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May 19, 2022

The Reality Of Hell

Heaven – you’ve heard about it. You might have even read about it. But do you believe that it’s real? Join Pastor Jack as he looks at what the Bible says about the Christian’s eternal home, the proof for its existence, and how to live, in light of Heaven.

Heaven – you’ve heard about it. You might have even read about it. But do you believe that it’s real? Join Pastor Jack as he looks at what the Bible says about the Christian’s eternal home, the proof for its existence, and how to live, in light of Heaven.

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Real life presents the Jack Hibbs podcast with intention and boldness to proclaim truth, equip the saints and impact our culture. 

So I wanna dispel something that a lot of people think is true. Yeah, man, you know what? I don't need Jesus. I'm gonna party with my friends. We're being held and we'll read like magazines and we'll drink from time to time and tell dirty jokes. That's what we'll do. No, you won't. No, you won't. Cause the Bible says it's a place that you're fully, absolutely alone. 

You can get the outlines of this podcast by going to Jack Today. If this podcast lifts you up and encourages you to live a more fulfilled life in Christ, then make sure you leave us one of those five star ratings to us. That's like saying amen or yes, then that rating will encourage others to listen. Now open your hearts to what God's word has to say to you here is Jack hips. 

The law, the Lord is perfect. The testimony of the Lord is sure the statutes of the Lord are right. The commandment of the Lord is pure. The fear of the Lord is clean. The judgements of the Lord are true and righteous. This is what the Bible says about itself. Ask yourself anyone who inclines themselves, puts themselves to study God's word. If there's not a radical moral effect that changes it. I'm not talking about becoming a theologian. We're not interested in more theologians. We want disciples. Don't pontificate about what it means. If you're not gonna do it, if you're gonna study it, God expects us to live it, live it right. That's right. So watch this. How does these truths affect me again? Psalm 19, watch the law. The Lord is perfect. Converting the soul. That's how your soul's converted. It's the law of the Lord. It is perfect. And what does it do? It convicts me that I'm a sinner and I need to be changed today. If you cannot agree with that first statement of verse seven, you've got serious eternal problem friend. You are telling God that he isn't. He talking about that first statement in verse seven is the Lord saying, you need me very badly. I will live on forever. I'm God you need my salvation. 

And that's your first challenge. Second challenge is listen to this. The Testament of the Lord is sure. Making wise the simple making, why is the dumb making? Why the person who doesn't know this is an amazing thing. Wisdom is spectacular. You can be a genius. You could have graduated from MIT or Stanford. You could be, you could be a Harvard whatsoever. You know, you're smart. You know what that means means you're smart. <laugh> you can make the dumbest decisions in life. I know some people like this. I hope they're not watching right now. <laugh> just dawned on me as soon as it came out. Whoops, but you can have all these degrees and you can have all of the theories and stuff and get up and walk right through a, a glass window. Oh, I didn't see the, you should open your eyes when you walk <laugh> yeah. Listen. Wisdom is the application of knowledge. That's right. That's what wisdom is. Wisdom is knowing how to use knowledge. Listen, God says in James, I will give every one of my children wisdom if they ask me for it. So ask is that amazing? You can be brilliant on paper and not be very wise. 

You'd much rather have wisdom. Thirdly, the statutes of the Lord are right. Rejoicing. The hearts does not. The world need a rejoicing heart in these days. Happy new year. COVID round two. 


There's something worse than sickness, friends, and that's losing your heart and your mind to depression. Wow. You know what? We need some rejoicing of the heart. The commandment of the Lord is pure enlightening. The eyes isn't that, that even sounds good. It sounds like you're gonna a doctor go down Newport beach. I like to have my eyes enlightened. <laugh> right. What would you like? My eyes enlightened? <laugh> Can't do it with a blade though. There's no tucking tucking roll for that one. It's a matter of, of the continents of your soul to have your eyes enlightened is to realize, Hey, wait a minute. Uh, I belong to God. This whole universe belongs to him. I don't know what's happening. I don't need to know. I trust him. See, well kind and people, when you do that, your, your neighbors and friends will go, what are you nuts? <laugh> what do you want? Do I want you to be miserable? Like me? 


I want you to get down and GROL in your terror. I want you to be said no, no. You know what? I just read. The Bible went to church today and the commendment to Lord is pure in lightening the eyes. Wow. God's amazing. I'm gonna go with him. Verse Knight is the fear of the Lord is clean, enduring forever. I'm gonna be on his side. The judgment of the Lord are true and righteous. There's one thing we know for sure. Nothing else is true and righteous, but God that's right. Number two. As we come to this today, heaven, will you be going? There is the fact that there's in hell is the absence of heaven. What makes hell hell a lot of things. But one of them is the absence of heaven. Jesus told us and spoke to us about heaven and hell and Matthew 25 verse 41. By the way, Matthew 25 41, you may find it interesting to know that Jesus spoke about hell more than any other person in the Bible. And given what he did at the cross to keep people from going there makes sense to me. 

He doesn't want you to go there. So don't go there. He says, then he will also say to those on his left hand, this is the day of judgment depart from me. You cursed into the everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels. Did you know that that hell was made for Satan and his minions? Not for humans. This presupposes, by the way, that hell was created before Adam and Eve were created, we don't know when it was created, but we know it was after the fall of Lucifer. But before the arrival of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, God made hell for Satan and his fallen angels to be confined there in eternity. You say, well then why would humans go there? That's a great question. Why, why go there? 

The Bible's very simple in this because quite frankly, we are disciples of the flesh, the world and the devil that says in first John, without Christ in our lives, we will do what the world tells us to do. We will do what we wanna do and we will do what we desire. We'll follow people. The enemy of our souls will influence us or will make our own decisions. And unless Christ is involved in your life, that's the path that you're on right now. And the hearing of my voice. That's the path that you're on. You're you're waiting right now for church to be over. So you can go out and do your, that thing that God is maybe saying to you. Yeah. I don't think you should do that. You shouldn't be doing that. You see man, that that's so unloving. Oh my friend, if you think that's unloving, you don't even know what love is. That's right. If you tell your kid don't play on the freeway, you're gonna get hurt. Oh man. Don't don't don't fence me in <laugh> Really? You seen those parents where the kid, the kid's about this big and uh, the kid goes, the, the kid goes, I want that. And the parent goes, no, you can't have it. Ah, 

Okay. Okay. You can have it. You seen that open grandchildren, man. Those kids have got those parents trained really well. We do that in life. I want this. I want that. Listen, unless Jesus rescues you from you. You are gonna pull yourself down into a pit that you ought not to have gone to. It's all on you. It's not on him. Hell is where there's no love. We don't even, we can't even fathom that the ugliest meanness wickedest person in the world right now is still benefiting from the love of God in this world. Think of it. Hell is where there's no love. And I'm talking real. I'm talking. God's love. Here's no love. 

There's no light. I say, wait a minute, what? No, there's no light. Did you know that? How are you with the dark? I'm not talking about a dark room years ago. Maybe you've been, you can go to the Oregon caves in Oregon. You go in there and they take you deep inside the cave. And they take you into the, uh, the grand auditorium. I think they call it's all natural. It's huge. And then the national park ranger gets you all in there. And then he turns off the lights. And at first everybody goes, oh, oh wow. It is dark. And then this, this is what happens. It's really dark. Yeah, it's dark. And then you hear mommy hold my hand. No, really? And then you hear honey, hold my hand. 


And the Ranger's talking about light and particles and the longer you're in there, the quieter it gets. And he said, you know, when we discovered these caves, we found corpses in this cave, in these caves because people from whatever time would run into the cave or seek shelter, get lost, they could never find their way out. Cuz it was too dark. I know it's a darkness that can be felt. The park ranger will tell you on that tour that if you are lost inside here, you'll probably go insane. Within a matter of days, did you know that heart, uh, hyper heartbeat, respiratory, you begin to panic and hyperventilate. And it's as though you're in this big spacious room and it's as though you're being suffocated because the darkness starts to crush you in its own in your mind. And the Bible says that hell is dark and no light. There's no love. There's no light. There's no life. I didn't say there. Weren't living people there. I said, there's no life. The Bible is very clear that those who are in hell are very, very much living, but they have no life. So I wanna dispel something that a lot of people think is true. Yeah, man, you know what? I don't need Jesus. I'm gonna party with my friends. We're being held and we'll read like magazines and we'll drink from time to time and tell dirty jokes. That's what we'll do. No, you won't. No, you won't. Cause the Bible says it's a place that you're fully, absolutely alone. 

None of your friends will be there. Well, and they may be there you'll have no knowledge of them being there. The Bible says you are forever falling. You know that feeling some people like it. I don't think so. When you add on the rest of the attributes of hell, the Bible says you're on fire said, wait a minute. If you're on fire, there's gotta be some light. No, there's no light, but you're on fire. You're burning. And the Bible says that you're also in the lake of fire yet. No light, but always on the brink of drowning. 

The Bible says, Jesus said, it's where there's weeping and gnashing of teeth. Look, I don't know about you, but I think I'd listen. You know, to what Jesus says about it. You know how stupid your opinion would be right now about what you think hell is like that God would come and die in the cross. So you wouldn't have to go there. Jesus says, it's a place where there's weeping a nation of teeth. You know what nation of teeth means? It means that you move your teeth back and forth until they break. You know, some people in our culture today, there's you wear bite splints created by your dentist to keep you from breaking your teeth. Did you know that you crack your teeth from stress? You're not gonna have a bite splint in hell. Jesus said, it's a place where the worm, he's talking about the worm of the grave, constantly NAS on you. Can you imagine just trying to get something away and you're falling and it's pitch black and you feel like you're burning and there's nobody there to comfort you. This is why Jesus came. You're not gonna hear this. Listen. This is not how you grow a church. Giving messages like this. This is called neg negative church growth tactics. <laugh> 

Um, but he doesn't want you there. He wants you with him in heaven. And so I, I, I'm gonna give you this and I'm not joking. I know it sounds funny, but I, I, I did this ending because it's, you can relate to it, the entrance into heaven. What about it very quickly? 

Uh, there's limited seating available. You said, come on, quit, joking around. Some woman heard second service. She called the church. She's all been outta shape. Cuz she thought I said, heaven is limited. Like what? You put it in your pocket. You put it on the shelf. That's heaven. That's not what I said. I said, this there's limited seating available. I didn't make it up. Jesus said in Matthew chapter seven, verse 13, enter in by the narrow gate because wide is the gate and broads the way that leads to destruction. And there are many who go in by it because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life. And there are few who find it. This is the word. These are words of Jesus. Jesus is saying there's only one way to come by the way I am that way. He said, I am the way the truth in life. Nobody comes to the father. But through me, what about other religions you're lost? What about other religious groups and gurus and enlightened ones lost? What about other well religious books and holy books lies. There's only one covering the story from the beginning to the end forever. 


Limited seating. The Bible says many are called. Few are chosen. That means in God's in God's foreknowledge. He knows those. When the imitation goes out to accept, he knows those who will accept. And he knows those who will reject based on his fore knowledge. He knows by predestination that when the opportunity goes to you and you say, I can't accept Jesus. I'm really I'm dating this hot guy right now. I mean he might dump me. What's his name? Bill. Bill is Lord What's what's her name? I always say Susie. And so people write me and say, you always say Susie 


I don't know why, but I can't accept Jesus. Susie's really amazing. Lord Susie. She pulls the strings. He's the puppeteer. Susie and bill will not be there To hold your hand at that moment. 

Secondly, reservations are required. Sadie's limit savings. Limited reservations are required. Okay. This is gonna create a riot. I'm gonna just be just to tell like it is many of you have come from a church background where you haven't listened to a word I've said today, cuz you don't have to because you get to play and do whatever you want to do. And then run back quickly and get confession. And if that doesn't work in time, if you get killed on your way to confession, a priest can run over there and give you your LA last rights. And if that doesn't work and you wind up in purgatory, don't worry about it. You can get out. You know who invented that stuff, man? That's not in the Bible anywhere. Is it in the Bible? Here's the deal. The Bible says it's appointed to every human, every human being wants to die and then comes their judgment. There's no second chance after death. Shit. What I pastor you kidding me? I thought I could sleep with bubbles and go out and do this with Rocky and then wind up going to heaven eventually. I mean I've waited out at the price. I'm gonna do it. 


You better watch it. There's no second chance after you're dead. You go as straight into eternity one way or the other up or down smoking or non-smoking 


But you have to have a reservation. Is your name written in the lambs book of life? And then finally we end right here. You need to act now why supply last? 


This sounds like a commercial. Well, I'm not selling you anything, But this is true. You know why it's true act. Now while supplies last supply is time. You better act now while you have the time, Cuz you ain't not gonna have the time, 

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