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May 23, 2022

All Eyes To War

The Bible warns about the impending evil that will take place in the Last Days. With the current state of the world, it’s no surprise to hear that lawlessness and wars will erupt. Now more than ever, we need to keep our Bibles open and eyes upon God.

The Bible warns about the impending evil that will take place in the Last Days. With the current state of the world, it’s no surprise to hear that lawlessness and wars will erupt. Now more than ever, we need to keep our Bibles open and eyes upon God.

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Real life presents the Jack Hibbs podcast with intention and boldness to proclaim truth, equip the saints and impact our culture. 

A nation goes as a home goes, but a home doesn't know what to do unless the church steps up. It begins in the church, by the way, that's true in the Bible. It's true in sociology studies and it's true in American history, the church has gotta catch fire that affects the family drunks, stop drinking, abusers, stop abusing and, and womanizers and Manis, uh, and Budweisers, stop, stop doing that. And they make their homework. And then, you know what happens then the community changes and then the county changes the state changes and the nation changes. That's the only hope for America. 

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Sounds like he Ezekiel 38. I see those people says go G OG Gog. They dwell in safety. They're prospering. Look how stuck up they are. The word was confident. They are what drives hatred envy when your heart's wicked you're envious. And when you're envious, your heart's wicked and people have killed over envy. The Bible says they crucified Jesus because they envied him remarkable truth and power. The Bible tells us in Joel chapter three, verse one behold, the days are coming. And at that time, when I bring back the caps of Judah and Jerusalem, I will also gather all nations and I will enter into judgment with them on the count of my people, my heritage, Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations. And they have also divided up my land. Are you kidding me? This is th this is 2,600 year old prophecy, and it looks like we're talking about a UN decision last week in the news divide, the land, divide the land right there in the Bible. 

Zacharia chapter 12, verse one, the word of the Lord concerning Israel, the Lord who stretches out the, the heavens and who lays the foundation of the earth and who forms the human spirit within man declares. This I'm gonna make Jerusalem a cup that sends all the surrounding nations. Reeling. Judah will be as well as Jerusalem. On that day, when all the nations of the earth are gathered against her, I will make Jerusalem in imovable rock for all the nations, all who try to move her move. Her will injure themselves. The word in Hebrew injure themselves. It's a very sad thing. Um, a lot of us can relate to this. The word means to go to something heavy in this case, it's a rock. Can you imagine? It means in Hebrew to pick up the rock and you're so committed to pick it up the rock that you pick up the rock, but you rip your guts. 

The word is to rip your insides. You tear yourself apart. Have you ever seen those Olympic weight lifting guys? Why <laugh> can you imagine the world? The world is gonna have this mindset. We gotta deal with Jerusalem. We gotta do. What's the fascination with Jerusalem. There's no oil. There there's no airport. There's no river. There's no, really no nothing. The great food, great food. <laugh> think of it makes no sense the world's gonna go like this. You're trying to move it, get it outta sight. Let's just get it, push it into the Mediterranean. And they pick it up and they, you can hear Springs flying and gears popping. And <laugh> rip yourself apart. If you try to move it, God says that's right. Don't mess with them. God's got a plan, a remarkable plan so much. So watch this so much. This, this part I get really excited up until now. 

I've been all right, right now, I lose it over this. The only thing worse for me is to be in Israel. When I teach this what I'm about to say, I just lose control. It's amazing. Here it comes on May 14th, 1948. Israel became a nation because president Truman, an American president went against all the deliberation and all the council of the nations of the world. And Truman said, no. We're gonna recognize Israel as a nation on May 14th, 1948. Israel had a birthday. Listen. Saturday morning on May 15th, Zionist proclaimed new state of Israel. Truman recognizes it and hopes for peace. Tel Aviva's bombed Egypt orders, an invasion, happy birthday attack. <laugh> wow. Think of it. Next slide. Tel Aviva's bombed us. Recognizes Jewish state read the print below Israel is proclaimed Arabs, March Truman, action stunts, closing session of UN battling Jerusalem, Egypt orders invasion sounds like you're reading Ezekiel, except thank God. 

By the time Ezekiel rolls around in his prophecy, Egypt will be a friend of Israel as it is today. By the way, Saudi Arabia, a friend, Jordan, a friend, Egypt, a friend, exactly. As the prophets for told not only are the right nations lined up to invade the right nations for the first time in history are lined up that support Israel in the region. This that's not a coincidence. Here's the punchline. This is 2000 seven hundred and forty seven hundred fifty years old. Isaiah chapter 66 before the birth pains even begin, Jerusalem gives birth to a son who has ever seen anything. As strange as this. Whoever heard of such a thing has a nation ever been born in a single day, has a country ever come forth in a mere moment, but by the time Jerusalem's birth pains begin, her children will be born. Would I ever bring this nation to the point of birth and then not deliver it? Ask the Lord. No, I would never keep this nation from being born says your God. 

Israel was first born by being called out of Egypt in the wilderness wanderings, and then eventually brought into the promised land by Joshua Israel's second birth prophesied in the prophet. Isaiah not only happened in 1948. It happened exactly. As Isaiah said, it would in a mere moment. In one day, the nation would be brought forth and an instant Jews from around the world would have a nation that verse alone should dispel any doubt about the veracity and the ability of the God of the Bible to keep his word. And when he says to you, trust me and I'll take you to heaven. Trust me. I'll forgive you, your sin. Look to me. I doubt on the cross for your grief and give you eternal life. Follow me. And I'll take you straight into heaven. I'll give you purpose in meaning I'm the God that made you. And it's time to come. The God that says that is the exact same God that keeps his word keeps his promises exact same God. He's the same one. The Bible tells us in Ezekiel 34 verse 13, and I will bring them out from the peoples or the nations and gather them from the countries. And I will bring them to their, what is it own land? I will feed them on the mountains of Israel and in the valleys and in all the inhabitant inhabited places of the country. This is Israel, God saysso. And then finally we end here. Number four. Argument is this, and it's a short one. It's all eyes to war, all eyes to word. 

Look, I struggle with this just as you do. And that is what's happening next biblically, we keep our Bibles open. I would stay tuned to Isaiah's 17 and Ezekiel 38. At the same time, I'd be reading both. Those could happen tomorrow Regarding the nation of Israel. It's been written. We know what happened to them. We know what's happening to them. And we know from the Bible, what's gonna happen to them. Mayor America's nowhere mentioned in the Bible. That brings me great pain and it brings me great hope. Number one, it pains me because our nation was very much used as a big brother to Israel's establishment. The second time, This is a Juda Christian nation in its roots. This nation has been blessed in every category, Over every nation on earth, in all of human history, including Israel itself, Freest people, freest, constitutional government, greatest technologies, greatest military Greatest achievements. Did you know that you're sitting in the most compassionate nation on the face of the earth? No nation, no nation citizens give more to disaster relief and suffering than the United States. Year after year after year, God used this nation. Once our federal budget of the United States government annually was to produce Bibles and ship them to nations in the world where there was no Bible. 

When soldiers went off to war in world, war I, world war II and the Korean war, they were given Bibles. I have one, Oh, how the mighty have fallen, Says the scripture. Where do we go from here? Watching what's happening is God waiting for his people to call out to him is God waiting. He's not waiting on any political party or some chest move by some political genius or some blunder to happen. And some he's not waiting for that. God is saying if my people, if my people, if my people, if my people, if my people will call out to me, if my people will repent, he's calling out to us. Why is everything in limbo? The way that it is he's calling out to us. What is so undetermined? What's so confusing. There's nothing but confusion In light of this last year, passed all the dynamic. How do you explain the most bizarre year ever and yet all around the world, record numbers of people coming to Christ. What's up and what's up for America. Well, I'm not in Einstein, but I can tell you this based on God's word. There there's, there's no hope for America, unless no hope for America. Unless in this order, number one, 

The church stops playing games, stops goofing off and starts teaching the Bible and living the life from the pulpit to the pew. Number two, number two, it affects the home. A nation goes as a home goes, but a home doesn't know what to do unless the church steps up. It begins in the church. By the way, that's true in the Bible. It's true in so sociology studies and it's true in American history, the church has gotta catch fire that affects the family drunks, stop drinking, abusers, stop abusing and, and womanizers. And Mannis <laugh>, uh, and Budweisers, stop, stop doing that. And they make their homework. And then, you know what happens then the community changes and then the county changes. The state changes and the nation changes. That's the only hope for America. Amen. God is not gonna sprinkle pixie dust over America without being true to his pattern. The, the church is the ground and pillar of all truths as the Bible. Why do you think churches are going through the struggles of their life? Right now? It's an attack on one side and it's a trial on the other. That's the only hope for America. If that doesn't happen, it's over. And God's showing us a little bit of hints. What it's like when it's over, when he is left the building, 

This is a very critical time And it's gonna lead to war. Every guy in this room knows that when there's somebody weak on the playground, the bully takes advantage of the weak kid. Every single time You wanna stop bullying, teach every kid how to defend themself because bully is in the heart. You can legislate it all you want. It's never gonna change a thing. You gotta change the heart until hearts are changed. Your kid's gotta be able to protect themself Because the bully will find the weak kid, cuz bullies are cowards. And there's a lot of coward nations out there right now. They're lunatic. They've got nuclear weapons and a match and they don't know what to do, but they feel like they should do something. Nobody cares about them. So they want, they wanna make you care about them. Others have religious aspirations. 

This is gonna be, listen. I'm not a prophet. The, the fact Jesus said this way in Matthew 24 6, and you will hear of wars in rumors of wars. See that you're not troubled by this for all these things must come to pass. The end is not yet, but the end of the world is not yet. That same chapter, by the way, read it later. Chapter 24, Jesus said, oh, and yes, there's gonna be pandemics. Pandemics. There is called testaments global sicknesses. Jesus said, oh and yeah. And there's going to be lawlessness. He said, in fact, when he, when the disciples came to Jesus and said, tell us, when will these things be? What will be the sign of your coming? Three part question and the end of the world. And listen, Jesus did not say this. He did not say this first. He did not say there's gonna be wars and rumors of wars. He didn't say that first. Jesus did not say first, there's gonna be earthquakes. Big ones all over the world. He didn't say that first. He did not say volcanoes. Keep your eye on volcanoes. He didn't say that first. He said that a couple verses later, volcanoes, earthquakes, pandemics. He said this too, but not first. 

Men will hate one another so much. Their love will grow cold for humanity. And because of that, lawlessness will rule lawlessness will prevail. Nobody fears. The law people do what's right in their own eyes. Yeah. He didn't say that first. You know, when he said first, when they asked them, when are you coming back? And what about the end of the world? Jesus said the most important thing first. He said, let nobody deceive you amen. Many false Christ and many false prophets are gonna come and seek to deceive. You listen to this. I love it. He says, and if it were possible deceive, even the very elect, he said, if it, if one little word, he didn't say the elect are gonna be deceived. He said the opposite. If it were possible, that means it's impossible. He ever freshman logic course, first grade, first grade logic course, I'm not a first grade, but <laugh> maybe third grade. If it's I, if it's not possible, then it's impossible. Amen. How could Jesus say that? Oh, it's easy. Because when this word is in you, this thing keeps you from being deceived by that invisible dark world. This is right here. This is what does it. 

And God is so gracious with you and your journey because when you start out or if you have old seasoned Saint, they've been with Jesus for a long time, his grace sustains you through. But to whom much is given much is required. As you grow older in Jesus, much less feelings, much more faith, cuz you're growing up. But when you're a new believer, it's all feelings and a little bit of faith. But faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God, Romans 10 17 says, so watch this. You love being around new believers. They're awesome. You know, somebody who get saved and it's like, oh my, oh, I just love the Lord. That's great. That's awesome. Praise the Lord. Yes. Praise the Lord. <laugh> and they're so fun because they go, you know what? I'm gonna pray. I'm gonna pray cuz I don't have a job, you know? Yeah. You pray, Lord. I need a job. I'd like to have a good one. 

Uh, thank you, Jesus. Amen. And then you go, that's nice. And then they call you the next day. Hey, I got a phone call. Some company called me up. They asked me what my name was. <laugh> Hey, who is this on the other, other than the phone. It's bill, bill. We're gonna give you a job. We're gonna pay you double. Okay. PR he hangs up praise the Lord. Have you noticed a new believer? Wherever they go. It's just like, they just, they, they pray. It's not, God just goes, boom. There you go. Hang out with new believers. <laugh> and they, I just sense the Lord in an old season, Saint goes well sense. I don't sense anything. What are you sensing? What do you, God is working in the journey in different levels with his grace. But if there's more of the word and he gives you time to know the word. So in the day of your visitation, you'll know it. You recognize the times and the seasons to build faith, to be strong because God keeps his word. And so the new believers covered and the old season saints covered because God's faithful 

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