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Grateful for this ministry

I am so grateful for this ministry. When I cannot make it to church I look to Chino Hills Calvary Chapel to fill my bucket online. This podcast just augments the ministry. Blessings on this ministry.

Great interview

Loved it!

Glory of God

Praise God! Pastor Jack Hibbs keeps preaching the Word of GOD

Jack Hibbs is speaking truth to power

Jack Hibbs is one of the few speaking truth to power in a Biblical framework. Everyone needs to hear the truth as we are living in amazing times.

Wonderful Bible teacher

A man of God who preaches the truth, an expositor of the Word. Highly recommend. FofChrist

Awesome Podcasts!

Pastor Jack Hibbs is spirit-filled and authentic!

Good news

I love to listen to jack. He has such a gift of speaking. I can hear the word of God through him. God bless you jack.

Great message about God and Jesus

Jack is a great educator in faith

Thank you

Awesome teacher

Best teacher

Jack is such a great teacher. Love listening to all of his messages.

Man of God

Praise God for Pastor Jack! He is like David, a man after God’s own heart! Thank you for staying true to God’s word! Love this podcast!


Eternally Grateful for pastor Jack’s ministry ❣️

Strong start!

Jack is a strong preacher of the Word with the heart of a teacher and most importantly, a shepherd. Excited for future episodes!

Jack Hibbs Podcasts


Biblical Truth!!

We found Jack during the pandemic. Haven’t left. Listen all the time and find truth, hope & encouragement.

Great teaching!

My favorite teacher for teaching the Bible. Truth. Anointed.

Amazing Pastor

A TRUTH teacher who’s unapologetic about GODS TRUTH no matter who or what are offended emotionally. If you love truth you’ll LOVE Pastor Jacks teaching of Gods word

Jack Hobbs

Excellent teacher of the word, consist, accurate and truthful.

My pastor for 19 years

Pastor Jack is a beacon of truth in a fallen world. I am so thankful he has been our pastor for 19 years now- we are so well-taught. Pastor Jack is vigilant about staying true to the Bible and the Bible only- no woke theology here! You will not be disappointed by listening to Jack Hibbs and your walk with God will grow.

The best Bible teacher!

Pastor Jack is an INCREDIBLE Shepherd. I’ve learned more about doctrine, eschatology, and frankly…JESUS, since listening to his teachings than I have in my entire life of being a believer. I’m so thankful God brought him to my attention.


The Bible the ONLY truth!


Great information


Amazing podcast! Love Calvary Chapel Chino Hills. God is on the move!!




There is no better Bible teacher than Paster Jack. He teaches nothing but God’s truth. Thank you Jack and Lisa. I love you both!!!!

God is Good

Good is God and Jack is awesome! Love and teat everyone with humanity and respect! Be who God made you to be!

Amazing content!

Wonderful, meaningful content grounded in the truth of the Bible!

Love this podcast

Just what the world needed. Great content! MUST listen. Listen to this podcast for the glory of God