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April 4, 2022


Even now, the stage is being set for the End Times. With the reality of Jesus Christ’s return quickly approaching, we can look to the Bible to know what to expect – and the hope we can hold on to – for the days ahead.

Even now, the stage is being set for the End Times. With the reality of Jesus Christ’s return quickly approaching, we can look to the Bible to know what to expect – and the hope we can hold on to – for the days ahead.

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Speaker 1:                                             Real life presents the Jack Hibbs podcast with intention and boldness to proclaim truth, equip the saints and impact our culture. 

Speaker 2:                                             We're living the times of signs. Now look, we are not sensational, meaning, oh, that's a Bible privacy and Ooh, that's a Bible privacy. And look, that's a Bible privacy. No, we're not doing that. That's hyper. That's strange. But on the other side, we're not [00:00:30] deniers either. We're not saying, oh, God's prophetic word is not prophetic at all. It's just simply 

Speaker 3:                                             Allegorical. 

Speaker 2:                                             Oh no, it's not. No, you know what we are. How about this? We're set. We are watching the world scene, be set up in such a way that it's got to get our attention. And again, from Genesis to revelation, God's word is spoken favorably toward all those who are watching and waiting through the word of God in their daily life. 

Speaker 1:                                             You can get the [00:01:00] outlines of this podcast by going to Jack Today. If this podcast lifts you up and encourages you to live a more fulfilled life in Christ, then make sure you leave us one of those five star ratings to us. That's like saying amen, or yes, then that rating will encourage others to listen. Now, open your hearts to what God's word has to say to you here is Jack Hibbs. 

Speaker 2:                                             We're gonna be looking at the power of God's word [00:01:30] today, what it means to us and the time in which we're living. But if you step back with me 2000 years ago, you think about this for a moment. There's a man by the name of Saul, Saul of Tarsis, he's a Roman born, but he is he's Hebrew. He's he's Jewish. And he's a man that according to the Bible was extremely zealous against Christianity. Uh, even to this day, Paul, the apostle earlier known as Sal of Tarsis Paul still to this day is the greatest known convert to Christianity [00:02:00] that the world has ever known. He knew the old Testament scriptures, uh, unlike anybody. And the Bible says that concerning the, uh, righteousness, which is by the law, he was blameless that concerning the fact that he was of the right stock. He was born a Hebrew of the tribe of Benjamin, that he had been circumcised on the eighth day and concerning his equals. 

Speaker 2:                                             He was considered it to be perfect, but all of a sudden he met Jesus on the road to Damascus and his life was [00:02:30] transformed. And that man went on to be the greatest voice for the cause of God's word. And what I love about Paul. And you gotta remember this church 2000 years ago when Paul preached the gospel. But more specifically, when he came to, as he was heading to Europe, he came to that area, uh, of Asia minor, which is, uh, down near, uh, west, uh, toward Felica one of the oldest cities in the world still to this day. And when Paul [00:03:00] got there, nobody was, uh, believers. It was no church, but he went there and there were synagogues and he was a man of, of the synagogue. And so he went to the synagogue and he opened up to them, the scriptures for three weeks, the Bible tells us, uh, but he taught them in church, mark this, he taught them two key doctrines. 

Speaker 2:                                             He was only there three to four weeks, two key doctrines. One, your salvation is secure in Messiah. And number two is [00:03:30] the fact that God knows everything. In fact Christ is coming back. Amen. That's what he taught them. Your salvation secure. I love that. And oh, by the way, Christ is coming back. You put those two things together and you've got the ultimate motivation for the believer to go about this world and telling people about the hope that's available to them in Christ. That's all we need. We don't need a seminary. We don't need books. We don't need anything else. It's nice to have them if they're right, but we have the word of, of [00:04:00] God. We have the message of God. And the Bible says, we've got the power of the holy spirit to do that. And so Paul did that and began to transform the world. 

Speaker 2:                                             And it all comes down to the fact that I'm, I'm really, if you've been hanging out here for a few weeks, you're gonna say, man, that guy quotes that verse like every week and you're right. I do. Cause I'm really rubbing it in right now. And that is Hebrew chapter 10 verse 24 and 25, Hebrews 10, 24 and 25 says this church, listen, and let us consider one another. In order to stir the [00:04:30] word in Greek is stimulate provoke challenge to stir up love and good works. Keep your finger there. As believers we are to, to be interfacing with one another, to do two things in our lives, we are to stir each other up to love. You know, Love's love is a verb. It love does stuff. Love's a verb. We're to love. That means we are to love one another. And we're to love those around us. 

Speaker 2:                                             That means you love those who sat in your seat [00:05:00] today. How they get your a seat. You're gonna love them. You're not gonna ask them about that or tell them that's my seat. That's not your seat. By the way that you didn't know you didn't buy that seat. That's not your seat. Oh no, that's my parking spot. Not your parking spot because we're gonna stir one another up to love. We're gonna yield our seat to them and we're gonna yield our parking spot to them. And why? Because we are to love. That's what we're to be doing as a church we are to love. And then the Bible tells us that we are to stir up these good works. Meaning that [00:05:30] our activity is this. We need to get together. Listen, I'm going somewhere with this. No one another enough to say, Hey, you know what? 

Speaker 2:                                             We're we're fellow believers. We go to the same church. Let's go, let's go shake the world up for God. Let's go do some. Let's go do something. Let's go park. Let's go to the hospital and just stand out there and pray for people. Let's go to the local, uh, abortion clinic and pray outside and pray. Pray for hope. Pray for some, let's go to somebody that's shut in. Let's paint. Somebody's fan let's take somebody's trash out and listen. The early Roman empire said, Caesars, [00:06:00] even confessed. These Christians, they love one another, but that's not all that that pastor says. It says that we are to verse 25, not forsake the assembly of ourselves together. That means we are supposed to be doing church, but listen, he says don't forsake the assembly of ourselves together as listen. The manner of some have done. That's sad. They've given up on assembly, but the Bible tells us, but exhort [00:06:30] one another and so much more. 

Speaker 2:                                             As you see the day approaching 21st century right here, right now, the Bible commands us. Whatever you do, you need to stir each other up to love. Do good things, good deeds, blessing other people. And oh, by the way, as a church, never stop meeting, never stop meeting. But, but, but Paul didn't know about, COVID never stop meeting world war. I never stop meeting world war II, never [00:07:00] stop meeting. Listen, world war three, we don't know where it's gonna happen when it's don't stop meeting. Listen, the church all around the world meets every studies who poster, but the health department, listen, God knows about the health department. You must understand something. The Bible says, do not forsake the assembly together. And there's no little read the fine friend. Why? Because more than ever the, the world around us needs the love and the activity of the church. 

Speaker 2:                                             We are not a company. We're not a corporation. We are the church of [00:07:30] the living, God. And that's what we are to do. We are to love and express that love to everyone. We mean why, why what's the big motive? Because the motive, listen, we understand clearly from scripture Christ, Jesus could come back at any time. The imminent doctrine of Christ is that he comes back for the church and it could happen at any time regarding approaching. And the theme of that number one market down approaching notice is the times of the signs. There's [00:08:00] quiet in here because you think I spelled that wrong. Normally it said, well, are we living in the signs? Uh, the, the signs of the times. Yeah, but what I would like to say to you is we're living in the times of the signs. In other words, there are things happening on the world scene right now in this 21st century that have never happened before, but they had to happen biblically. 

Speaker 2:                                             And those passages of scripture have been waiting for us to meet up with them for millennia. You and I are [00:08:30] living in a very, very interesting time regarding nations, regarding cultures regarding what's happening in the world. It's, it's not an accident that you're alive in breathing at moment. It's not an accident that you're here right now, or that you're tuning in right now. Amen. God knows exactly what he is doing, but I'm gonna suggest to you today that we're living the times of signs. Now, look, we are not sensationalist, meaning, oh, that's a Bible prophecy and oh, that's a Bible prophecy. And look, that's a Bible prophecy. [00:09:00] No, we're not doing that. That's hyper. That's strange. But on the other side, we're not deniers either. We're not saying, oh, God's prophetic word is not prophetic at all. It's just simply allegorical. Oh no, it's not. No, you know what we are. How about this? We are stage setters. We are watching the world scene, be set up in such a way that it's got to get our attention. And again, from Genesis to revelation, God's word is spoken favorably [00:09:30] toward all those who are watching and waiting through the word of God. It in their daily life, every single one of them. 

Speaker 2:                                             It's remarkable. So as we look around in the world scene, we, we consider about the signs of the times and the times of the signs. We see a stage set and there's props being put up. There's placards being put in place. Lighting is being moved in. There is there are players national play. There are, there are, uh, key trends [00:10:00] and decisions being made in the world today. The movement toward a world, uh, government, the movement toward a world, uh, health program. The talk right now of an international global, uh, reset regarding vex, the nations or economies, all being talked about. These are the opening throws. We're living in amazing days. Now listen to this. You might say today, I don't need to know this stuff. Be careful. [00:10:30] It's in the Bible. 27 to 31% of it's in here for a reason. Number one, listen, Matthew chapter 24, verse one, Matthew 24, verse one, the Bible says then Jesus went out and departed from the temple. 

Speaker 2:                                             He had been teaching there earlier. If you read the previous chapters and his disciples came up to him to show him the buildings of the temple. And Jesus said to them, do you not see all these things assuredly? I say to you, not once zone shall be left upon another. That [00:11:00] shall not be thrown down church. That's it. If you're Jewish and you're the disciples and you're standing there looking at one of the wonders of the world and they're, they're saying, Jesus, isn't amazing. This is where we meet God. And Jesus says, take a good look because it's all gonna come down. Now. They didn't like what he said, but in the year 70 ad under general, Titus, it all came down. Not one stone was left upon another verse three. Now, as he sat on the Mount of all of the disciples, came [00:11:30] to him privately saying, or asking three questions, tell us, when will these things be number two, what would be the sign of your coming and three of end of the world or the end of the age. 

Speaker 2:                                             And Jesus said to them, now you listen to this. Jesus said to them, indicators signs, uh, listen, I have an awesome antique barometer at home. It's beautiful. It's from the late 18 hundreds, it's [00:12:00] spectacular. And it works perfectly, all the weather that we've been having lately. Can you believe we had weather in California? It rained. We saw clouds. What are those things? And then it rained. And then in some areas, it snowed down to feet. We had lightning and thunder. My mom used to tell me growing up because she was, uh, born and raised in Hawaii. And she, this is what they were told. That's what told her is that when you see lightning, that's the scoreboard of heaven and thunders the angels bowling. 

Speaker 2:                                             [00:12:30] Look, I don't think there's bowling in heaven are boards, but when I saw that those big flashes are light. I thought, man, that's, that's amazing. And I remembered my mom's voice. Well, listen, the fact of the matter is when the Bible tells us that these things are coming there's indicators, the storm came, the barometer dropped dramatically. We knew something was up because the fell so greatly before there's ever a cloud in the sky indicators. [00:13:00] And you keep that in mind right now because listen, in verse four of Matthew, 24, Jesus said to them, take heed that no one deceives you for many will come in my name saying, I am Messiah or Christ and will deceive many. Jesus said here's an indicator. And by the way, if you're not a believe were listening up, this is awesome. Jesus said, as you get deeper into the end time events, these are some of the things that you'll see. 

Speaker 2:                                             These are some of the things that will indicate the times of the signs or the signs of the times [00:13:30] is the fact that there'll be great deceives in a religious or spiritual context, pulling people away, not only from the word of God, but there will be false messiahs that will rise up. Jesus said that church 2000 years ago, remarkable, next verse six chapter 24. And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you're not troubled for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet wars and room of wars [00:14:00] constantly growing verse seven, he says for nation will rise against nation. Those of you who are Bible sin, and she should mark this right now, the word nation is the word. Uh, ethnos and Greek, Jesus said, ethnos will rise up against waring against ethnos. It's where we get the word ethnicity or ethnic groups. 

Speaker 2:                                             Jesus said, one of the indicators of the last days is that ethnicities will divide from one another and they will war against each other. [00:14:30] You know what? Not only is that happening, but the world that you and I live in, it's stoking the flames of that. It's oh, it's as the, we are hell, been on a course to destroy ourselves as a culture. And of course we are a culture without God is a destructive culture, but it's amazing to me that the news media, the print media radio songs, movies stoking the angst that white should hate blacks. Black should hate Hispanics reds versus [00:15:00] fill in the blank. Remarkable you guys know by now. I don't hold anything from you. So I'll probably get in trouble about this when I get home. But this morning I was getting ready to come here. And, uh, clearly by the, our bathtub, our granddaughter on Saturday had used our bathtub. How do I know? Because there are a bunch of toys left in the bathtub. 

Speaker 2:                                             And, um, it made me think, cuz I knew, I knew this verse. I [00:15:30] had this verse here in my know a few days ago, but I looked at what I saw in the bathtub. Do you know what I saw in the bathtub? I saw tea cups. I saw little chairs and little tables and I saw little Combs and I saw a white Barbie. I saw what is either a Hispanic or Polynesian Barbie. And I saw a black Barbie. Um, and how do you know they're all naked in the bathtub and it blessed my heart cuz I thought, you know, what's so cool about that. My granddaughter, she has no knowledge that this one's white, [00:16:00] that this one's Polynesian or Hispanic or this one's black. It was the United nations in my bathtub right there. It was awesome. But Jesus said in the last stage you'll have an indicator and the, that cater will be ethnic groups will war against ethnic groups. 

Speaker 2:                                             You know why that's true because there's no Jesus in your heart. That's why that's true when there's no Jesus in your heart, you parse yourselves up. You divide, you get into little clicks and groups and God hates that. Hello? Take a picture, go look at book of revelation. [00:16:30] The Bible says in heaven, there are those from every kindred tribe, tongue and nations of the earth in heaven. That is awesome. So listen, if you're a racist or if you wanna be like that, you're not gonna enjoy heaven. You're not gonna be happy there. Well, where's my section. Can you imagine they open up the door and there's flames and fire coming? Here's your Look. The gospel asked you. You want smoking or non-smoking it's right there. 

Speaker 2:                                             [00:17:00] No, we need to be careful about that. But Jesus said, watch out racism is gonna be on the great increase. It be one of the signs of the times he said in verse seven and kingdom will be against kingdom. Baia get and Baia these are politicals versus politicals. That's what we're most more accustomed to when we think of nations, right? But it's kingdoms. Political rules will war against political rules. Thus political wars, verse seven [00:17:30] continues. This is amazing. He said, Jesus said, there'll be famines. There'll be pestilent and curable viruses and diseases, earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of sorrows. You say it's gonna get worse. He said, this is the beginning. See? You're glad you come to church today. Right? Big encouragement. COVID was just warm up. Think of it. I'm glad Jesus told me all this stuff. I'm glad that Isaiah told me this stuff. I'm glad Ezekiel told [00:18:00] me what he said. When God tells us stuff in advance, it's called Bible prophecy. It should bring you comfort. It should really bring you God, look, I wanna know, oh, what's coming up. 

Speaker 2:                                             I mentioned it a few weeks ago, but I'll use it in a different context. This thing about, you know, why do I need to know this and why this and why that, because we need to know where we're going and we need to know what's ahead. That's why God has given us his word. And the fact is that it's so simple to us. We just need to translate it over when you and I are going down the road. [00:18:30] Now our apps are so cool. They're telling us everything I've got now an app like you probably by, by the way, it's created by the IDF. I dunno if you know this or not. Have you heard of the app ways it's it was created by the IDF in Israel regarding Gaza. And uh, but anyway, that's another story. Uh, but when you have ways and you're driving along and it says debris up ahead, three miles, it also says police officer A mile ahead on the left for you, sinners. [00:19:00] But it tells you what's coming don't you appreciate that. Here's the app for life. This is it right here tells you what's coming up, tells you what's next. And we need that. Jesus said in Luke chapter 21, verse 25, Luke 21, 25, Jesus said regarding the end times, there will be signs in the sun and in the moon, in the stars and on the earth distress among nations. Listen to this with perplexity, the word, [00:19:30] the word perplexity and Greek means nations will have no way out of dilemmas. There's no way out 

Speaker 2:                                             The sea and the waves roaring. Now listen, think COVID right now think, listen, men's hearts will fail them for fear And the expectation of those things, which are coming upon the earth for the powers of the heavens will be shaken. Listen, I don't mean to belittle anything, [00:20:00] But according to God's prophetic plan, COVID may not even appear on the radar, A blip at best. There are things coming to this Christ rejecting world that are cataclysmic. The world is as it were shaking and the there's Almost a violence to it just in it of itself. [00:20:30] But Jesus said, there's a time coming when men's hearts will fail them for fear, they look around, they'll see the headline news and they'll begin to get palpitations stress And maybe heart attacks. Their hearts will fail them because fear and all around the world today, I'm, I'm, it's almost embarrassing to be a human right now. We, we, we buckled. I'm convinced that if we didn't have the media platforms that are available, uh, to pound us [00:21:00] with constant propaganda, we would've fared much better, But people are, you see people crippled by fear. 

Speaker 4:                                             And 

Speaker 2:                                             This is just the beginning. Jesus said, see, what's your point. My point is, listen. Christ comes into your life. He takes away the fear of death. He gives you a reason to live and listen, listen, if he can handle the grave and make it empty, he can take care of anything else that comes into your life. We need to stop fearing. It has [00:21:30] crippled you. If you think of it, 

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