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Pastor Jack

Always honest. Always from the Bible. Always Passionate. Always from his heart. Truly a messenger for God 🙏🏻

Thank you!

Thank you for speaking the truth and keeping us updated on what’s going on in the world today and how it’s connected to the Bible! May God keep blessing your ministry!

Such a blessing!

Pastor Jack and the entire team at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills has been such a blessing to both my husband and I. We Praise God for this church and Pastor! Our prayers are with them, along with all the others trying their best to do the work God had called them to do!

Biblical teaching A+

The Lord uses Jack Hibbs to teach us from the Bible without leaving scary parts out, candy coating, etc. Thank you Lord for this always amazing message week after week. I want the truth the way God meant for us to learn it. Thank you God and you too Pastor Jack 😊

Delivers the Truth of God

Pastor Jack brings truth, love and peace through his wisdom and knowledge. He also has a great sense of humor that i find very healing🙏❤️

Jack Hibbs

Sad to miss anything he teaches. Learn so much listening to this man of God.

Man of God

When I watch and listen to Jack Hibbs inspired by My Lord and Savior, it makes me strive to be a better man, husband, and dad.

Jack Hibbs

We need more of his biblical teachings and insights. God Bless his ministry and all who watch. May their ears be opened, their minds freed and their hearts be softened to hear the word of God.

Thank you Jack and Hedi and Staff

Amazing podcast- the Gospel went forth mightily

Amazing Pastor Jack Hobbs

I attend this church and Pastor Jack is the most amazing Bible teacher ever. He keeps it simple and he keeps it real. And he can be extremely funny.


I love listening to this podcast when I’m working in my garden!!!


The Best Ever! Thanks Jack

Jack Hibbs sharing of the ‘WORD of GOD’

A great biblical sharer of the ‘true’ Word of God. His knowledge and love of Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God, all one in ONE ‘PERSON’ is challenging yet so educational.

When Jesus knocks, Answer Him.

She asked God, Show me who you are? He answered and showed her the redemptive love of Jesus! Amen!

My trusted online pastor!!!!!

I discovered Pastor Hibbs during the 2020 lockdown. His dedication to God’s word, courageous, insightful and inspired teaching, and precious humble loving spirit feed my soul and lead me into a deeper walk with my loving Savior!!! Soooooooooooo excited about this podcast!!!!!!!


Incredible Bible teacher. A message for the times. Thank you Jack for this interview. Good bless you all.


If you want the truth you must listen to Jack Hobbs! He shares the truth of the Bible and how it effects our relationships in our world TODAY. He isn’t afraid to tell you what is REALLY happening in our world today.

Thank You Jesus!

Jack, thank you for teaching the Word of God straight up with no extra agenda attached.


My go to for truth and scripture

Truth Teller

Pastor Jack Hibbs is a truth teller! If you want Biblical truths and true current events around the world news without a leftist bias then this podcast is for you!!

Jack Hibbs podcast

Great Biblical teacher! So informative.

Jack Hibbs

Love the teaching and podcasts

Thank you!

Thank you for being Brave! Thank you for empowering me to know that to Live is Christ, to Die is Gain!

Divine Teaching

Jack got our family through the past two years. He is a true patriot and teaches right from the Bible. God is definitely using him for Kingdom work. Loved Jack’s first podcast with Hedieh Mirahmadi. Check him out online at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, too! You won’t be disappointed.

Praise God!

Keep up the Lord’s awesome work!

Best out there

Are you looking for an amazing Bible led pastor? You found him!! Jack is an awesome leader and God speaks through him. Such a blessing in this time!

God Wins🛐

Excellent teacher Pastor Jack! In this insane world we ALL need Jesus, it’s time to draw closer to Him✝️