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May 16, 2022

Evidence For Heaven

Evidence For Heaven

Skeptics continue to debate whether Heaven is real, yet there is undeniable evidence for its existence. In this program, Pastor Jack examines the witnesses that God has given us as proof for the reality of God’s eternal dwelling place

Skeptics continue to debate whether Heaven is real, yet there is undeniable evidence for its existence. In this program, Pastor Jack examines the witnesses that God has given us as proof for the reality of God’s eternal dwelling place

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Real life presents the Jack Hibbs podcast with intention and boldness to proclaim truth, equip the saints and impact our culture. 

You put up an embryo of a monkey, put up an embryo of a giraffe, put up the embryo of a human. You pick it. Guess what? They all look the same. You know why? Cuz it came from the same mind. It came from the same designer. It means that he's the creator. It doesn't mean that he didn't do it. It means that his fingerprints are universally you on everything. 

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In a recent poll, 121 people were asked if you died, would you go to heaven? 120 people said yes. Before one person said, I think I'm going to hell <laugh>. So for 120 people, one of them had the honesty to say, I don't think I'm. I think I'm gonna make it by default. The American interviewed on this street thinks he's going to heaven and we've we've taken heaven and we've made it almost something of boredom heaven. Oh yeah. Heaven. Yeah, sure. I'm going to heaven. Like it's nothing. And yet from cover to cover of the Bible from Genesis to revelation, this book is a book of redemption. You need to know that if you don't, this book is all about getting you back into the presence of God now, and forever. God wrote this. God provided it. God made the way of salvation and it's God who extends the invitation. 

Come to heaven with me. Jesus said, come and follow me remarkable. Here's the funny thing. You might feel better. If I were to put up on the screens right now, these are the 10 rules that you must obey to attend this church and eventually make it to heaven and people without faith'll say, write that down. Oh wait, let me hold it. Let me take a picture of it. Let me copy that. That's that's sick and dangerous, but that's the human works mindedness of us trying to watch, trying to get back to something that we know on the inside we've lost or we do not have listen doing good things. People is a wonderful thing. We need all of you. You need me to do good things. We want good citizens. That's fantastic. And you can't exactly fault the person wholly who says I do good things so I can go to heaven. 

Their motives are wrong. What they're trying to do though, is a good thing. And we appreciate that. My argument is, is not. Is that not a valid argument regarding heaven or not? Clearly, it's not. You can't go to heaven by being good. But here's what I'm saying about the person that is driven to do good with hopefully be accepted by a God or gods to let them in is that they know down deep inside. There's got to be some form of reformation, some form of change in my life to do something that will maybe outweigh my bad so that I can win in the end. 

And I'm, I'm just pointing that out as a virtue this way, they are admitting by their actions that they have fallen out of friendship with heaven. And they're trying to find their way back. They will look to works. They will look to effort. They will look to good deeds because they know that there's a vacancy inside of them. God turns and says regarding the reality of heaven that we all need to take. Notice that he has given us enough evidence. This is where we're at last time where the atheist can debate the existence of God in heaven. But it's futile. 

The evidence is overwhelming. I'm pretty sick and tired of people saying without any knowledge whatsoever, you can't prove the existence of God. I believe you actually can prove the existence of God. If you just apply reason and logic. And what I mean by that is this, that there's a natural witness that we learned about that God has created what has been created. It's brilliant. And it's obvious somebody and you can listen. You can use this in books of evolution and argumentation like that of, of a creation without God. They will say, all you have to do to believe in evolution is to look at an embryo and they will put up an embryo of a monkey. And I challenge you right now. Don't do it right? I don't need you to pay attention, but do it later. You put up an embryo of a monkey, put up an embryo of a giraffe, put up the embryo of a human put up the embryo of a rhinos. You pick it. You have to guess what they all look the same. Have you seen them? Yeah. And in evolutions will say, ha that's proof that evolution's true. And they walk away. Like they want the argument. Oh, the exact opposite's true. The exact opposite's true. 

So how do you, how do you figure? Because the same God who claims in the Bible to be the creator of all life. When you look at the embryo of a monkey or of a giraffe or a human, it does look exactly the same. You know why? Cuz it came from the same mind. It came from the same designer. Why mess with a good thing? Apparently it works. If God wants to make a giraffe, this is how it goes. It means that he's the creator. It doesn't mean that he didn't do it. It means that his fingerprints are universally ill on everything. 

And when those things go and move and develop out of the stage of looking the same, are they quite different or what? Thankfully. So remarkable creation, creation, screams to who believe in soy right on. Then you should bow your knee to Jesus. If you do, the evidence is overwhelming. We looked at that last time. Secondly, we saw last time that there's the personal witness of consciousness. We had some fun with that because we talked about how you and I, as humans, we have a, obviously we have a consciousness. We dream, we wonder, we write poems. We, we, we do, uh, you know, whatever mu music and, and letters and expression that comes from your consciousness from the spiritual side of who you are. And we made mention of the fact that there's no bodily part of your physical existence that has the conscience department. <laugh>, it's not by your right ear. 

It's not over on the right side, the middle, the deep part of your brain. It's not down around your thyroid. It's nowhere near your pancreas. It doesn't exist because you are functioning a bio machine for this world. It's called your body. And we focus on it. We draw attention to it. Uh, we put, um, deodorant on it and the older you get, the more deodorant you put on it, the more the cologne. Why cuz you're dying. You gotta cover up the stink. Why cuz this body is dying. But the notice the consciousness stays and the Bible tells us. And by the way, science tells us that at the moment of death, it's interesting life. The world will say that life ends. The Bible says life left. 

And when you die, will heaven be your home? Will you be going? There is the question. There's a natural witness that says I'm God. Believe in me. I've made all of this. There's the personal witness of consciousness where you think God thoughts. And you wonder about God remarkable you. And I talked about the joys and the hopes and the expressions, but being human. We're also able to confess the conviction and the guilt and the shame that's in us. The personal witness of consciousness. And this is where we left off. Last time, here we go. We're diving into this. Now the third one is the divine witness of revelation. So what do you mean divine? Witness of revelation. 

God's divine testimony. Witness revelation of his revealed will, which is called the Bible. The word of God. So God has given this and he's given you three witnesses. I love this. Cuz the Bible says before two or three witnesses, the truth shall be established. Doesn't it say that there's the natural witness of God's existence. There is your conscience. The fact that you are a body, soul and spirit and thirdly, there's the revelation of God's word. And you might say, well, pastor, that's where I have our time. I don't believe. I think the Bible's a bunch of fairy tales. That's what you believe. That's what you think. But on what basis have you come to that conclusion? Who told you that a professor at school, a neighbor, where did you read that? How do you know this? On what authority? So we just asked these questions and why is this important? 

Because we're talking about the topic of heaven and hell ladies and gentlemen, we need to be, we need to build a foundation as to why you should depart from your life. That is taking you on the path of hell in destruction. And you need to understand why you should get on the road and get the straight and narrow way. Jesus said, by the way, that's not the that's not the boring and, and uh, tedious way. The straight and narrow is the way that is what he calls it to be. I got to argue with you. It's the most exciting, fulfilling way of all. But you need to know. And I understand this. You have to understand me when I tell you this, that the message you hear today, you may not ever come back to this church again. And I want you to know I'm doing this intentionally, not to drive you away, but to have this last opportunity, to make sure that you know the truth. Okay? That's the, that's the, that's the greatest. If I, if I, if I am called to show you love, I'm loving you right now because I'm giving you the truth that you'll have to talk to God about. Even though you may hate me forever. 

That's fine with me. If you know the truth, the number one thing outta the four, I'm gonna give you four things right now. The histor of the Bible. Can you trust the Bible, the histor or the historical record of the Bible? Should I put my faith in what God has said in the Bible? Well, let's look at the history and I'll give you a few because time does allow me to go through much history history. The Bible says, let's talk about history. The Bible says, for example, there was a king by the name of nibi ezer. 

Well, forget about the Bible. Do museums and other forms of literature and evidence say that there was a king named nibi ezer. Yeah. What about the Persian empire? The Bible says there's a Persian empire. Is there evidence to substantiate the Hyster of the Bible? Of course, museums are filled with Persian artifacts from its governing empire. What about king David? You ever heard about heard that guy before? Yeah. King David. There used to be a program some years ago called the naked archeologist. He claimed to tell you the naked truth about all things that he wouldn't lie to you and he didn't lie. But uh, he had an atheistic background. He's Jewish. Some of you know who I'm talking about and he doesn't, he's not fond of the Bible, but he did a show on it. He would make fun of the Bible. And that's fine until when one time he did a program and he said there was no David, if there was a David, he was um, the little boy guys who created a myth. And then he became a legend. It's all trumped up stuff until archeology which'll touch on in a moment, brought forth evidence that revealed not only David and, and met in, uh, in writings of David, but you can get on airplane right now and fly 15 hours LA to Tel Aviv, get out and we could drive to Jerusalem's about 45 minute drive up the mountain. And before we get to, um, uh, the main city will stop at the old city of David. It's been completely unearthed and you can walk through his rooms. 

So then why are you not a believer? There's also the archeological evidence of God's revelation. Archeology is a science, you know? And so you read a, an area in the Bible. This is kind of fun. All of us have heard of the valley of Armageddon, but you may not be aware of how incredibly beautiful it is. It looks so much like almost identical too, a giant version of, you know, where, um, Monterey is Monterey here, California Monterey, you know, Salinas, you know where the grapes of wrath, John Steinbeck, remember that? You know what I'm talking about? Yeah. Up there is it beautiful? There's artichokes. There's lettuce. This side of the street, this side of the street, tomato, that side of the street, broccoli, this side of the street, asparagus, it's amazing mag ghetto Armageddon where the last battle will be on earth. It's beautiful. Did you know that there are archeological places where we go to on our trips hits or for one ordo? 

Why? Because there's massive stables that have been unearth that are 3000 years old, tons of them to hold hundreds and hundreds of horses and garages. This is all underground garages that held hundreds and hundreds of chariots. Do you know who owned them? Somon good. Solomon owned them. What did God say to Solomon? Solomon? I love you. You're amazing. And for you asking for nothing for yourself and your prayer, I'm gonna give you all that stuff and I'm gonna give you wisdom and I'm gonna bless you. No, one's gonna be able to rival you. I'm gonna be good to you and Solomon right on. It's awesome. <laugh> and you know, Solom as the wisest man that's ever lived, and yet God told him I'm gonna bless your life. As long as you don't add to yourself horses, cuz you're gonna trust in the, those weapons of war and not me. So I'll take care of the nation. Don't trust in your aircraft carriers and in your submarines. I got oh and you know what? Your chariots don't trust in your tanks. I got cuz you, we, I gotcha. Cause when you put your trust in those things, you'll forget me. Oh, and one other thing, Solomon, um, I'll give you a wife one. 

Don't add to yourself, women. Yeah. So what do you do when you go to Mato or, or hits or, and you dig, you find stables and you find out that the Bible warned us that. So how many I'm I'm lost count? How many wives did he have? 700. Was it over 700? And then that's not to mention two or 300 concubines. You have 700 women that are designated to be your wife. And then you have 300 sex toys, women. That's all they're for. Yep. You realize you do the math. I don't know. You can do the math. I can't, but you figure out, man, if you're gonna go on a date with Solomon, if you're in that har you might go out with him in like once every eight years <laugh> is that weird? God said, don't do that. What did he do? He did it once enough. 

He did it once. And when you dig archeological evidence shows you. So why aren't you not a believer, eschatological arguments, not gonna belabor this. God writes the future down in advance. It's called Bible prophecy. And uh, today, one of the greatest growing superpowers in the world is Israel since 1948, a nation born twice. Exactly. As the Bible said, fourthly is, what's known as the ontological argument. This is the, it's a big word, but it means a reasonable things that are reasonably obvious. Things that are reasonably obvious. An ontological argument is that it's reasonably obvious that these chairs were built for you to sit in. You see that's ridiculous. Why is it ridiculous? It's so simple and obvious that it's ridiculous, right? 

Say I'm gonna go, I'm gonna go to Sacramento. How are you gonna go there? I'm gonna walk. Why would you walk when you can take a plane? Because you get there faster. If you take a plane, that's an obvious reality. You'll get there faster. If you take a plane, there are things that are so obvious that they're there in front of you. And it's crystal clear. I shared this with you guys last week. I think I get so confused because I teach differently at almost each service is different. It depends on how much food I haven't have <laugh> and by third service, I start to lose my mind. <laugh> but this is obvi to me. This is obvious that there's a God, God, the father, God, the son, God, the holy spirit. We don't worship three gods. We worship one. God who reveals himself in three personalities, three persons. He's one God. So I don't get it. Yes you do. Yes you do. Because when a man is this what I said last week? Yeah. Remember when a man Connects with a female in there's I saw some young faces, some do my best. I can right now when a, when, when daddy and mommy are gonna wrestle 


For a, for a moment At, at what's happening, you've got the creation taking place. And, and in, in a sense you have three Pregnancy, you have three and one, You have three and one, you've got one inside the other inside the 


It's amazing to me. That's crystal clear. It's not a problem. God has revealed these truths to us that we shed no struggle with 

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