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June 9, 2022

Are You Sure God Knows You

You can know about Jesus Christ, yet not be saved. You can have knowledge of His existence without having a personal relationship with Him. But salvation requires that you know Jesus personally. It’s more than what you know, it’s WHO you know.

You can know about Jesus Christ, yet not be saved. You can have knowledge of His existence without having a personal relationship with Him. But salvation requires that you know Jesus personally. It’s more than what you know, it’s WHO you know.

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Real life presents the Jack Hibbs podcast with intention and boldness to proclaim truth, equip the saints and impact our culture. 

Are you happy? Are you excited? Are you joyful? Do you have godly anticipation? If you don't have those things, it's because you're not doing what he created you to do hands down. Because when you're doing, when you find out what it is he wants you to do and you do it, the world can fall out from underneath you and you will be happy. You will be joyful and you will be full. I can't imagine going through life. Without that assurance, 

You can get the outlines of this podcast by going to Jack Today. If this podcast lifts you up and encourages you to live a more fulfilled life in Christ, then make sure you leave us one of those five star ratings to us. That's like saying amen, or yes, then that rating will encourage others to listen. Now, open your hearts to what God's word has to say to you. Here is Jack hips. 

God's glory is revealed to you when he knows you. That's why Bible study only takes you halfway because once you study a verse of the Bible, then God says, okay, now go do it. The Bible tells us, and I love this. The Bible tells us in Luke chapter 10, verse 18, and Jesus said to them, this is the disciples. Now they're growing. It went from 12 to 70 of them. I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. That's a great thing. I said, what are you saying that for Jesus behold, I give you authority to trample on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt you. Um, this would've been a great theme verse for 2020, nevertheless, do not rejoice on this, that the spirits or the demons are subject to you, but rather rejoice because your names are written in heaven. Can you imagine, can you imagine Jesus says, now go and preach the gospel. Okay, here we go. And you preach the gospel and communities are getting saved. Miracles are happening and demons are running away from you. Amen. And you go back to Jesus and you say it works. It works. Your gospel works. Wow. That was amazing. 

We not only know you, but while we were away from you preaching and ministering, we discovered that you know us and Jesus says that's very, very cool, but listen, remember this best thing of all rejoice, not in that, but in the fact that your names are written down in heaven, your names is your name written down in heaven. Yes. Number three, make sure you're being faithful. We don't need to belabor this. Just challenge you on this. Be faithful. He's coming for you. So make sure that you're being faithful. The word faithful means being reliable to what God has called you to do. It means that he can trust you with what he's given you to do is this is beautifully liberating, friend. You, you, you, you not the person next to you. You specifically, you think about it as, as you unique as a snowflake is, you know, I believe people when they say that I've never looked at a snowflake. I'm told every one of them's different. Okay. I have it looked so I'll, I'll go with the science on that. If that's science and the hallmark card says you're as it unique as a snowflake. Okay. I, I know that's true. You are unique. Here's the thing God is saying to you, whoever you are, who you know me, and I know you be faithful to why I give you life. 

See when we're unfaithful. And I don't mean this in any other way, except I'm gonna, this is life. This is my life. I wanna, I wanna do this. I wanna do that. I wanna, I wanna do my things. It's not necessarily something. In fact, let me put it to you this way. It's not necessarily something evil that they're saying. They don't know anything. They're they're, non-Christian they don't know. And they're trying, look, let's be honest. They're doing the best they can to make their life mean something. Right? Why do people have, uh, sexual exploits or, uh, drug, uh, induced events or, uh, power grabbing. And why do they do that? Because they're trying to find meaning don't be so mean to them because you used to be just like them. Have we forgotten that he's rescued us from this. We need to be gentle and kind and loving, and we need to reach out to them, pray first and then reach out to them. And the truth is they're trying to get what you have or they're trying to get what Jesus gives for free. They don't know that. So they're trying to figure out how do I fill this void of my life? 

They're not necessarily the spawn of Satan. They just may not know Jesus. And we can so focus down, oh, look at what you're doing. Look what you're doing. Look, I've told you before church. When a, when somebody I don't know, walks up and says, hi, I'm a Christian. I I'm in my mind. I go, Hey, nice to meet you in my mind. I'm going, oh boy. <laugh> what do we got here? Because you don't know. I don't know. They have named a name. They put themselves in a category. Are they in pursuit of Christ? Are they in submission to his word? If somebody comes up and says, Hey, I'm a full blown atheist. Well, I can relax. <laugh> are you with me? Yes. I don't expect anything from them. That's right. If they say, Hey, you know what? I'm a full blown atheist that I was thinking about going over there and, and doing this and doing that. And of course you were. That's what, that's what I used to do before. I, I was a follower, right? You're gonna be faithful to something or to someone. Jesus is be faithful to me. Be faithful to me. God has given each of you something to do in this life. For his glory. 

You are to find out what it is. And when you find it, run with it, God made you for a purpose. Listen, don't, don't respond out loud. Are you happy? Are you excited? Are you joyful? Do you have godly anticipation? If you don't have those things, it's because you're not doing what he created you to do hands down. Because when you're doing, when you find out what it is he wants you to do and you do it, the world can fall out from underneath you and you will be happy. You will be joyful and you will be full. 

I can't imagine going through life without that assurance. So find out what that is. And Matthew 6 33, the Bible says seek first, the kingdom of God and his righteousness. So the kingdom of God, this is fun. It's two things. Number one, seek first, the kingdom. That's his politics. That's what it means. Seek first. The politics of Jesus. What is that? He's King's right. King Jesus. Amen. John Adams always called Jesus king. Jesus. I like that. King Jesus. That's right. He's king. What do listen? What, when, when Kings say things, you do them, right? Yes. Isn't it great that the Bible reveals to us that Jesus is king. It doesn't reveal him in any, it doesn't reveal in us president or Senator Congress or prime minister king. I like that. See, I like that. Cuz I like his politics. His politics is love. His politics is joy, peace, kindness, generalist. Self-control the fruit of the spirit. That's just politics. And this is how we confirm that our faith is correct and that we are knowing him and that we're on the right path is that we're ready for him. 

This is so important yet. So easily missed. If we're on the right path and we believe what his word says and that he's coming back for us. And we don't know when it could be at any time. How do I maintain this to be ready for him? Second Corinthians 13 fives is examine yourselves to see or to determine whether you are in the faith test yourselves. Do you not know yourselves? That Jesus Christ is in you? Isn't that awesome. Uh, the word, listen, the word examine means this to, uh, put yourself through the test. <laugh> watch it's to put yourself through the test. The word means to challenge your authenticity. Um, if you've ever been and if you've never been, I encourage you to go. It's absolutely amazing. Go to bohi California. Have you ever heard of bohi? Yes. How many of you have been to bohi raise your hands. 

Oh wow. Well those of you haven't you gotta go. Bohi California, uh, Northern California, just east of the 3 95. It's it's way up there. It's like 8,300 feet high. So dress warm. Wow. In that location, by the way, everything's still standing. Everything's still standing. There's even letters. And there's even at the assay's office. This is my point at the assay's office. When you took your gold, you took it to the assayer office and you put in, they, the guides. It's all still there. You can read it. There's been there since like 18 49, 18 53. Whether the guy brought in by the way. True. Um, I forget his first name, but Mr. Levi and Mr. Straus. 

Yep. That's where they, that's where they lived. Wow. They moved from San Francisco to bohi. Why? Because people at bohi working at bohi, they be, they were the richest people on earth. At that time bohi was producing more millionaires per week than any other place ever in human history from mining gold. It was so prolific that they didn't have wheelbarrows. So some guy invented a wheelbarrow that would work a lot better than what the carts that they were using. Do you know what the guy's name was? Studabaker STDA baker. <laugh> pants were wearing out cuz they were maid of cotton. And so two guys, two Jewish guys moved from San Francisco, gave up their careers and they went to go mine for gold. And that this has nothing to do with the Bible study. They were mining for gold and they wore their pants out so fast that they went back to San Francisco and invented denim. And they're called Levi Straus Levi's today. Zippers wouldn't work. Right? So they did button up, Levi Straus. Then they kept breaking tools. They were fighting so much gold. They were wearing out tools, pants and wheelbarrows. So some guy listen, some guy talked to his friend about, we need to, we need to figure out how to build a new shovel, a different of shovel. And when, if we only had a thing like this, it would help a lot. What do you think, Mr. Robuck? Well, I think we should do this. Mr. Sears. <laugh> 

Bohi California. Why did I bring that up? Someone help me. I have no idea. 


When you found gold, you took it to the assay's office and they poured acid on it. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. And the acid washed everything away that wasn't gold and the goal just became brilliant. And they said, congratulations, that's one nugget you have there. That's tremendous. The Bible says, examine yourselves, pour the acid, look, pour the acid on my life. See what's real. No one can do that. Except you. The believer in Christ, Jesus will do this to themselves. They will look at themselves and they will say, when he comes, is he coming for me? I wanna make sure. Cause I'm gonna pour the acid of his word on my life to see what needs to be washed away. And I'm willing to see what's true and let it stand. Amen. That takes faith friend. Amen in him. Amen. Because you're willing to get that report card from him. 

You'll be ready. We don't have to, we don't have to worry much at all about anything regarding his coming. If you examine yourself and then we end right here, make sure that you're found by him and I'll just end with this. I wish I had the tie, but to be found by him, I did a little bit of study on sheep and goats. You know, goats will not follow easily. Or if at all, the Shepherd's voice, you know, goats are independent. They do their own thing. Did you know that goats will eat anything that's in front of them? If they want to, you know, they're very, uh, non select non noncritical about what they consume. 

Let me read this to you. One of the many differences between sheep and goats is how they eat. Sheep are grazers. They ramble slowly among particular plants close to the ground. Goats on the other hand are browsers <laugh> browsers, internet, internet browsers. They, they look for almost anything. When leaves twigs, vines and scrubs are not on the menu. They will consume just about anything that is convenient. Contrary, sheer, slow methodical eaters. While goats can be agile in the pursuit of food and indiscriminate with their diet. Jesus said you're either sheer or goat, cheaper a goat, listen, sheep, sheep have to be fed by the shepherd or they have to be eating under the Shepherd's approval of a field or a hillside scientifically factual sheep prove scientifically that God is the creator because evolution could never be true because we know that sheep cannot exist without a human being. Did you know that sheep cannot live without humans they'll die. 

And just that argument alone, debunks evolution, because you couldn't have had sheep before humans, you can only have sheep because of a shepherd. Amen. A goat. On the other hand, they'll eat your purse. <laugh> they'll eat your wallet. But when you're found by him, it means this. It means that he knows you by name that he knows you by name my friend. And the tragic thing would be that at the end. Can you imagine you, you D you die. Listen. In fact, I wrote this down. It sounds kind of terrifying, right? Watch this. This is what I wrote. As I look across the sanctuary, I see that every single one of you will be meeting Jesus Christ in person in just a few years. Think of it. 

You say, oh no, I like the way that sounds doesn't matter. Because even if you live to be a hundred, it's only a few years compared to eternity. So it's true. As I look across this sanctuary, every single one of you will be meeting Jesus Christ personally. Amen. Amen. And so you want to make sure when he, when he sees you, will he see you with his, with your name tag on <laugh> Hey, I know you, can you imagine being in line? What? And you're going up to the you're going up to the gates there and there's Peter. He's got a little clipboard. I don't know where we got that from. It's not in the Bible. <laugh> but can you imagine you what's your name? I had a, had a name tag in life. I don't know where my name take is. I had it when I was living. We'll see what happens when we get up there, but you look around and there's other people's name takes. Can you imagine Mike, come on in, welcome. Enter into the joy of the Lord, Jack. Come on in. What's your name? Um, Fred. Well, how do I know? It's Fred. 

There's no, Fred here. Where's your name? Tag? I don't have one. I had one in life, but I noticed as soon as I died, I didn't have one. I'm sorry. I can't come in. Jesus gives you that name tag. The Bible says in the book of revelation, he will give you a new name. I'm really glad about that. I'm done with Jack. I'm tired of it. 


Let's listen. Let's pray right now, but listen. How do you, are you going, listen, you he's coming for you. You will enter eternity in the next few years. What are you gonna do about 


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