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Love it

It is the best!


Preach the gospel! 💕

Love this!

Much needed hope.


Jack Hibbs is a very smart man who knows what he’s talking about. Everyone needs to give this a listen.


I love this podcast!!


Loved it

Jack Hibbs


Love it

It is the best!


Preach the gospel! 💕


Love it!


Love it



Truth Preacher

The Word is taught with no sugar coating!


Jack Hibbs is a pastors pastor. He is teaching and preaching the whole council of God which is what every pastor should do ,every preacher should do. The church is suffering greatly because we do not have men like this behind the pulpit. And if I lived in California he would be my go to church and pastor ,but as of now he is my online pastor.

Sharing the truth that will save you!

Pastor Jack loves Jesus and God’s word. I am always encouraged by his teaching and his guests. I think the most important thing is that you will hear about Jesus and what it means to have a relationship with Him. Your will learn what it means to follow our Lord.


God Bless Pastor Hibbs. This country needs more pastors like him in every city. Excellent teacher, to God be the Glory! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

Speaks truth

Jack Hibbs is a gifted teacher of the Word. He is dedicated to speaking the truth of God’s word and revealing why the Bible is the Way, the Truth and the Life. So glad he is now on this platform to share to people of all backgrounds.

If you want real Truth, it’s what you are looking for .

Pastor Jack is one of the best teachers of Gods Word, I’ve listen to him for over 10 yrs now on other platforms. His way of teaching Gods Word is one of the best I’ve heard, he gives it to you straight. Without him, who knows how I’d be living these days, I’ve grown so much in my Faith walk in Jesus Christ, because of my understanding of the Bible now. To truly get the right understanding of it, first you must be Born Again, so the Holy Spirit can teach YOU. Beware, there are many false teachers out there, especially in these last days. Pastor Jack is NOT one of them. He encourages, helps, and loves you whole heartedly as Jesus does and leads you down the straight and narrow path.

End time prophecy

I thank God for men like Pastor Hibbs who preach the gospel in season and out. We are definitely living in the last days, and Pastor Hibbs makes the book of Revelation and other prophesies easy to understand.

Teaching the Bible as it is intended

Jack Hibbs does a great job teaching scripture biblically and avoiding teaching what people want to hear but straight talks in teaching what God's word says.

Truth is sooo powerful...

Jack Hibbs has become one of my all time favorites because he sticks with the truth of the Bible and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is! I listened to this interview twice because I learned so much about how to share the gospel with Muslims and God (the Lord Jesus Christ) loves all people and is “not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.” (2 Peter 3:9b)

Pastor Jack

Pastor Jack teaches you truth straight from the scriptures. He teaches verse by verse which is the only and best way to teach. All of Gods counsel. His teaching cuts you in your soul and forces you to think, and pray, and change what God doesn’t like about how you are living as a child of His. Some may not like the truth because they might have to change their stubborn ways, but if you don’t change then you are just being disobedient to God. As you sit under Pastor Jacks teachings for a while, then you look back and see how you have grown in the Lord, you realize just how good a teacher he truly is. He is not a tickle your ears kind of preacher. No fluff about Jack. I’m thankful for him and pray he remains true to his calling.

It’s Real❣️

Real life with Pastor Jack is just that! He by Gods grace and gifting makes the Bible real and relevant to today! The Word Is relevant to today. So many times I am brought to tears as Pastor Jack reads the Bible as he reveals the meaning. I’m learning so much! You must hear Pastor Jack teachings! One of the best!

Truth on Display

We all display or magnify something for the world to see. Jack Hibbs’ Podcasts never fail to display God’s truth! I love his enthusiasm for our Lord. He desires that all should be saved with the knowledge of Jesus as our Savior and only Way into heaven. Thank you, Jack, for your commitment to God’s Truth and being a spokesperson thru the Apple Podcasts!


Pastor Hibbs is such a talented and gifted teacher!!

Most Relevant For Today

The messages are on a level that draws you to know the Lord with Lasting understanding. Pastor Hibbs knows what and by what means people need to know the word of God and to desire to obey what he has commanded us to do.


Pastor Hibbs is the most fearless and accurate teacher of Scripture in today’s troubled world.

Wonderful Teaching

My family loves Jack Hibbs teaching (even though he steps on our toes quite a bit😁).

A true man of God

I live in GA but consider Pastor Jack my pastor. So thankful to God that he came across my YouTube feed two years ago and I clicked on it and listened. I have learned so much from him and encourage everyone to listen and watch him. He speaks truth from the Bible without compromise!