up with a big tip because it is a good witness. 

I just told the guy about Jesus and, and don't blow it by giving a nickel, but it's a captive audience. Look for God's divine appointments regarding these captive audience and take a stand and watch what God does. Ephesians chapter six, verse 10. Finally, my brothern be strong in the Lord. Not your own strength. Don't do it. Be strong in the Lord in the power of his might put on the whole armor of God. Then you may be able to stand again. The wilds, the tricks, the plots and plans of the devil for we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities and against powers and against the rulers of the darkness of this age and against spiritual host of wickedness. Man, that's a lot of dark warfare in the heavenly places. That means we war against dark and things that are in the spirit realm. 

Therefore take up the whole armor of God that you may be able to withstand in the evil day and having done all two stands stand, therefore having gritted your waist with truth, having put on the breast plate of righteousness and having shot your feet with the preparation to the gospel of peace and above all taking the shield of faith with which you will be able to quench. How, what all somewhat, all the fiery darts of the wicked one and taking the helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit, which is the word of God and praying all ways with all prayer and implication in the spirit and being watchful to this end, be all suited up like this. See Jack, where are you going? I'm going to the beach. 

No seriously, Jack, where are you going? I'm going to church. I'm going to the supermarket, listen, I'm I'm going to work. I'm going to the office. The world will say, what are you doing like that? What are you acting like that for? No matter where we go, listen, the moment we wake up, we're in a war and we need to, we need to have that mind always be looking for the divine appointment. Always realiz and understanding. You know what? For such a time as this you're on guard, it's an awesome way to live. It's an awesome and joyful way to live. Isaiah 41 13 says for listen to this for, I am the low dear God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you do not fear. I will help you. Is that a great verse? That's awesome. And I love that. Number four here they fall. Church family listen up. Evil will not always endure. Evil will not always win. Evil will not always last. There's a day of judgment coming. The Bible says in Psalm 37, 18, the Lord knows the days of the upright and their inheritance shall be forever. They shall not be ashamed in the evil time. That's you right now. You're not ashamed in the evil time. 

And in the days of famine, they shall be satisfied, but the wicked shall perish. And the Emen enemies of the Lord, like the slender of the Meadows shall vanish into smoke. They shall vanish away. Evil is going to end. Christ comes When judgment comes and the Bible tells us in Isaiah three 11, but the wicked are doomed. Man, listen to this. But the wicked are doomed for, they will get exactly what they deserve. You see, man, that's heavy. You're not kidding. That's heavy. That's very heavy. Haman, Haman, Haman is gonna experience his doom. Haman says, I am going to have this let's I'm gonna build gallows To hang these Jews on. And I forget the exact number, but one of the galls he built for, for Moai was in his front yard, in Haman's front yard. And I think it was either 66 or 75 feet high. And Haman's like, I'm gonna that in Mordecai. I can just see this by tomorrow. He's gonna be swinging in front of my yard. I can't wait. And the whole thing flip and the guy hanging from his own Gallos turned out to be Haman. In the end, his plot was exposed. God intervened. Seemingly out of nowhere. Did you know in the book of Esther God's name on the surface, doesn't appear once. But I like what? Uh, Dr. Iron site says God's name. Doesn't in the book of Esther, but his hand does. 

That's so true in life. I love that Evil's gonna fall. God is promised. And number five, we end with this number five is here we go. See what he mean? Look around in this world, everything that's going on again, don't sit back and be overwhelmed by what's happening. No, the fact of the matter is with all of these advancements of evil and things going, Bonker crazy in the world. Here we go. Here we go. Meaning that God's word is gonna be lived out in and through somebody. And I pray it's us right here. 


I pray. Listen. I sure hope that you're not a spectator Christian. I, I don't see that anymore in the Bible, But spec, listen, Christianity is a non spectator faith, And I'd love to be able to say, you know what? In a, in a moment, here we go And you get all strapped in mouthpiece, Getting ready, go out there. People. Where are you going? You all dressed up for war. Where are you going? Listen, Jesus said in the scriptures, I send you out like sheep in the midst of wolves. Now, background to that Jesus there and all the disciples. They he's been trained. He's been pouring into them. They're his disciples. Soon to be apostles. 


Right, you guys are ready. We're ready. I'm gonna send you out there. Send us okay. I'm gonna want cast out demons. Okay? I want you to preach. Yes. We've been watching. 

All right. 

So Jesus looks at them, 


I'm gonna send you out there. Like sheep. Yeah, sheep. Awesome. You're the shepherd where the sheep. Woo. Why? I'm not done Peter. Wait a minute. I'm gonna send you guys out like sheep among wolves Among what Can you imagine? Everybody's tracking until send you out like sheep among wolves. Did he say wolves? Excuse me. Jesus. Did you say wolves? Yes, I did. Well, how don't I don't know if we like that part. No, no. I'm gonna send you out like sheep among wolves. Yeah, we still don't like it. And that's exactly what Christianity is. See? Yeah, but I don't like that kind of vulnerable. Didn't it? No, no, no, no, no. Wait. Remember a few weeks ago we talked how sheep have to have a shepherd sheep go nowhere without the shepherd. He goes ahead of us. So wherever there's sheep, there's a shepherd nearby. And he has a rod and a staff and he's got a couple of sheep dogs that will tear a Wolf together apart. And what's awesome about this is we go out into this world in a moment. You're gonna go out and you're all suited up kind of weird picture. You're all suited up, but you are a lamb. You are a sheep. And he says, I'm gonna send you out there in this world. That's like a fill with a bunch of woos, but you're gonna do fantastic. 

Cuz I'm your shepherd. 


Keep a tender heart. You love on people who hate you. Remember none of it's personal When government rules and decides and does what they do. And when your neighbor does and says what they do and when, when your friend or family member says and does what they do, it's not personal 


War in a spiritual warfare And it's the battle of kingdoms. And God is calling you to move into that kingdom of his and to take a stand. And I wanna leave this picture with you. It's kind of goofy. But Uh, for me, it's just a great reminder. Going back to Franklin's glasses Depends on how you use 'em. It matters. You know, if you lean your head back with those bifocals and try to look ahead, It's like looking through the bottom of a cook bottle. It's not gonna work. So we go to universal studios when it was opened and when it was universally a studio And you know, they have the rides there and stuff and they got the tram ride you through the sets and then they take you through that little, the high tech tunnel mean that tunnel. And the thing, the Who's the big, who's the big gorilla king king Kong king Kong's in there. And Jurassic park kind of dinosaurs are attacking the train you're on and stuff. And you know that it spitting that you, when you get wet, the dinosaurs are spit in. You get wet. So it was a sunny day. I had my sunglasses on and we get ready and they gave us the glasses before we got on the train. But we so going around and we come into this thing, I have my glasses on 

And my glasses are very comfortable and I wear them all the time. So I never, I just, Just feels normal. So I go, we go in there and everyone's going, wow. And they're screaming and people are ducking up ahead. I can see people moving and they're flinching and everyone's laughing. And My family's flinching and laughing. And, and I'm thinking, and man, this thing's cheap. This ride, This ride. This is, I want my money back. And I thoroughly a waste. We get out on the other end and, and we pull out and we're driving off to the next thing I go. That's Stu I don't see what the big deal was. And I don't remember who it was in. Our group said, Didn't you have your glasses on? I said, of course had my glasses on. No, didn't you put their glasses on. They handed, when you got on the tree in, they handed you 3d glasses. 


I'm criticizing. I'm I'm thinking this, this is a bunch of junk. And all these people are like a bunch of lemings. They're all, all gullible. I on this thing together. 

Oh yeah. 

And it was like, this is a joke. So I'm cursing the ride. And it turns out that I'm the only one that's not looking through the lens ride. I got the wrong glasses on and people are like that. Wow. That's Jesus Christian. That a bunch of junk. I understand that. But you get the wrong glasses on. You're not looking at it. Right. And I, I was not looking at it. Right. King Kong was attacking. I couldn't even see the guy, the dinosaur spitty, we got wet, but I didn't see the thing coming. And I'm like, this is so dumb. Now when we got outside, my glasses were great for the sunshine. The 3d ones were nuts. What are you looking through? What are you looking through? It matters. I hope you're looking through the lens that says for such a time as this, you have been brought to this kingdom of God in this time To be used by God. Bible. Prophecy is wonderful and fantastic. And so it should be, but application should announce to us. We are living now of time as this, 

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