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Bible Teacher

Awesome pastor! Love him dearly!

Love listening to Jack Hibbs

I watch him on YouTube and now excited to start listening on Podcast too.


I am thankful for the work Christ Jesus is doing in Jack Hibbs. He is obedient, faithful and listens to the Holy Spirit. My husband and I listen to Pastor Jack every Sunday. We are elderly & my husband doesn’t get out much anymore. The Lord Jesus is alive!

Thank You God!

Thank God for using Jack Hibbs in todays world!


Pastor Jack has been chosen by God to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to the world in a manner that is easy to understand. He sticks to the truth and has the passion to teach us all in a way that blesses us all.

Great Podcast

Excellent podcast. The guest was really interesting. Blessings.

An absolute asset and must have subscription

Jack Hibbs is simply a teacher of the Bible line by line precept upon precept. He loves Jesus and he loves you and wants you to know the true and living God. I’m so excited to hear what is going to come up out of this Podcast from current events to challenges that we may not be willing to speak to each other about through a Biblical lease.

Jack Hibbs and Jesus save life’s

Jesus speaks through Jack and he saves life’s. Jack’s word is amazing and will make people awakened to Gods love!!

Teacher of God’s Word.

I am part of the online congregation and never miss an opportunity to learn and keep my mind focused on the Glory of God no matter what is happening in the world. Podcasts with Pastor Jack is another weapon for the fight against the spirits that wander to destroy people. The interviews are full of people and hope for our coming days.

Hedieh Mirahamadi

Great interview.

True to God’s Word

I discovered Jack’s ministry on YouTube a few years ago and he quickly became one of my favorites. He stays true to the Word of God and has a very personable approach to preaching and teaching. I appreciate his sense of humor yet HE does NOT take God’s Word lightly whatsoever; his boldness in speaking the truth rings loud and clear to my ears which inspires me to be bold, as well.

We love Pastor Jack!

Pastor Jack Hibbs has been our virtual Pastor for the past 2 years. Since the pandemic hit in Spring of 2020, Pastor Jack has brought Gods word to our living room and teaches the Bible word for word and teaches us how it applies to our lives today. Especially how it applies to our constitution and American rights. Thank you Pastor Jack Hibbs and all who serve at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills.

Great testimony

God bless you Pastor Jack and this sister ✝️🙏❤️

Jack Hobbs Podcasts

Jack Hibbs is an amazing pastor! My family and I have been watching / listening to him since before COVID struck. He has kept us focused on Jesus and the Word of God. He teaches all aspects of the Bible, including prophesy for the glory of God.

God is Here 💐

Best online and live Church you can ask for .A true blessing to listen to and if your as fortunate to live close attend .

Jack Hibbs rocks!

Jack Hibbs knows Jesus and knows how to talk about Him in a way that draws people to our Savior in a way that is non threatening but 100% unapologetic Truth!


I love my church

I’m Considering Relocating to Chino Hills…

I watch and listen to Jack Hibbs regularly and try not to miss his online church services. I wish I lived in Chino Hills so that I could attend in person. I also listen to Chuck Smith’s TWFD (has it’s own app). Going to church is great, but listening to teachings of the scripture outside of church is also very uplifting and important for me. Calvary Chapel has been my church since I was saved at the ripe age of 13. I’ve tried other churches in other places that I’ve lived, but nothing compares, for me.

God’s mercy in finding goodness

When we try to find the good in every day life some days are harder then others. During the early days of the pandemic, when life was unsure and scary, I stumbled upon finding Pastor Jack Hibbs and CCCH church. He has become my pastor and this my church. Although I live on the east coast, I am grateful for digital technology in this way to stay connected and grounded. Now adding these podcasts to my daily routine will be another blessing.

Trust Worthy

Teaching truth

Profound leader with a heart for the Word

You can’t get expository teaching as thorough & clear as with Jack Hibbs. His love of scripture, the knowledge he shares for our personal & political lives is like no other!

Love this Message

This podcast is on the top of my list. Please listen. It will change your life!

The Real Deal

I attended Calvary Chapel Chino Hills for several years when living in the area. Though I moved far enough away to make attending there in person twice a week... the internet allows me to continue being taught through Hibbs ministry. He is an outstanding teacher who bravely was virtually alone keeping the church open during the pandemic. For all the hate Newsomes government put on CCCH... the church only grew and there was NO outbreak of Covid-19. He is fearless in standing up for biblical values and teaches the Bible thoroughly... going page by page... chapter by chapter... book by book which eliminates cherry picking verses which many pastors do to sooth the ears of the more liberalized congregations.

Jesus blessings upon this Pastor

Love, love, love how God is moving through this ministry. May God continue to bless Jack. Speak truth!


Best Pastor in America!!!

Is The World Falling Apart

Pastor Jack Hibbs: “To Us: Everything looks like it is Falling Apart… But To God: Everything is Falling into Place.” Jack Teaches God’s Word (The Bible) so that everyone can understand God’s Love, Forgiveness, and Acceptance. To Understand our Purpose and the Events of our time, we must understand what God has told us in the Bible. “It is there to prepare us, not to scare us.” Get Prepared for what is “Happening Now”.

In a World Full of Lies…

…it is so good to hear Truth. I have known Jack for 30-years. He has been consistent in both his teaching and his leadership. God has many tools in His tool chest, and Jack is one of those essential instruments like a screwdriver or hammer. God always reaches for Jack when a work needs to be done. Me? I’m more like a biscuit-joiner. Rarely needed, but boy, when you DO need it… Ah, so be it, the Great Carpenter knows what tool to use, when.

Excellent podcast!

for real Biblical talk and perspective.

Jack Hibbs Podcast