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God is moving

We just love pastor Jack Hibbs.



See REAL truth

Let truth reign...

Living Truth

God infused truth. Incredible so thankful for no compromises.

Most on fire, true gospel preacher we have found.

It’s definitely one of the best we’ve found. Whenever you need encouragement or clarification. You can trust Pastor Jack Hibbs.


Excellent message!

Review podcast

Great 👍👍👍

#1 Ministry Podcast

Jack Hibbs is an amazing servant and he uses the things of this world for the glory of God!


Excellent information. Delivered in a logical manner.

Great message

A true blessing on God’s Grace


Jack is an outstanding teacher of God's Word.

Jack Hibbs


This was great

Well articulated and factual. Those with hardened hearts will never understand.

Jack Hibbs podcast


Best podcast ever!

Wonderful show! What a blessing!! Great messages and very insightful!! I'm going to watch every single one!

Jack Hibbs podcast

Amazing. Awesome.


Life changing

Gods word



Life changing!

Great church

Was awesome

Calvary Chapel Rocks. We love you God

Pastor Jack podcast is so awesome and his podcast is the TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. God is moving in our church. The truth shall set us all free. We need more podcast like Pastor Jack. The interview with Christians is what we need, yes the world needs more of GOD and less of us. Amen

Awesome Christian message, interview!!!

Awesome Christian message, interview!!!

God's grace abounds

Thankful to meet my sister before eternity.

Awesome podcast

Nothing but truth! The world needs to hear this!




Best word to the world for today!

All for Christ

Awesome. All pray for Hibbs

Awesome 😎

Love it… God’s Word is Awesome 😎

The Truth

The excellent Word of God.