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The Antichrist

April 11, 2022

In the Last Days, a man will come onto the world scene offering answers for rising global problems. He is not the Christ, but a false representation - the Antichrist. In this teaching, learn what the Bible says about him and…

The Return of Christ Is Our Hope

April 7, 2022

As the world around us continues to embrace evil, the need for hope radically increases. God’s Word holds the solution to this need: Jesus Christ’s return! This is the great hope we have and promise we can hold on to in thes…


April 4, 2022

Even now, the stage is being set for the End Times. With the reality of Jesus Christ’s return quickly approaching, we can look to the Bible to know what to expect – and the hope we can hold on to – for the days ahead.

Adversity - Will You Stand Or Fall?

March 31, 2022

God chose the Jews to be His special people, and yet they constantly faced adversity. He had a plan and a purpose through it all, though they might not have always seen it. We, as believers, also face adversity. But the ques…

For Such A Time As This

March 28, 2022

Throughout the Bible, we see God placing His people in positions of power for specific times and purposes. God is still at work and wastes nothing – He has created YOU for such a time as this… how you respond to this fact is…

Jack Hibbs interviews Hedieh Mirahmadi

March 20, 2022

Guest: Hedieh Mirahmadi

Coming Soon.....The Jack Hibbs Podcast (Official Trailer)

Feb. 18, 2022

Jack Hibbs is dedicated to proclaiming truth. Standing boldly in opposition to false doctrines designed to distort the Word of God and the character of Christ. Jack’s voice challenges today’s generation to both understand an…