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May 9, 2022

All Eyes On Israel

There is a great emphasis on Israel throughout scripture, especially in Bible prophecy. What is so important about this nation? Watch this week’s program to learn about God’s everlasting covenant with Israel and how it will hold center stage in the Last Days.

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Real life. 

Real life presents the Jack Hibbs podcast with intention and boldness to proclaim truth, equip the saints and impact our culture 

Because God has given you and I, his Bible. He expects us to know this book. There's no excuse for us to not know this. Not one of us. You said I don't like reading well, that's because of laziness. Let's be honest. The reason why you may not like reading, I can't read as fast as anybody else. He didn't ask you to take the Evelyn Woods speed reading course. 


Told you to read it. 

You can get the outlines of this podcast by going to Jack Today. If this podcast lifts you up and encourages you to live a more fulfilled life in Christ, then make sure you leave us one of those five star ratings to us. That's like saying amen, or yes, then that rating will encourage others to listen. Now, open your hearts to what God's word has to say to you here is Jack Hibbs, 

Friends, Bible prophecy matters. And Jesus said, I hold you accountable to know that day and you didn't know it. So now your peace is taken from you. So when God's word says what it says, we want to pay close attention to it. And God gives us these things that we might be people who are at peace and that we know what's coming. We don't have to worry and bite our nails like the rest of the world. Especially in times like these God wants to communicate to you as truth. And you need to make a decision of what you're gonna listen to. I hope you look at it this way. If any of you have been in war or combat one, the first things that you do is you get Intel intelligence on your enemy or for the mission. And you know what? The first thing is the first thing it is that you do, you figure out how do you take out their communications? 

Mm-hmm <affirmative> I don't care how big the army is. I don't care how big the nation is. You wanna, you wanna mess up, you take out communications by the way. We're really good at that. As a, as a nation, as a war machine is that we usually go in a few days in advance and we always take out their communication systems, do it by stealth nowadays, you don't even need stealth United States and Israel, both are pretty famous for just going, going in onto a computer and sending information that completely disconnects the communications of the enemy. When communications is not clear, people get confused. 

Okay? And that's what's listen. That's what happens in war and you and I right here are at war. It's not for any territory. It's not for any booty or any loot or any glory. It's for souls. That's what we're living for you and I, as believers, we're living for the souls of men and women and boys and girls. You see that's creepy, not creepy at all. Listen, we are Jesus' ambassadors. As the Bible, we're deployed all around the world as believers. And the fact of the matter is this. We're trying to share the gospel with people. We're trying to communicate the truth. And the enemy wants to mess that up constantly with false teaching, false prophets, false faith, and to confuse someone's ability to come to the knowledge of Christ. That Jesus is the way the truth and the life. The enemy hates that Jesus died on the cross for sins to set us free. The enemy hates that. 

That's why he floods you with allurements and lust and pride and desire. It's a, those are not cute things or things that you can hold in your breast for a moment and not be burned. They are demo driven by a world of darkness, invisible to our eyes that wanna seek your soul and pull you into the pit. Why is that important? That's how much Satan hates you and God, you're the prize. And thus Bible prophecy makes its claims to us and its awesome and comforting. Don't need to belabor it last time together. We argue this, that regarding what we know for sure is that the world now is being turned to all eyes on God. People are waking up around the world at this time to consider God people are tuning in. People are reading their Bibles. The biggest download of Christian data. As I've been telling you over and over again during the year 2020 has been the nation of Iran, Persia gospel, going all over the world. 

Billions of people, reading Bible online, what's up, something's happening. And God has delivered this opportunity at an age like this, where technology can be used. We're living in a miracle right now and I don't want you to miss the day of your visitation. This is an epic moment you wanna get on board. You wanna find out God, what do you wanna do next? God, please don't do it without me. Don't you wanna don't you wanna pray that prayer? God, whatever you're gonna do, I don't care. Just don't do it without me. Don't you want that? Wouldn't it be bummer of God who said, well, I would've loved to have used you, but you didn't recognize the day of your visitation. So I went down the street <laugh> oh my goodness. That broke my heart. And then we saw last time, this did not go over big <laugh> I could tell by the mail I got in the comments, the second thing is, what do we know for sure. 

All eyes off America. So how dare you say that? Oh, I'm just getting started. <laugh> listen. You can't, you can't insult the God of heaven in the United States and expect him to hang around. He's not a punching bag. You can't throw him outta college. You can't throw him outta court. You can't throw him outta school. You can't throw God outta the public square. You can't throw God outta the textbooks and then expect him to send rain or to make our economy work. It's not gonna happen. He's patient he's been patient for decades, but it is very evident. Time's up. 

Um, the United States of America listen, has been that stole work friend of Israel in more ways than one. And God blessed us as a nation when we stood for Israel. But I wanna make this very clear, the prerequisite to blessing. According to the Bible, God says, bless Israel. And I'll bless you. He said, wait a minute. You asked me to bless Israel. Yep. <laugh> I'm not saying everything Israel does is right. God, didn't ask us about that. I'm not saying I'm not saying just, you know, just because somebody's Jewish that you're supposed to love on them like that. I'm not saying that God makes it very clear that he says I will bless the nations that bless my people. Look, you're not, you're not sinless. Isn't it sweet to know that God would say, I want, I want you to be a blessing to my friend. Fill in your name. 

I want you to be a blessing to fill in your name. You'd say, oh, that's nice. I like that. Well the same God says be a blessing to my people. Israel I've chosen them, but God they're difficult people. I know. That's why I chose them. <laugh> did you know that? That's what he says. He says, I chose them. He said to them book a dude to army. He said, don't think I picked you because you're better than anybody else. He said, I picked you because you're stubborn. He said, I picked you because you are a stiff neck people. You know what that means. If he can save a Jew, he can save a you <laugh> right. It's true. I love the Jewish people. They're fantastic. If, if you ever get in the conversation with the Jewish friends, it's amazing because they'll argue with you for an hour. 

And then at the end, they'll say I believed everything you did. I just wanted to listen to you argue in your point, <laugh> they never stop. And God says, those are the ones that I'm gonna pick. They're my chosen people. They drive everybody else up the wall. They will be instruments of my grace and my mercy. And God picked them. And you can't say anything about it. Amen. I don't like it too bad. He didn't ask you by the way. There's a reason why the Jews are the most hated people on the planet because of God. He picked them. I think Satan hates them. 

Think about it. God has promised and never lasting covenant with the Jewish people. That's right. He has to keep it. He thinks little Satan can read the Bible. If he can break that, if he can mess that up, then he thwarts the plan of God happily. It ain't gonna happen. Amen. But listen, as, as a nation, as a nation, we need to get back to God. And uh, I don't know what's going on in our country. Don't be fooled. Nobody else knows either. <laugh> that is both terrifying and maybe great. But uh, one of the things is this showed on the screen, you guys, uh, in, in the us decline of Christianity continues at a rapid pace. That doesn't bother me. Don't let that bother you. If you read the entire article, by the way, it is huge article. It goes on to say that, uh, rapidly drastically membership from Baptist, Southern Baptist, Lutheran Methodist, Catholic, uh, assembly of God, God Presbyterian. They're all losing people. That's not a bad thing. 

That's not a bad thing because those entities have almost fully departed from the authoritative word of God. They departed from the Bible. Why? Why wouldn't God call us people out? God is saying to some churches or to the people in those churches, Hey, come out and be separate from them. Yes. Can you believe that? Yes he does. That. Jesus said in the book of revelation come out from among them. Yes. Don't hang out in a false church where Christ is not glorified. His word is not taught and that you're not trained in the things of God that you might go out into the world and make a difference. Church is not a club. It's not to meet any standards that the world sets down as what is acceptable and not acceptable. The church is a living, breathing entity deposited to us from heaven. It was created by the holy spirit. 

It was bought by the but of Christ. It doesn't beat some earthly, our governmental requirements. It is the church of the living God. And now you can see in our age how the church will be pitted against godless governments and godless leaders. We're rapidly moving toward that even at this time. But it's a very powerful truth. The third thing is, this is where we pick it up. The third thing is all eyes on Israel. Five times in our reading a moment ago, you read the word Israel. That is fascinating. Friends. Let me remind you reading the book of Ezekiel. You're looking at a 25, 2600 year old prophecy and you read it out loud. I heard you say it. You said it five times. The name Israel it's been in there since Ezekiel gave it <laugh> or I should say, God gave it to Ezekiel. Couldn't ask you to put your eyes to the screens in a moment to watch something, but I wanna set it up Israel. 

You wanna know why it's a big deal. Number one nation talked about in the Bible. Of course, it's the only nation in the Bible. Only nation in the Bible where God has established with them, an ever lasting covenant, Israel, Israel special. It is the only nation in the world where the scripture tells us that listen, listen, that they will be a nation. And then because of their rebellion against God, they will not be a nation. And they'll be thrust into exile because of their disobedience. Then the Bible tells us that just before Christ comes back, listen, just before Christ comes back. He will regather his nation from all the corners of the earth. Listen back into their own land. That's a funny thing. Because 2000 years later, these people walking around the world, they don't know that that's their own land. They've never been there before. 

So what God does, he sets up the country so that people can move. Are you with me? Nobody's moving right now to Mars because it's not been set up for you to move to, well, God sets up Israel first, so his people can move to it and they move to it coming or going home to a home they've never been. And they have, and they do, and they will. What's going on. And how could this have ever happened? That a nation who was then wasn't becomes again, what evidence do we have that God's word is true on this point, put your eyes to the screen. 

How do you respond to people who Excel you in invention, creativity and wealth? Do you envy them? Do you feel their success somehow diminishes you or do you admire what they've achieved and try to emulate it? These questions sum up what I call the Israel test in the 1880s, European Jews settled in mandate Palestine and brought an agricultural miracle in that desolate territory. Then sparsely populated by a few score thousand Jews and a couple hundred thousand Arabs. The Jewish settlers drained, malaria swamps Lee salt from the soils terrorists, the Barron Hills and planted millions of trees. They massively expanded the capacity of the land and enabled it to support a substantial Arab population in the two decades between 1921 and 1943 Jews quadrupled the number of enterprises multiplied the number of jobs by a factor of 10 and increased the level of capital investment. A hundred fold far from displacing Arabs. 

They provided the capital for a major expansion of Arab farms and enabled a sevenfold rise in Arab population by 1948 to a level of 1.3, 5 million, the largest and the long history of Palestine. In other words, the Arabs came to what would soon be the state of Israel because of the Jews by comparison trans Jordan now known as Jordan with the same geological endowment and four times the land, but no Jews was able to sustain a population density. Only one 10th of the population. Density of Palestine, crucial to Israel's accomplishments were world leading technological advances in the recovery of water, through desalinization, drip, irrigation and sewage recycling. Over the past 50 years, Israel has increased its population, tenfold, its agricultural production, 16 fold and its industrial production 50 fold while actually reducing net water consumption by 10% since 1948. That's amazing this huge expansion of effective water resources enabled the land to support not only more Jews, but also millions more Arabs today. 

The state of Israel with its astonishing achievements in computer science and other high tech fields distills both the genius of the Jews and the misdirected anger of the failed states that surround her. The great divide in the middle east is not between Arab and Jew, but between admiration of achievement, along with the desire to replicate it and envy accompanied by violent resentment. People who admire success, who pass the Israel test tend to be wealthy and peaceful. People who resent achievement, who fail the Israel test tend to become poor and violent. So again, how do you respond to people who Excel you, an invention, creativity and wealth. Do you envy them? Do you feel their success somehow diminishes you or do you admire what they've achieved and try to emulate it? The Israel test is the central divide in the world today. How you answer it as an individual and ultimately how we answer it as a nation is a test of our own will to triumph over enemies who hate us as they hate Israel for what is best within us. I'm George Gil, a non-Jew has passed the Israel test. 

<laugh> all of that presentation, secular scientific evidence of a nation, the size of New Jersey being incredibly resourceful. Now granted there's tremendous trouble coming to the nation of Israel during the tribulation period. The Bible talks about that too, but it's the only nation on earth that God has a covenant agreement with. And if you doubt that looked at the screen, now this is kind of a quirky looking graphic, but it's because the t-shirt had to be stretched out. And that picture taken of it. This is a t-shirt you can buy it says civilizations, nations and empires that have tried to destroy the Jewish people. Nation ancient Egypt status gone, Philistines nation status gone. You haven't bumped into a Philistine lately. <laugh> a Syrian empire gone Babylonian empire gone Persian empire gone. Greek empire gone. Roman empire gone, Byzantine empire, gone Crusader period gone. Spanish empire gone Nazi Germany gone, Soviet union, gone Iran, maybe tomorrow's news. Iran. You never go against Israel without going against the God of the Bible. You need to know that you go against Israel and you're gonna get yourself in trouble. How do we know? Genesis chapter 12 verse one says, now the Lord had said to Abraham, get out of your country. Imagine that he's just living his own life. Doesn't know nothing about nothing that God speaks to us. Leave your country, 

Leave your family, your father's house, and go to a land that I will show you. I will make you a great nation. I will bless you, make your name great. And you shall be a blessing. Here. It is. I will bless those who bless you. And I will curse him. Who curses you and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed. All the families of the earth shall be blessed. If we bless Abraham's descendants, the Bible says that his descendants or none other then the Hebrew people, This is a, this is a verse that the Bible lays out flat. Doesn't ask you for your opinion. It doesn't apologize for it just says it. He said, I don't believe it. That's okay, but do some study as to how do nations fare when they go against Israel, it doesn't go well, 

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