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April 14, 2022

Who Is The Master Of Manipulation And Deception?

The Bible warns us that the Antichrist will trick many into trusting in him for peace and safety. He will be the most winsome politician the world has ever seen. Join us in searching the Scriptures to find out who he is and how he will ultimately be defeated.

The Bible warns us that the Antichrist will trick many into trusting in him for peace and safety. He will be the most winsome politician the world has ever seen. Join us in searching the Scriptures to find out who he is and how he will ultimately be defeated.

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Real life 

Real life presents the Jack Hibbs podcast with intention and boldness to proclaim truth, equip the saints and impact our culture. 

The antichrist is gonna be somebody bigger than a us president. And the Bible says that he is gonna run rise to power very quickly. 

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Enter the scene of his political career. The antichrist will be the most win. So politician, the world has ever seen winsome convincing the world will SWO over this guy. And you've seen images where there's this. Finese where there's this thing. Listen, we're humans without Christ in our lives. We're suckers for trends and looks. And we are by our own moment. We're titillated by the, by the coolness of something for the, for the moment and this guy's gonna come on the scene and he's gonna have what, maybe the power, uh, the power to speak, uh, the power to speak. Maybe like a Hitler, Hitler had power to speak. I'm not talking about his, his antics. I'm talking about his power or the Bible tells us in the bugga Daniel, that the antichrist will come on the scene. And from heaven's perspective, God says he will speak pumps. Words that will deceive, right? Arrogant words. He will begin to believe in his own demonic propaganda to the point where he becomes a legend in his own mind. He's in love with himself. He's amazing. And then can you imagine this sidekick PR guy that travels with him that guy's able to do miraculous powers? The Bible says in affirmation of this, anti-Christ figure he's coming. See that never happen. It's gonna happen. 

The Bible says it's gonna happen. It's never happened before. It's gonna happen soon. What's soon. Don't know, frankly, don't care. I'm not looking for the end Christ. I'm looking for Jesus Christ. Big difference, way, big difference. 

He's gonna come onto the world. Seeing the Bible says, offering a peace plan. Can you believe that I'm not making this up? I'm not reading this from CNN. It says he's gonna make a covenant with Israel for one week, one week. That's not one week. It's not seven days. The word in English, they put it one week. It's one sevens. It's seven years. One cluster of seven years. That's called in Hebrew. That's one week, seven years. We know that the Bible says in three and a half years of the seven, he breaks the treaty. This treaty that he breaks the deal with the Jews he's gonna come. And the Bible says that he's gonna rise to power very quickly. Could this be part of the treaty that brings in peace? Joel, chapter three, verse one, Joel, three, one for be in those days. And at that time, when I bring back the captives of Judah and Jerusalem, that's already happened. 

Yeah, it's called Israel. I will also gather verse. Two's not happened yet. Wow. Look at that. See the karma behind Jerusalem. You and I are living after that. But before the number two, that's where you live short time. Do you see that for behold in those days? And at that time, when I bring back the captors of Jude and Jerusalem, that's happened state of Israel, there's you verse two. I will also gather all nations and bring them down to the valley of Josa fat kid run valley. And I will enter into judgment with them there on accounts of my people, my heritage, Israel, watch whom they have scattered among the nations. They have also so divided up my land. Israel just gives some land and we'll promise you peace. How long has that story been going on? They have cast lots for my they've gambled with my people. God says this. This is the word of God people come on. Tell this is amazing. Yes, isn't it amazing. So the anti crisis is gonna come on. The scene is gonna have a, treaty's gonna SW the world. He's gonna completely SW the UN. That's not hard. It's not hard to do that. SW show up and they get all impressed. He's gonna DUP the EU. That's equal easy. 

And he is gonna absolutely outmaneuver the United States. And he's gonna have the plan. And the world's gonna say you are awesome. 


Lord, hell. And can you imagine the Bible tells us in the book of revelation when this guy moves around that there's satanic powers that have been given to the false profit where all of these demonic things start to take place, false, everything, false teaching, false healings, false miracles, people. If you're not grounded in the Bible, you're gonna get sucked away. 


And Daniel chapter eight, verse 25, the Bible tells us that this is how he does it through his policies. He will cause deception to prosper in his hand, policies, politics, and through his politics, he will cause deception to prosper in his hand. And he shall magnify himself in his hearts. Aren't I amazing. He will destroy many through peace. 

Yes. Wow. Lord help. 

He's gonna bring in an economic global economy. He will cause all revelation 13, both small and great rich and poor free enslaved to receive a mark on their right hand or on their forehead. Get in line, get a shot. No, I'm not. Listen. I'm not saying the vaccine's the mark. I'm not saying that. What I'm saying is people will get in line. If they think they're gonna be safe or okay. Well, when this time comes, they're gonna jump in line. Yeah. They're gonna take cuts. I want the mark. I want the mark. When you're behind me, I was here first. They're gonna want to be in association with him. They're gonna wear his badges and wear his number on the right end and forehead. They're not gonna be laying down the ground. No, don't do it. Don't do it. Want it. They're gonna want it. 

That's not you. You won't. First of all, you won't be there. The church, the Christ is coming for the church. But listen, if you're not paying attention, you'll be there. See man, I should have paid attention to class that day. If you're not paying attention, you'll be there. It's possible. Only Jesus can rescue you from this. Amen. And the Bible tells us verse 17 that no one will be able to buy or sell except the one who has the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name. Listen to what the Bible says. Here's wisdom. Let him who understand calculate the number of the beast for it is the number of a man that's six. 

So what's going on. God says is number 6, 6, 6. We don't get that so much, but a Jew will go. What a Jew will say, 6, 6, 6 together three six is together. The number of men combined together in the Trinity. That's a man declaring himself to be God, he's gonna be completely committed to canceling culture. You say, come on Daniel seven verse 23, the fourth B shall be a fourth kingdom on earth. That's the last kingdom, which shall be last earthly kingdom, which shall be different from all the other kingdoms and shall devour the whole earth trampled and break into pieces. The 10 horns are 10 Kings who shall arise from this kingdom. And another shall arise after them. He shall be different from the first ones and shall subdue three. He shall speak pompous words against the most high shall persecute the saints of the most high that's the tribulation saints he's gonna kill. 

'em all and shall intend to change times in seasons. Then the saints shall be given to the hand for a time, a times and a half a time, three and a half years. This guy, the antichrist is gonna be given power to destroy the tribulation believers. The Jews will flee to Petra the believing Jews. And this one is going to be the one who in speaking, all of these words, declares himself to be God and notice that he attempts to change times and seasons. It's awesome. The word means he seeks to cancel traditional thought or traditions wash them away. I submit to you. We're almost done. I submit to you this. We are living in today. When, what was tradition is now taboo. Yeah. True. Think about it. 

It does. And listen, it's so demo. Listen up. If you're not a believer, figure this out, check this out. Think this through. This is not a California thing. It's not an American thing. It's not a European thing. It is globally happening right now where whatever cultures there are in the world, if those younger generations have access to the internet, they're throwing off their traditions. They're throwing off their times in traditions and culture for anything that's new. And this man will come along and he is gonna say, Hey, Hey, Hey, I'd like to cancel this right on. I'd like to cancel that. We're with you on that. Think of it. Demo driven, man, very quickly. One of the ways that he is gonna perpetrate, this is very easy. Think about, think about the freedoms we've lost because of COVID restrictions. Yeah. 


It. Okay. And think of, by the way, by far, most of the things that we have given away from our own, uh, freedoms, they asked us to give them away. Did you know that there's no law that has yet been passed? That takes your freedoms away. But we, we caved. Did you know that? Do this? It's the law. It's actually not the law. Yes. But from the guine we gave up. Yes. Okay. Whatever. What else do you want me to do? Sit down. Yes. Okay. You know why we did it? 

Fear, fear. 

So this is just, this is a little, a little, nothing. Look at this. The us is facing a dollar collapse by the end of 2021 and an are 50% chance of double dip recession, economist, Steven RO says, this guy's no slacker. You don't have to be him to figure that out. You cannot give trillions of dollars. Listen, you can't give trillions of dollars unless you realize if we give it, there's gonna be a day of reckoning. No, no, let's not talk about that. Let's just give it, watch serious. So you know what happens? This, you bring a five year old in here right now. This is exactly what happened. But the stimulus thing bring a five year old here right now. And we're gonna pump this guy with 500 CCS of chocolate Just, And you're taking him home. You know, see where I'm going. What's gonna happen. What's after your house is destroyed. Cause he is on a sugar rush. What happens to the kid? Crash? The kid crashes and sleeps for 12 hours. That's exactly what the economy's gonna do right now. The stock market's setting records through the roof. It's a sugar rush. 

Oh yeah. 

If you can get it, get it. Now don't spend it. You better bank it. Yep. Don't know how long that's gonna last, but bank it because the sugar rush is gonna end. The specialists. Tell us by late summer 20, 21 next slide. What are we gonna do time for a great reset of the financial system says the financial times. Next slide. Introducing the great reset world leaders, radical plan to transform the economy. Well, you say what's wrong with the economy? Well, we're Americans. We're spoiled Rutten, but listen, we've outspent our ability and pretty soon we'll join the rest of the world saying we need a radical plan. 


Next Caius society. Cash could disappear from the UK by 26. Yeah. Yikes. That was March 12th, 2021. That article next. Okay. Pope Francis calls for new world order after the pandemic. Of course he does. And you take a, take the time to get into that and read about it and find out what role he plays in it. 


How self-serving is that? You know what? This Pope's been fantastic though. I must admit he's been great. You wanna know why more Catholics have left the Catholic church because of that? Pop, The antichrist is gonna be the master of deception, as you can imagine. But the Bible says his days are shortlived. The Bible says that when Christ returns in the second coming at the end of the seven year tribulation period, that Jesus will destroy him with the breath. Listen, oh, it's not like, look, it's not like they get in a headlock. The Bible says, Jesus will destroy him with hello, wait for it. The breath of his mouth. I don't. You love that. Here's this antichrist who has re havoc on the world. Like no human ever in human history has left. Wake of billions of people dead. The Bible says, and Jesus just goes, It's amazing In this deception of his, His kingdom will begin to fail. He's gonna attempt to establish the ultimate manmade politic, but he's demo possessed. It's gonna be end of man's attempt to rule Man's will was lost in Eden government was declared at Babel and it ends in the closing chapters of the book of revelation. 

The Bible tells us that Christ Jesus returns at the second coming now, listen. Remember the rapture. He takes us up. He never comes. He appears in the atmosphere and he takes us from here. And you wanna read more about that? Read John 14. Jesus. I'm gonna go away now. See you. Bye you guys. I'm gonna go away. I'm gonna prepare a place for you. And if I go away, I'm gonna come again. Take you to myself. That where I've been there, you're gonna be also. So watch it second coming. Second coming. I want you to, it is your homework is revelation 19, right? Watch this in the second coming. The end of the antichrist and the end of evil on earth ends this way. The Bible says the church is in heaven. We're there with him. The bride of Christ is with him in heaven. And all of this is going on earth. And the Bible tells us that adore is open in heaven. Now all my life, I have always seen that in my imagination. I have a crazy imagination. I don't have to be with anybody. I'm with all kinds of people all the time. 

I don't need to. I don't, it's all here. I can. It's fun. Actually love it. I just gotta keep a close rain on it, But I've always saw it where I see some sort of heavenly scene and I see these massive, awesome doors. And they open up toward me and I see A white horse. Jesus is on a white horse in revelation 19, and he seated upon it and it says, and this might be the reason why my perspective is this way that his face is brighter than the sun. His beard is white as wool. And that his garment is brighter and glistening more than any Fuller's brush can clean. It says, oh, amen. Yeah. And I see this incredible St. This massive thing. That's where, that's where it's always ended for me. Oh, you come 

She's God. It's awesome. He's gummy. 

And then just, I don't know. The Lord touched my imagination and, and in my mind, I thought, man, if I had a GoPro, I oh, 


But then I realized, wait a minute, like all good GoPros. You put it on the, you put it on the back of the horse. Cause I don't wanna put it on him. That's not cool. I wanna put it on the back of the horse. I'm gonna see what's coming. I wanna see. And you in your mind now look, go to the back of the horse. And that's your perspective and what do we know about that? We know this, that he's on a wide horse. He's on it on his thighs, a written king of Kings 


And Lord of Lords, King of Kings and Lord of Lords 

On his thigh. Wow. 

And, And the Bible says in revelation 19, that the host of heaven is with him. How about that? Excuse me. Wait, what? Wait. No, no, wait. The host of heaven. He's listen. He's the Lord of host. I'm not talking about hosting or host this. The Lord of host is the Lord of God's armies. Wait, well, watch, watch. Wait. I'm glad. I'm happy for you, but wait, Wait. The Lord of host means that Jesus Christ is the ruler over the angelic armies of heaven, right? That's the Lord of host. It's heaven's host. It's not humans. It's angelic beans. And apparently these are the ones that he has summoned For his second coming event. So the door opens up, the horse is there. He's sitting on the horse. He has summoned the host of heaven. And with him is the bride of Christ that says, now you can cheer. Now you can cheer 

That day will come. Listen. I sure hope you're ready to meet him. You can trust Jesus Christ. He's Lord and savior died on the cross for your sins. Rose again from the dead. Everything that he's done with spoken about in scripture and everything that he's gonna do is spoken about in scripture. It never goes well for those who oppose him, don't be antichrist. That's really dumb seriously. And it, and it's bad and it ends bad for you. Why miss out, humble yourself, seek God, ask him to forgive you your sins and find out that he is the best ever, that bless you guys in Jesus name. Amen. 

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