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April 7, 2022

The Return of Christ Is Our Hope

As the world around us continues to embrace evil, the need for hope radically increases. God’s Word holds the solution to this need: Jesus Christ’s return! This is the great hope we have and promise we can hold on to in these dark days.

As the world around us continues to embrace evil, the need for hope radically increases. God’s Word holds the solution to this need: Jesus Christ’s return! This is the great hope we have and promise we can hold on to in these dark days.

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Real life presents the Jack Hibbs podcast with intention and boldness to proclaim truth, equip the saints and impact our culture when 

It comes to the rapture and the second coming, there's a great difference. And a lot of people today are that there's no difference. Know the difference, know the difference. 

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I love books and I have some really old books. And so when I'm reading these great San said, Y I have books that are 2, 3, 4, 500 year old authors. When you read guys who, for example, great scholars, 500 years ago, when they look at Jesus' words about the temple, or when they look at Daniel chapter nine, you should hear what they have to say. It makes no sense. You wanna know why they were are so far back that they didn't see clearly up ahead, time is linear people on a line. Think of it. Time begins and time ends. And you know, what's cool about this. We know that that's true. Even in physics time, a time is a physical aspect of physics. You can tamper with time. It's weird. Time begin ends, and time ends on a linear scale. And somewhere along the line, somebody lived and somebody wrote a book. 

And for their day, at their time, they had a understanding from their perspective. Now, those of us who live in the 21st century are way further down on that timeline with Bible open, for example, Daniel chapter 9 24 to 27 market down is the lock and key of understanding all Bible prophecy, Daniel chapter nine versus 24 to 27. If you don't read Daniel 9 24 to 27, you'll never understand the book of revolution. Ain't no way listen. It's for that. That's from those few verses of that book that it announces to us that Israel will come back into their own land. Israel will someday in the last days, have a temple again, that the Messiah will come, but he's going to be killed, but not because he did anything wrong. It tells us that another one will come after they, and they will accept an imposter. 

It's Daniel 9 24 to 27. That tells us in the middle of the seven year tribulation period. He breaks the treaty he makes with Israel. That's all Testament doctrine people. We understand that now because Israel is a nation. Again, the wheels are turning and we're further down on that linear scale now toward the end. And it's an amazing time to be alive. Church family, Daniel chapter 12, verse four is this 12 four. Listen to this says, but you owe Daniel. Shut up the words and seal the book until the time of the end. Watch this scholars, cuz here comes a qualifying statement. Many shall run to and fro. And now that shall be increased translation. Daniel, what I just showed you just lock it up. Just lock it up. You're not gonna get people are not gonna understand it. People won't be able to figure it out until we get closer to the end. Oh, by the way, Daniel, here's one of the clues by the way, for people who wind up reading this in the end and English, it says men will travel to Andro. The Hebrew word is men will travel quickly and broadly, fast and far. 

Wow. And knowledge shall be increased. Exponential knowledge here then here then here. And it's really cool because the more time goes by the greater, the doubling up of knowledge gets where'd. You get that idea from Bible remarkable, greater understanding. As we get further down the road, who would've, for example, who would've ever thought that it'd be a good idea to zero out all the global economies and currencies and make it just one numerical system and make it cashless human. Trafficking's a problem. What are we gonna do about that? How do we drug and how do all the, what do we do? Remove, remove currencies and you'll end it all. It's brilliant. The Bible tells us that's how a false Messiah is gonna come on this scene and deceive the world. 

Now we hear talk. In fact, I was talking to my, uh, Israeli friends just this last week. And Israel is considering now nobody they're considering it. Maybe now, no one coming to Israel without having an Israeli vaccination because they trust theirs and they don't trust ours. I get it. Listen. What if the whole world says, yeah, that's right. You can't come to Canada without a vaccine. And then Australia says, yeah, you can't come down under either. Well, what if the whole world says you can't come up? Okay. Well ladies and gentlemen, that's not the mark of the beast. That's preparing people for it. That's right. Do you understand? Cuz there could be five other things that come down the road before that time ever comes. I'm getting down a road that we shouldn't go down right now. We have clear understanding number five darkness. I'm talking about the decay and decadence and evil. That is rampant in our world today. So yeah, it's always been bad. Listen, not only has it not been this bad, I equate the times that we're living in. It sounds like they're almost similar to or equal with as it was in the days of Noah 

Aberrant, sexuality violence, the Bible says there was violence continually. Remember Jesus said, it's gonna get worse. As we approach those times increasing darkness. I'm sorry to pain you on this beautiful morning, but we won't be here long on this. I am dumbfounded ified of this. World's unwillingness To address evil. You, you picked the topic and those that are supposed to be gatekeepers of truth. Turn to blind eye. If it's dialing 9 1 1 to the Supreme court to apparent turn a blind eye, shocking Increasing darkness where there's this absolute unified determination to suppress good. The things that listen, the things that we're fighting, just this church. We're just a little, nothing. We're not even a blip on the radar. You think about it. The things that we have to fight to keep our messages online these days. Now The enemy is the social media Zas. Why? Because when you don't have a real message of your own, you're terrified by truth. John Adam said truth or facts are stubborn things. And when you can't cope with facts, you have to make things up and listen, please. I hope all of you learned this last week and a half. Well, I'm gonna fact check that. 

Now we know who owns the fact checking apps. Hello now? Oh, Franklin Graham praise a prayer. And the fact checkers said, we fact checked his prayer. It's not correct. That's not what God meant when he said that. Can you believe this? Listen, You don't know what's true unless it's in the Bible. And I, if you can get a good book by a dead guy, then read it. Because if it's book by a living guy, I'm a little bit nervous, cuz he's still alive. He could change his mind. The Bible's not changing. Isaiah five verse 20 says what? Sorrow waits. Those who say that evil is good and good as evil. 

That dark as light and light is dark. That bitter is sweet and sweet is bitter. What sorrow awaits. Those who are wise in their own eyes and thank themselves. So clever approaching is the greater hope church, family tightest two 13 verse. I often quote, cause it's one of my life versus it's undeniable. It says looking for the blessed hope. The word looking here is in the active present. It means that we are as believers. We are to be doing our jobs, living our lives, being who we are doing, what God has called us to do. And the whole time we're doing it, we are looking for the blessed hope. Amen. What does that mean? We're looking for the blessed hope and the glorious appearing of our great God and savior Jesus Christ is the Bible. Wow. Anytime now, any moment now, any moment anytime, cuz remember he can come for us at any time. 

So we're gonna run through some things. Hang on in the doctrine of eschatology within the study of theology, people who are lazy, I believe in my opinion, lazy. And pre-formulated by others can approach the Bible with a bias and you can come out saying that this is how I view it rather than letting the Bible speak to you. Just let it talk to you. You must understand church that God calls the bride of Christ. The church in the Bible, a mystery. He never says that Israel is a mystery. Did you know that he calls Israel, his people, his nation, are you with me? The Bible draws a clear distinction between the church, which is predominantly Gentile and Israel. There is no national judgment or anything like that regarding the church. There's only, only individual judgment for the church or uh, scrutiny of Christ. But there is national judgment for the nation of Israel. 

This is important to know because when it comes to the rapture in the second coming, there's a great difference. And a lot of people today are saying that there's no difference. And frankly that comes from lazy theology. So we can't fix the world in five minutes, but we're gonna try. Are you ready? Get ready? Know the difference? Know the difference. Number one, let's look at this on the screen. The greater hope is this. So a will equal church B will equal Israel. Number one, number one a at the rapture, Jesus appears in the atmosphere to receive a, his church only in the second coming Jesus returns to Israel with his church. These are lifted right from passages of scripture. Number two at the rapture, all church age believers go up to meet Christ at the second coming all church age believers come down with Christ. 

Number three at the rapture, Christians are taken to the father's house. Jesus said at the second coming Christians return from the father's house revelation 19 number four at the rapture. There is no judgment on earth at the second coming Christ comes to judge all the nations of the earth. Number five at the rapture, only the church sees and hears Christ to at the second coming unbelievers will see and hear Christ returning. Number six at the rapture, the timing is imminent and sudden at the second coming, the timing is chronological and sequential seven at the rapture, there are no prerequisite events or signs required at the second. Coming. Multiple prerequisites and signs are required. Eight at the rapture. The church is the focal points at the second coming. Israel is the focal points. Nine at the rapture. There is great joy and comfort at the second coming is great. 

Weeping and sorrow 10 at the rapture. All believers are suddenly changed at the second coming. No believers are suddenly changed 11 at the rapture. There is no mention of Satan being bound at the second coming. Satan is bound for a thousand years and all God's people said 13, 12 0 12 at the rapture God's promised to deliver the church from, uh, his wrath is fulfilled at the second coming God's promised wrath is fulfilled 13. The church is taken up to heaven and the rapture and, and judge that the Bema seat. That's the Olympic seat. Uh, gold, silver bronze in heaven. That's the word Bema. That's where it comes from from the Olympics of his, of uh, first century at the second coming, all nations are judged at Jerusalem. The Bible says it has to happen in Jerusalem. According to the book of Joel and Zechariah. Now, number 14 at the rap, the seven year tribulation period begins at the second coming. 

The seven year tribulation period ends 15 at the rapture. There is no marriage feast of the lamb in heaven at the second coming there is marriage, uh, feast of the lamb on earth that is debated by some scholars. I commend you to Dr. John Wil on that. It's an amazing study. What's the point point is that there's a difference. This is the first time. Listen, are you sitting down? This is huge. What I'm about to say since 1948, this is the first time the church and Israel has coexisted for the first time in history. That's how close we are because God is just about ready to put his eyes back on Israel. That's a remarkable thing. And listen, we do end with this approaching is the one matter or the one, the, the most important matter of our time today, this is what matters. And it is this that as God looks upon time, the scriptures tell us that whenever we hear the gospel, we are now responsible for it. 

No matter what I've said prior to this moment, this now becomes the most important thing. And the most important thing said the Bible is that Jesus Christ, according to the old Testament, scriptures came born of a Virgin, died on the cross for our sins and rose again from the dead and left an empty tomb in Jerusalem. Having been resurrected from the dead by his sacrifice, by his offering, his pass over our sins are forgiven and the Bible says, Jesus Christ said himself. I am the way the truth in the life. And no man can come for the father. But through man, he's the only way. This is the most important thing that you cannot save yourself. You cannot be good enough. The moment you find out how amazing God is, you realize how wretched you are. Amen. That's why God gave us the 10 commandments because they're are perfect and holy and pure. And then when we wake up to the value of them, we realize we broke the first one. Well, how many do you need to break before you look poor? Moses Moses comes down the mountain. 

Moses is carrying the 10 commandments down the mountain and poor Joshua standing there waiting. Can you imagine, looks in the sun dial been forever. Moses comes down and Joshua says, listen, the people are rejoicing. Moses says, they're not rejoicing. They're having an Ory. And Moses throws down the 10 commandments and then tells them you people broke. These, think about it. They did. And they were breaking it before God probably put his finger in the stone. And it's true for all of us. We wake up to the realization that we're sick. We find out we have cancer. We find out that we've got leukemia. We find out that we've got a problem after we have it. Gods' it says all of us are S I N positive. And he says, but I took care of that. If you come to me, I will remove your sin from you. As far as the east is from the west. The most important thing of these last days in church, I'm gonna leave this with you Is for us to give people the gospel. Listen, people are mortified. People are terrified right now. You hear what's going on in Texas. The governor opened up the state of Texas. So watch this 

And bunch of other governors followed, followed his Lee. Here's the deal. Did you see? Uh, the governor's gonna be sued. And so is the state of Texas by Texans. I'm gonna get mail for this. I shouldn't have called them Texans. They're probably a bunch of Californian who moved to Texas. We're sorry. Sorry, But they're SU they're. They're gonna Sue the governor or they're threatening to Sue the governor because, uh, they don't wanna stop wearing masks. Look, first of all, it's a free country. You wanna wear a mask? Wear a mask. No, no, listen. It's okay. Listen, here's the deal. I'm going somewhere with this mask. No mask. I don't care what this here's the thing. Even when it's okay to not wear a mask, people wanna wear a mask. Why? But why do they wanna wear a mask? Because they're, they're fearful. They're scared. I don't wanna get it. 


Listen, This, this is your assignment this week. Every one of us. When you go out into the world, look, if, if you should wear a mask, wear a mask. Amen. I'm dead serious. But here's the thing. When you see someone, remember you're supposed to answer their questions with respect And kindness. You can go up to somebody and say, I see you're wearing a mask. Are you okay? How are you? I'm fine. I'm I'm fine. No, I'm fine. I'm fine. Listen, I know that a lot of people are scared. A lot of people are fearful and fear has clearly crippled families and our culture. Listen, friend, I wanna pray for you, but I want you to know something. I I'm a Christian. I'll just confess that straight up. I'm a Christian. And I was at church last Sunday and the pastor said something about A person wears a mask so that they don't get sick. That they believe that the mask is gonna suck the virus. And so here's the thing. Jesus Christ. He came to stop the virus of sin in our lives. Jesus hung on the cross to die for our sins and then being resurrected to impart his righteousness to us, 

That friend, I understand the fear part of it, but the greater fear is where are you gonna go? If you die, where are you going? Listen, you shouldn't be so afraid of being sick here. Your great fear should be sick. And eternity. Jesus said, I am the physician. I have come to heal. Those that are sick. 

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