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July 11, 2022

Pull Back From The Edge

A heightened awareness of sickness and death is causing many to live in constant fear. But there is great news for the believer: we are invincible until Christ calls us home. We can embrace this comforting truth and find hope in God’s eternal promises.

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Real life presents the Jack Hibbs podcast with intention and boldness to proclaim truth, equip the saints and impact our culture. 

Stop listen, pull back from the brink and know something that God in your life until your life is finished by God's decree. You're invincible. 

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Philippians four 13 says I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Now I gotta tell you, uh, that is probably one of the most famous Christian verses on t-shirts and bumper stickers and you name. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. And so, and I know, I know that's, but you know, we see the application of that verse in all kinds of ways. That's sweet, but little out of context, before you ever read Philippians four 13, it goes like this Philippians four 11 starts out by saying not that I speak in regard to Mead. This is Paul speaking. In other words, he's telling them, I'm not telling you guys this, because I want anything from you for, I have learned in whatever state, including California, I'm in <laugh> to be content. I know how to be a based stop right there. Paul, the apostle is saying, Hey, as a believer, I know how to handle seasons of prosperity. That's what Paul is saying. There's been times when I had more than enough, how did he do that? He, Paul lived the same way. If he had two Dary or one widows, might he lived the same way. 

It's beautiful. I, I know how to be, um, a base that's without, and I know how to abound that's with. He says everywhere. And in all things, I have learned both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need verse 13. Now it says I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. That that verse means it. Listen, friends, grab this. It doesn't matter right now. If in your life you are abounding or you are a base. If you can hardly rub two pennies together, or this has been the most prosperous year of your life. Listen, the bottom line is this to walk with Jesus, understanding that God li has us living and he works in the impossible. Listen that he's got this taken care of. He tells us in the Bible not to worry. That's just not a cool saying when you and I worry, we're doing something very, very wrong and to prove it, cuz I know people who are big worriers, they get offended with what I just said. You mean worrying is wrong. That's ridiculous. I don't think it's wrong. 


Though the people who say that they're the worriers. Yeah. And they worry because they think they can control the situation. Yeah. And even when they can't, they'll fool themselves by worrying and convince themselves that somehow they had their hand in the mix. Worrying is assuming something to yourself that you were never supposed to be concerned with. That's 


We've just become accustomed to it. Stop and pull back and know that God moves in the impossible. He really does. That's how you know the word is because God exists. Listen to this. I have a hard time. I'm gonna read this to you. I can't even fathom. I actually almost hyperventilate. When I think about this woman, this is terrifying fight. This is said by Helen Keller. Do you know who Helen Keller is? Yes. Please say yes. Even if you don't please just say yes, this, this, this is and Anne Sullivan. Her teacher both are miracles to me at the, I may be off, but I'll, I'll be close. Helen Keller had a severe fever when she was either 16 or 19 months old, she lost her sight and she lost her ability to hear at 19 months old, you cannot hear and you cannot see, think about that for a second. That is a living prison. Just the thought of it. I'm not kidding you. Just the thought of it causes me to, okay. You know what she said, cuz you know, Ann Sullivan taught her how to write, taught her how to communicate. She said the best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart. A woman who's blind. And deaf said that. And I think I got problems. I'm having troubles right now. My computer's not working right with my printer. 


They're not communicating. Of course it's not. Cuz I updated my computer to the next next I think my computer has COVID now 


It's gonna put a mask on it. Number three, we need to stop and know and I love this one. We need to stop and know friends, pull back from the edge. We just need to stop and be reminded and know that he's going with us. He's going with you. He's going with you. God told Jonah, go preach the Niva and <affirmative> and Jonah said, I'm not going. If you knew Niva the OV vites you would know why Jonah said that. Adolph, Hitler and Eichman and all of his teams studied the Nite tactics. You know? Listen, you think, you think making lampshades out of human skin was a Nazi idea. They studied that from the Ovide empire because the OV vites used to do that with Jews. So when God told Jonah, go tell Thein vites Jonah knew something. He knew something about the nature of God. You know what? Cuz the message was this, go tell NVA in 40 days they're going to be destroyed and Neva that's the message God told him. You would think with all the Fides had done to the Jews that Jonah would've said, that's it 40, 40 days. And they get fried by you. <laugh> okay. We would've ran straight there. Hey, guess what? You bunch of losers. 


40 days and you fry lights out. You know what? Jonah? Listen, God said, go tell them they're gonna 40 days that it's over Jonah. It's not even sad. It's not even sad in the text. Jonah does. I'm not going. You want, you know why he said, I'm not gonna go because he knew the nature of God. There's a chance. He knew if they repent, God's gonna give him mercy. 


I'm not going. So what does he do? He gets on a boat and he heads to Tarsha. He heads to Europe. He hits to Spain. That's that was the end of the world in those days. That was it. I'm gonna go to the end of the earth to flee from God. It's what he's thinking. And the Bible says, God prepared a great storm. And the poorest sailors, they're trying to spare Jonah's life. And finally Jonah says, look, this whole thing, this whole storm, we're gonna go down. We're gonna sink because I'm running from my God. And they said, man, that's a that's some God you've got. So we've gotta save our lives. So off you go over over you go and Jonah goes over and uh, the Bible says, God prepared a great fish. It wasn't a whale. My friends don't tell your kids that, but it wasn't a whale. The word in Hebrews a fish. It was a big fish, not a whale. That's a big fish. That's a scary fish. It's says God prepared it. <laugh> can you imagine I need a big fish. <laugh> swallows, Jonah, all listen all because he didn't want to do what God said and listen. All along the way, Jonah was trying to run from God. Jonah was with him the entire way God was with Jonah the entire time. Amen. 

Thank you, 

Lord. Jonah is underwater in this belly of a big fish and God is totally aware of it. And Jonah is totally aware that God is aware of it. He's with you. That's he's with you. Pull back, pull back from the edge of despair. He's with you. Slow down your breath, take a deep breath, relax, understand God can't leave me. And he's even with me right now. It's not like you ran away and, and he outran God in God, while you're running, you ran right into him. 


Listen. He's going with you. Deuteronomy 31 verse six says be strong and have good courage. Do not fear or be afraid of them for the Lord. You're God. He is the one who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you. God says this throughout the Bible throughout scripture, he says this, I'm gonna give you another quote. I, I got a couple of them tonight. Uh, the Christian life is not a constant high. I have my moments of deep discouragement. I have to go to God in prayer with tears in my eyes and say, oh God, forgive me or help me said Billy Graham. That's an honest prayer. I love that. Number four. Stop to know he will make you listen. What's the word invincible. You see? Come on. No, it's true. Listen. Now look when I say invincible, I like what George Whitfield says in his writings. George Whitfield said we are imoral until our work on earth is done. I believe that by the way, with all my heart, I read that decades ago and I believe it's still now. I believe it now more than ever George Whitfield said that. I believe it. Here's the thing. 

Stop. Listen, pull back from the brink and know something that God in your life, your life is absolutely invincible until it's time for you to go home to home to heaven. Think of it. So, oh, it's that real? It's real. 

Jesus is our perfect example. In fact, Satan tried to use the scripture against him. Satan tried to quote the Psalms and messed it up intentionally. Do you remember when Satan told Jesus to throw yourself down from the pinnacle of the, of the temple? Because the Bible says that his angels will B uh, give charge over the let's they'll bear th toe or beat or hit or stubbed that toe on a stone. You know what? Satan was misquoting scripture, but listen, Jesus was exactly living out the power of that som in life. And so should we he's he is our prototype. He's the one that we should walk after. And like, and it's this way until your life is finished by God's decree. You're invincible read the writings of George Washington. He understood that perfectly well, 

Listen right now, more than ever, we should probably end right here, cuz this is so important. Our world is crippled and the church at large in America is crippled by fear. We do not believe that God has that. God's got this. We don't believe it. We really don't by our actions. We don't believe that God really knows exactly what he's doing because this whole thing caught us way off guard. You say, I would never say that. Good, but as a, as a nation or I should say as, as a a church in America, the church at large it's acting like that. Oh my goodness. This is so big. Throw your Bible out the window. This is huge. This is nothing 


This is nothing. This is warm up. 

Think of 

It. What do we do? We're gonna do what we've been trained to do. And that is stay in the word. He will. Well, it's so simplistic. It's not simplistic. It's simple, but it's not simple. When the bombs are going off around you and everything's exploding the temptation to grow weary and you realize, wait a minute, I'm gonna pull that from the edge. I, I, I would love, especially if the younger generation would actually believe that when the scripture says in Joshua chapter one versus five through six, listen to this. If you're young tonight and you're, you're crippled by fear. And, and, and by the way, don't you, don't you think people that we we've watched an entire young generation be hit so hard by fear. They're crippled. They're terrified. They're terrified. And they're fall because listen, fear makes you believe things. This breaks my heart to say, because it's so true. And yet the people I wanted to hear it the most won't hear it. That when fear gets inside of you, paranoia sets in and it doesn't matter what anyone says, including God, this is, this is overwhelming. It's over it's so I could, I could go outside of my bedroom, make it killed. 

No, no really people are living like this. Well, they're not living. Strengthen yourself in the Lord. Take up his word. And when he says something that jumps off the page at you grab it, you grab it. You write it down. Remember, well, no, you don't remember. But in the olden days, when we got in trouble in school, we would have to write out what we did. 100 times 


That's crippling today. You could probably get a lawsuit for that now going 


But you grab that Bible first and you print it out. Write it out if you want to, but print it out. Put, stick at places. When you shave in the morning, it's right there. Or when you get in your, on your skateboard to your car, it doesn't it's right there really it's right there. Print it in. Reverse. Put it on your mask. Look in the mirror. You can read it. Fear, not fear, not Joshua. One five says no, man shall be able to stand before you all the days of your life as I was with Moses. So I will be with you. I will not leave you nor forsake you be strong and of good courage. Stop standing at the edge and looking over, pull back. He is with you. He's not gonna leave. You. Don't let your heart be troubled. He will bring you comfort. Make sure you're focusing on 


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