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May 30, 2022

Assurance Of Heaven

Is it possible to know with complete certainty you are going to heaven? According to the Bible – YES! On this week’s program, Pastor Jack examines what scripture has to say about our assurance and how to be confident in Christ and His promises.

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Real life presents the Jack Hibbs podcast with intention and boldness to proclaim truth, equip the saints and impact our culture. 

Here's a big test. You ever wanna try this? Do it at home. Don't do it here. If you don't think you belong to God, if you'd think God doesn't want you try denouncing him. Take your Bible. When you go home today, go get a trash can and try to burn it. Just burn it. Just throw your Bible across the street. Just say I never pick it up again. I did that once 

You can get the outlines of this podcast, by going to Jack Today, if this podcast lifts you up and encourages you to live a more fulfilled life in Christ, then make sure you leave us one of those five star ratings to us. That's like saying amen, or yes, then that rating will encourage others to listen. Now, open your hearts to what God's word has to say to you here is Jack hips. 

Yes, because you believe in Jesus Christ. You're gonna be going to heaven because listen, he's begun work in you. Oh, for those of you listen that maybe think that you've gone too far. Maybe God has given up on you. And you're thinking thoughts of condemnation. You need to remember again, Romans chapter eight, verse one, that there's now therefore no condemnation to those who are in Christ. Jesus. You remember that? You're gonna go to heaven friend because listen, did God not create a work in you? Didn't he begin a work in you. Can you look back and maybe you're listening right now and you just think it's all over for you. And just outta curiosity, you've stepped in here today or you've tuned in today and you think it's all over for me. I wanna ask you this question. Did God ever begin to work in your life? 

I do believe that if this question is answered, there will not be enough churches in America to house the prodigal sons and daughters that can make their way back home today. You think the church is big in America. You think this church is big. This is a, this is ridiculous. I be, I believe there are more condemned brothers and sisters who are walking around with a Scarlet letter as they were on their forehead, thinking that they could never go back to church. Cuz Satan has lied to them. They're not happy in the world. Listen, is this you? You're not happy in the world cuz you know better. But you feel as though Jesus doesn't want you back and you're in no man's land. 

That is Satan's language. Can you ask yourself if God has done a work in you in second Timothy chapter two verse 19, the Bible tells us nevertheless, the solid foundation of God stands having this seal. This is awesome. The Lord knows those who are his amen. The word in Greek is ginosko. It's a great word. I love this word because the word listen, the Lord experiences. Those who are his. That's what the word ginosko means. It means it means you see this. Watch, watch, listen, Bible, turn the pages, see what I'm doing. I'm GCO this Bible. I'm familiar with it. I feel it. I am in direct connection with it. God's word says, I know those that are mine. I'm in direct connection with them. I feel them. I can touch them. I know them. I cannot be any more intimate with them than what I am with my own. I love do you believe in Lord Jesus Christ. That's your reality. Amen. You need to spiritually stop. Tip toing around and be confident in Christ. Amen. Here's a big test. You ever wanna try this? Do it at home. Don't do it here. If you don't think you belong to God, if you'd think God doesn't want you try denouncing him. Take your Bible. When you go home today, go get a trash can and try to burn it. Just burn it. Just throw your Bible across the street. Just say I never pick it up again. 

I did that once. You're looking at a guy that struggled for three years with such condemnation because I couldn't get over my past. I remember being so angry because I couldn't fathom the love of God for me. How could he, what was funny is that I could see God's love for all of you and the friends around me at that time. But I couldn't see it for me. And it's powerful because that's a da it's powerful cuz it's dangerous because Jesus is a personal savior. He's not a group savior. Amen. You need to hear this. If I were to ask you, do you believe in Jesus? Yes I do. And I asked you the diagnostic questions. Do you believe he died for you in the cross? Yes. But do you believe, but then you believe you're going to heaven, right? I don't know. I'm just such, I don't know. I keep remembering about my past and it's just, I dunno, listen, you understand something, he died for you personally. That's why it had to be God that did it. No man could have done it for us personally. Do you understand that? 


So Hey, I found a really great guy. He's down the street. As far as I can tell, he could almost walk on water. Maybe he'll die from me. <laugh> Hey. Even if you found such a person it's not gonna work, God had to die for us. 


And when you come to the realize that if, if Adam and Eve had a baby, <laugh> somebody give, gimme your names. Just gimme a name. Jennifer, Jennifer, if Adam and Eve had a baby and Jennifer was the only one born and then Eve trips over an apple over there, it had to be an apple. The way apple, computer apple. It had to be an apple. If Adam and Eve would've sinned and plunged the three of them by their action into condemnation. Jesus Christ still would've died. If Jennifer would've been the only kid born into this entire world, did you know that? Oh, that's not a very big salvation purchase for all that suffering. You're looking at it. Religiously. God looked at it purely based on his nature of who he is. God didn't convince himself that he's the Redeemer because he is Redeemer. It's not that it was one or 100 billion people over the course of human history. It's irrelevant to him. He doesn't love based on numbers. He loves one at a time. And that love he has for you is blind to your sins and faults because you believe in Jesus Christ. 

Do you know why the, do you know why you see red? When you see something red? Because your brain, your eye is processing every color except one color. You know why the sky's blue because it's not blue. That's you know why you see red because that thing's not red. Yeah. John, you have a red sweatshirt on. I think it's red. Yeah. Okay. You forgot that you would shock them. I do. I do. So here's oh, it's wild. My eyes in the, in the spectrum of light. My eyes are processing all of the color colors here, but you know, what's, what's being rejected. His what he's wearing, the reason why it's that color to me is because every color of the spectrum is being absorbed except one color. What color is it? Red, red. Red is bouncing back and hitting my eye. Thus I say it's red. It may not be red. 

The sky is not blue. The sky absorbs every color except blue. It spits blue back at you because it's not absorbing blue. Are you hearing me? When God looks at the Christian, the Bible says we've been washed in the blood of the God sees everything. He would've. You see as a, as a non-Christian God sees all of my sin, but the moment I'm washed in the blood of the lamb, imagine you being because of belief, you're dipped in a tub of blood. You see patch. That's so gross. It should be gross. It costs God, his life. Amen. And you stand up. I see, listen, if I were God and I'm looking at you, I only see red. Oh, that's why the Bible says he will not. He, he will never remember your sins. And as far as the east is from the west, he will remove your sins from you. 

Why? Because he only sees red <laugh> wow. So who made that up? God did stop trying to convince him of other things. Just zip it. Will ya thank him for it. When you trust Christ, God sees you read washed in the blood of the lamb. That's his deal. Listen, he did that. Enter into that. You have nothing to do with it, but to believe him. So get into it. Stop overthinking it. Did you do wrong? Did you sin against God? Was that evil? Yes. Then run to him. Amen. Run to him and get read. Amen. Plunge. As the old hymn goes in under the fountain of Emmanuel's veins, remarkable. Here's the reality. Ephesians one verse three, listen, blessed to be the God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has, uh, blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenlys in Christ, just as he chose us in him. 

That's Jesus. Before the foundation of the world. That means God knew you before you were ever hatched. He knew who you were, that we should be holy and without blame before him in love having predestined us. He did that based on his fore knowledge. This should encourage you believer who's going to heaven to adoption as sons, by Jesus Christ to himself. According to the good pleasure of his will to the praise and of the glory of his grace, by which he made us accepted in notice capital B, the beloved that's Jesus verse seven in him. We have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace, which he made to abound toward us in all wisdom prudence, having made known to us here comes the mystery of his will, according to his good pleasure, which he purposed in himself, hear all these, this legal talk it's as though God is making a declaration, an executive order from God that in the dispensation of the fullness of times, he might gather together in one, all things in Christ, both which are in heaven, which are on earth in him. 

Verse 11 says in him also we have obtained an inheritance being predestined. According to the purpose of him who works all things according to the council of his will, is this genius or what? Verse 12, that we should first that we who first there it is trusted in Christ should be to the praise of his glory. Wow. You met at Taton that's deep. That's beyond deep. That's letting you into to the secret or the mystery of salvation. That was in the hardened mind of God. Before time ever was Philippians one verse six, Philippians one six tells us B technically the Greek is B being. We say, be confident of this. Very thing. The, the, the word in the Greek means be being confident. Always, never, never, never do you not have to be confident. It's a, it's a command. Be being confident of this very thing that he, who has begun a good work in, you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ. 

Somebody say, amen. That means God does his work. Are you going to heaven? Well, I'm not sure. Do you believe Jesus Christ's dead in the cross for your sins? Yes. I just don't feel safe. Stop it and believe. Go back to what you know, what got you originally to raise your hand or to get up or come forward or to fall on your face or to say Jesus come into my life and save me from myself, wash me clean of my sins and cause me to walk with you. And if you prayed that 10, 20, 30 years ago, and you've been like a pinball machine ever since by God's grace and mercy, you're hearing this message today and you can stop being like that game, that toy and receive this message from the Lord today that he wants you. 

And he will make up for all the time that has been wasted. And then finally, this is the final push. It's gonna take me a few minutes to give you this final thing, but yes, you're gonna go to heaven because he has spoken life to you. This is the absolute, come on. Let's be honest us, man. This is, this is why we love God. He speaks to us to things that we need to hear. Amen. When a, when a wife wants to hear her husband say, I love you more than anything in the whole world. That's what she wants to hear that. If she says, honey, do you love me? And he says, I pay the bills. Don't I <laugh> that's that's sad. That's sad. That's sad. The Mason name, what God has done. God did it all. And then we ask him, do you love me? And he says, yes. And if, and whenever you doubt it, Jack, just look back at what I've done for you in the past. Go back to the cross. You know what? If you doubt it, read the gospels again. Amen. And, and you'll see what I did because I'm crazy about you, Jack. 


You see, look, just get handled. The love of God. Well, listen, he's begun a good work in you. You're a little stubborn. I get it. Just start here then. God likes you. That's a good place to start. I can't handle the love of God. Well then you know what? He likes you start there. See what does that mean? That means he wants to hang out with you today. <laugh> that's good news. Most people don't. He does right? Think of it. I'm glad he loves me. 

Amen. Amen. 

Second Corinthians chapter four, verse three says, but even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing. Who's the minds. The God of this age, Satan is blinded who do not believe. See that less the light of the gospel, the glory of Christ, who is the image of God should shine upon them. 


Last verse, it's a Whopper. It's Matthew chapter 13, beginning at verse one. And the same day that Jesus went out of the house and sat by the sea, a great multitude or multitudes were gathered together to him so that he got into a boat and sat and the whole multitude stood in the shore. And then he spoke many things to them in parables, parables, Paros para alongside para Ballos to cast truth alongside every head, every heart of every listener, he just threw out the truth and it landed like a, like a Bober on a fishing line, right alongside each person's head para alongside Ballos to cast truth alongside their head notice he didn't force it into their heart. He didn't shove it down their throat. He casted alongside them. He's casting alongside us. 

This is what he said, behold a so went up to sew. And as he sewed, some seed fell by the wayside and the birds came and devoured them. Some fell on Stony places where they did not have much earth. And they immediately sprang up because they had no depth of earth. But when the sun was up, they were scorched. And because they had no root, they weathered away. And some that is seed. Some fell among thorns and the thorns sprang up and choked them. But others fell on good ground and yielded a crop, some a hundred fold, some 60, some 30. He has ears to hear, let him hear. And the came to him and said to him, and they're gonna be asking him this. Why do you speak to the people? Them in parables? And he answered instead of them, because it has been given to you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven. But to them, it has not been given stop right there. Verse 12, listen, he's not withholding the truth from them. 

Satan blinds, the eyes of those who do not believe Jesus throws out in preaching. He throws out the truth to all but not all. Except that's how you know who is in the family and who's not, oh, I wish pastors across America would get this down. They don't need to apologize for the Bible and avoid portions of the Bible. If they're really pastors, they're supposed to give the Bible and let Jesus do his work. You don't make, you don't make a church happen. You just, you're just supposed to do one thing, pastor. And you're just supposed to give them the truth. Faithfully. And God does the rest. You, if you try to build a church, you'll never build a church. You'll build a clubhouse, but you won't build a church, let him build it. And he uses his word to do it. You just give the word and he takes care of the rest. 

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