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May 18, 2023

Q&A with Jack Hibbs

Q&A with Jack Hibbs
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Jack Hibbs answers listener questions. 

  • Who are the ten virgins, and what does that parable mean? 
  • Does the tribulation start after the rapture of the church or after the 7-year peace treaty? 
  • What happens if a Christian accepts the mark of the beast? 

Join us on this episode as Pastor Jack answers these listener questions. 

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Hey you guys, welcome to Real Life Podcast, and we are continuing on, really because it's being driven by you, which we're very excited about. I have to tell you that I'm a great beneficiary, a recipient of a Bible teaching church. I was spiritually born and raised at a verse by verse, chapter by chapter, book by book church, and so for me, i am grateful to you. So many of you are saying I never heard this before, i've never even read that in the Bible before, and that really helps me because I'm very guilty of making assumptions. I thought everybody knows this To somebody who reads their Bible. If somebody says I read my Bible, i assume that they read it all the way through. But apparently I'm wrong and that's fine. But let's fix that, because the topics that we are mentioning, regarding the last day's events, i was absolutely overwhelmed to hear. Even yesterday, i was at a political event. I say a political event. I was asked to comment and to pray at one of our cities here in the area, at the invite of the mayor, to pray and to make a comment, and what was amazing to me was how many people came up to me. They just so happened to be every one of them happened to be Catholics who came up to me and said and I didn't know who they were Pastor Jack, i've been watching your podcast and that caused me to watch your three part series on your Sunday morning message sermon on what are the coming signs of the Antichrist. And I've been born and raised Catholic and we don't even read the book of Revelation. We're not even. In fact, we're told to stay out of the book of Revelation, which is, oh my gosh, satanic. Book of Revelation says you're supposed to read it yourself and hear it read by others. And the book of Revelation of itself says do not seal up the prophecies of this book, but proclaim them. And it's a tragedy. I'm not beating up on Catholics, i love Catholics. In fact, the church that I pastor, it's got to be 75% either Catholic or former Catholic in congregation because they've simply fallen in love with the Word of God, the Bible, and so we're going to do things a little bit different in this particular segment of end time installment events. But before we do that, let me say this some of the comments that we've received from people I can't take the time to entertain them. They're good questions, but please hear me. You're asking, for example, can you dig deeper on or give more information on the post-tribulation rapture view? I've said enough about it. Why don't you study it and find out for yourself? The same questions being asked for mid-trip. Somebody just stalked me on Sunday. Can you explain to me the mid-trip position I did on a Sunday during services and 15 minutes later the person still didn't get it. There's nothing I can do about that, except for you to be provoked to go study deeper. I want to spare you guys a lot of grief. I've said it before, i'll say it again It is an epic book In fact it's in my leather bag by Dr John Wolfrid. It's the book you want to get because, john Wolfrid in this book it's a decent publication. It's in depth, small print. Dr John Wolfrid wrote this book, the Rapture Question revised and enlarged edition. Dr John Wolfrid wrote this in response to the questions that you and I are going through. This is epic Why? Because even those who are, for example, pre-rath or mid or post-tribulationist, he argues all the views from their position. I believe it was Marvin Rosenthal. I could be wrong on that. I think post-tribulationist Marvin Rosenthal even commented that John Wolfrid argues the post-tribulation rapture view better than any post-tribulationist does. Make no mistake about it. Dr John Wolfrid is a pre-tribulationist and he'll tell you why. Many of you have asked the questions what's with the seven years? You keep saying it's all about Israel. Read this book, so encourage you to get this. I don't know where you get it. Get it wherever it's cheap, or they say jackibbscom, jackibbscom, or wherever you can get it cheaper. So anyway, here we go, listen, we're going to dive in with the questions and then we'll see how this goes, and we're just going to start calling this our mailbag or mail call. So question number one from last week is please will you explain this Who are the 10 virgins waiting for the return of the bridegroom? Okay, first of all, jesus gave that parable and he said he couched it in very important. Listen. He couched it in the context of the region of Galilee. He was in Galilee when he taught it. This is really important. He taught it while he was in Galilee, that's northern Israel. He taught it because the Galileans would have understood what he was talking about. He taught it to the Galileans in the Galilean region because he pointed out to them the practice of a Galilean engagement and a Galilean wedding. That is really important. I might want to recommend to you watching the documentary on Amazon Prime titled Before the Wrath. Look, i know the producer. I think it's a bad title, the title's dumb, but it should have just said you know, before the Second Coming or something. It talks about a Galilean wedding. That's key and it deals with, beautifully, the Ten Virgins and having oil ready. So listen to answer your question. You ask is it the church? Is this the church? Are the Five Wise, those who are truly trying to keep God's commandments and walk His walk? Are the five of those who claim to Jesus? but are the other five those who claim to believe in Jesus but live in sin? It's this. Jesus is simply teaching that He's going to go away, and all the Galileans would have said we understand how that works. When you get engaged here in Galilee, the bridegroom goes away and he prepares on top of the house. That's how they do it. They are still, to this day, many places On top of the home, your new home for your bride. So you build on your father's house, and that's the way they do it House top, house, top, house, top. And so he's going to go away. He's going to prepare a place for them And when it's ready. By the way, the father is the one who tells the son your building's complete looks great, son, go get her. Then the father who communicates that to the son. Remember, jesus said nobody knows the time of my coming. Nobody, the angels don't know, i don't know, only my father knows. All the Galileans would have said wow, that's awesome. That's exactly how we do weddings. Now Jesus is in heaven, resurrected, and does he know? I don't think he knows. I think he chooses not to know. I just think he chooses not to know. He's going to hear his father say it's time to go get her. When he comes, he's coming for those who are waiting. How do you know? Because he says throughout the entire four gospels and the epistles of the apostles stress that we need to be waiting because we don't know when. Eminency, eminency Boy. I'm shocked at how many people vehemently commented I disagree with the doctrine of eminency. That's your problem, it's in the Bible. So I don't care. He's going to come back in an hour. That you're not thinking. You don't know the day or the hour, but he said concerning the times and the seasons, that's a general comment. Those who are walking in the light will have a general feel wow, the Lord's got to be coming back soon. So the virgins were waiting. They're waiting for what They're waiting for what is known as, or described as, the midnight call, meaning midnight, symbolically meaning it could come at any time When you're least expected. You're supposed to be sleeping at midnight. Well, the parable is a parable to communicate truth. That doesn't mean the virgins that had oil all of the five that had oil didn't go to sleep. You sleep, you work, you eat, you do your life. But the issue is are you full of the Holy Spirit, are you obeying the Scripture and are you ready? And when the announcement goes out, will you make it So that your follow up or your next question is is it the church? Who is that? It's not the church, although the principle applies for all of us to be ready that applies to every age of living believers to be ready. The Old Testament saints were to be ready to die by trusting in the God of Abraham, isaac and Jacob. The church-age saints are to be ready for his appearing And if we die before his appearing, we die ready. Make sense During the tribulation period. The tribulation saints need to be ready to either die for their faith in Christ or for the remnant, they'll survive and live into the millennium. The point is this the 10 are invited to the wedding, which answers one of the questions, by the way is the church invited to the wedding? The answer is no, The church is not invited to the wedding. The church, the believers, the church-age saints are not invited to the wedding. I always love saying that because it gets people What The church is the wedding. The church is not invited to the wedding. There is no wedding without the church and the groom. Who's invited? People like this, the Old Testament saints are invited. The tribulation saints are invited. Listen at the end of the second coming. This is my opinion. This is my opinion Right now. This is my opinion. Everything else I've told you biblically sound. I speculate right now When I look at Isaiah 26, verses 19 to 21,. When I look at the things of the Galilean wedding, when I see what's happening during the tribulation period, i understand that the church has taken up into heaven And at some point after that we don't know when the tribulation period begins. I believe in Isaiah 26, 19 to 21, when he says come up here and hide yourself, as it were, in the chambers. Those are wedding chambers, in the chambers for a little while. Isn't that amazing? This is Isaiah 26. He's going to say to his people now, remember, if you're trusting Christ, you're his people, and if you're Jewish and you trust Christ's Lord, as Yeshua Hamashiah, that's you too. He says, come up here. Oh, and, by the way, your dead shall live together with my dead body While they arise. So come my people, enter into the chambers. Hide yourself for just a little moment while I pour out my indignation upon the earth. We mentioned that last time. That's where he gets his robe splattered in blood. The Lord will go and fight for Israel as he fought in the day of battle. It says Notice, he's not going to come back to earth during the tribulation period and fight for the church. He's fighting for Israel. Where are we? We are in our wedding chamber. What are we doing? I think we are preparing for the last few moments before the wedding. I believe that our wedding takes place some moment, some time after the tribulation. Saints that die are resurrected, because I believe that they attend the wedding. They attend, they're invited. I hope that answers your questions Again. Dr John Wolver would comment more on that. Does the tribulation start at the signing of the treaty spoken of by Daniel with the Antichrist and Israel, or is it the rapture of the church? The tribulation period does not begin with the rapture of the church. We just know this. It's the signing of the treaty in Daniel 9 that commences the tribulation period. Let me say this because it gets a little foggy and I know it's kind of contradictory what I'm saying a bit, because you and I think, on a timeline that is linear, we like things nice and neat. I want to see this and this and this and a box, and it's clear and it's clean. Let me put it in a general. You know what I'm trying to say generality. It's this way Right now we're living the church. We're being used by the Holy Spirit to restrain evil in the world. It's the spirit of God's power through us. Second Thessalonians too, doing that. But when he steps aside and he deposits us in the hands of Jesus, that is called the rapture. Second Thessalonians, first Thessalonians, chapter 4, you know this. And John 14, you already know this that the day of Christ has happened. The day of Christ triggers the day of the Lord. Well, we don't know. Is it five minutes after the day of the Lord begins that the Antichrist is seen on CNN or Fox or Worldwide News broadcast. We don't know. I personally believe that the intrigue of the end times. If it's a fact that he rises out of the ancient Roman Empire, the remnant of it, the 10 toes, then he may be somebody that we don't know. But we start to see a European-based leadership that starts to take dominance As a church. We could see that. Could we see the implementation of the cashless system? We could see that. We could see even implantable or data chips or stuff. We could see that. It doesn't mean the tribulation has begun. It doesn't mean the Antichrist doesn't mean anything. It means we're just deeper into the last days. But this we know, that the church must be gone because the seven years is God dealing with Israel and remember an unbelieving world. Number two he will preserve the remnant Israel and he will also promise and guarantee to deliver the believers who die in faith during the tribulation period to come into heaven, to enter his presence. Be faithful unto death was a word and it's still viable today for the last 2,000 years Be faithful unto death and I'll give you the crown of life. Jesus said That's true for all believers of all age, of all the ages. And, having said that, listen The Antichrist, when he apparently, according to the book of Daniel and Matthew, 24, beginning in around verse 15, when the Antichrist signs the treaty, it appears that the seven-year treaty Daniel 9, 24 to 27, is also maybe under, like page nine, as they go through the treaty I mean I'm being silly, but I'm not. It might be. Hey, right here in page nine, sign the treaty everybody. And oh, by the way, right here in page nine, sign right here, because this is the building permit for the temple in Jerusalem. How do we know that? Well, we know this that Israel's going to want that temple. They're talking about it now, but we know this at the midpoint, 1,260 days from the signing of the treaty 1,260 days, the Bible says 42 months, other translations reference it or three and a half years. At that point, the Antichrist stands in the temple and declares himself to be God. That triggers the last three and a half years of the tribulation period, which is an extremely horrific time. So the church could be raptured today. The signing of the peace treaty could take place next week, next year, three years from now, 10 years from now We don't know. But we do know that the signing or the revelation of the Antichrist in signing the seven-year tribulation period is graphically referenced in Daniel, chapter 9 and Matthew 24. So that's very, very important. It's a great question, by the way. Final one is this. It says that hi, pastor Jack, i've got a question. I was hoping you could help me with this. If a person believes on or I guess you were saying in the atoning blood of Jesus Christ for their salvation yes, during the tribulation period, that means they're tribulation saints, not church-age saints, i assume then they'll become a tribulation saint. You assume correct. What happens, though, if they then take the mark of the beast? they won't. They will not Why? Because there's their profound contradiction there. The Bible says all those whose names were not written in the book of life received the mark of the beast. So your question is a contradiction. That can't happen. They will accept Christ during the tribulation period. They will most likely die for their faith in Jesus, death of some means. Some will be beheaded, some will starve to death, some will die of natural causes. Some will die because they might have cancer. Some will die because they get hit by a truck or somebody punches them out because they're witnessing during the tribulation period. It doesn't matter. The point is they will not receive the mark. No believer will receive the mark of the beast. It's impossible. Do they forfeit their salvation? No, they die for their salvation. They die for Christ. So in the church age it's once saved, always saved. But is that the case during the tribulation period? Can I just rephrase your question? Because the once-phrased always I mean once saved, always saved is like red meat to people in a debate. Let's make it really clear Once born again, forever born again. The question is are you born again? Let's not talk about once saved, always saved, because that is a subjective response. Well, i think he was saved. My friend was saved. I got a friend. He went to the crusade, he went to church, he raised his hand. I don't care any about that stuff. That stuff's junk. Listen, there's a lot of people who believe. There's a lot of people who attend every single church. You believe, but they're not saved. They believe like the demons do, like Satan does, but they're not saved. Their belief never took them to the place of faith in Christ. Very important. The question should be asked if you're born again, are you always born again? And the answer from Scripture is an overwhelming yes. But is this the case during the tribulation period? Multi-part and conditional salvation? No, no such thing. New rules, requirements for salvation? Question mark they have. No, not at all. It's always as it was with Adam and Eve, all the way through to the last person, to the last person, making the decision for Christ during the millennial age. It's faith in Christ, no works. Who are the guests at the wedding if it's not us? And I thought I answered that The Old Testament Saints. I did the Old Testament Saints, tribulation Saints. So those are great questions. Listen, we've been into this 22 minutes. I hate the shortness of these things, but I hope these are helping you. And again, i'm a big fan of JohnWolveridcom. Johnwolveridcom, i'm a big fan of his book. The publisher changed his title. It used to be called 1000 Prophecies of the Bible. They changed it to the prophecy. I think it's called the Prophecy Knowledge Handbook, i think by Dr John Wolverid. It's only about this thick, don't let that fool you. It's a reference book of every book in chapter of the Bible. What prophetic content is there? It's overwhelming. Every Christian should have that book. And again, i don't know where to get it, but get it cheap somewhere. The Prophecy Knowledge Handbook by Dr John Wolverid. It's a Christian classic. If you're pre-post, or all millennial, or if you're pre-post or all tribulationists, you'll appreciate it greatly. Listen, you guys, hit the subscribe button. That's how you can encourage us. Please encourage us. If no one's going to be watching these, i have other things to do, but if you care about this, this is the greatest thing that you can do to grow this podcast. Grow it. I can't do it. I can only do it with the content. I'm asking you that, if you're with us on the same wavelength, promote it, like it and share it and hit the subscribe button. It's all free And that's part of you and I living out what we believe in, because it's time for you and I to promote real life. Nobody wants a woke church. Nobody wants recreational Christianity. I despise spectator Christianity. I think you do too. It's time to live out what we believe in. It's time for real life and that's why we're here. Hey, until next time. God bless you guys.