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The Best Pastor/Teacher

I’ve been following Jack since 1992 in Chino Hills. I learned so much from him and feel blessed to know this excellent teacher! Keep on spreading the Words, Jack, and use this for the glory of God!!


Excellent podcast


Jack teaches biblical truth with excitement and passion. He is an inspiration and hope in a dark world.

Teaches the Truth

I’ve been listening to Jack for over three years. He definitely teaches the truth of the Bible. He is easy to understand and his love to study the Bible is infectious! I highly recommend him.

Our church shut down led us here

Even though our local church has reopened, we look forward to listening to Pastor Hibbs whenever possible. We have learned so much and look forward to each new sermon or interview. I recommend everyone checks out his sermons.


Beautiful exposition

Excellent to listen to

This pod cast is wonderful! I highly recommend

Biblically based teachings

Very Biblically based Pastor. Amazing teachings!

My Pastor

I found pastor Jack Hibbs by the grace of God roughly 3 yrs ago (before the pandemic) and he had been my pastor ever since. I’ve grown so much under his discipleship! God bless Jack & Lisa and their family!

Funny, Inspiring and well thought word of God

I love the way Pastor Jack preaches the gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He presents the word of God in a very practical, funny and inspiring way. More importantly, he sticks to scriptures by reading the Bible text by text. If you have ever wonder who is Jesus, his attributes and how he can transform your life, listen to Pastor Jack 😊

Good for the soul

Amazing knowledge and teaching as related to the current events in our everyday life giving up hope in the days before us !

Tremendous teacher!

Pastor Jack Hibbs is genuine. I learned so much about prophecies, End Times, the word of God, what’s happening in our world today and how it relates to the Bible.

Great Church and right on teaching

Love Jack Hibbs and CCCH.

God uses Pastor Jack mightily

Thank YOU LORD for using Pastor Jack to speak YOUR TRUTH!!!!! So grateful and I thank God for him! So many churches have gone away from teaching The Bible! Left the church I was at because they were conforming to the patterns of the world!!!! This is such a solid, alive, and forward moving church in Jesus Name! We are the church! A living breathing organism!!!! I leave every time with sooooo much to unpack and eat and chew on! If you can’t go here, you would be greatly blessed and receive so much from watching and listening to God speak through Pastor Jack! God is looking down to see who are His children! If you were to die today do you know you would go to heaven? If God were before you, and asked, “Why should I let you into MY heaven? Have you received the free gift of salvation? I pray you know man is a sinner and cannot save himself! Only saving faith in Christ ALONE!!! May God keep you!


Excellent teacher and show!!! Love Pastor Jack!!!

Excellent teacher of God

Because of pastor Jack I’ve come closer to the Lord and my life forever changed!

Truth be Told

Pastor Jack and Calvary Chapel Chino Hills are such a blessing - for the biblical truth spoken here allows all to understand The Bible, as well as ‘see it’ in our daily life and in the world today.

Calvary chapel Chino Hills

Jack Hibbs is Excellent!!! Every Sunday and Wednesday!!! Praise God!!!🙏🙏🙏

We love Jack

There is no more humble or excellent preacher of the word of God right now on this planet. Jack does not know us but I was a professional bodybuilder and my wife a professional figure competitor and we were far away from the Lord. God used his ministry to bring us back to him, lay down those careers and now we are serving the Lord.

Total Blessing

Great teaching that is relevant and current for todays world. Find truth and direction for our lives in a world that is full of confusion and contradictions and bad news.

Truth and Freedom

Listen to the truth


I’ve listened to Jack Hibbs for about â year now and have been blessed, spiritually fed And taught. It’s all about Jesus Christ, not Jack Hibbs.

Jacks Back!

Pastor Jack is a modern day saint! If you want to understand the times, tune in to Jack Hibbs!

Blessed in Tennessee

I discovered Pastor Jack’s church and ministry in 2020 during the pandemic. I have learned more in the last two years and have had a desire to learn more about the Bible in those two years than I have in my entire 58 years! Pastor Jack is an inspired servant of the Lord, and he is not scared to teach the Bible, which quite honestly, is something to be said in the world in which we live now. I look forward to every sermon/teaching!


Great biblical teaching. Straight from the hip talk and teaching. Looking forward to more.


Jack preaches straight from the Bible. His teachings are biblically accurate. I find so much hope as I listen. I am grateful for the encouragement during these dark days. Praise God that we have sound teachings today.

Pastor Jack

Always honest. Always from the Bible. Always Passionate. Always from his heart. Truly a messenger for God 🙏🏻

Thank you!

Thank you for speaking the truth and keeping us updated on what’s going on in the world today and how it’s connected to the Bible! May God keep blessing your ministry!

Such a blessing!

Pastor Jack and the entire team at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills has been such a blessing to both my husband and I. We Praise God for this church and Pastor! Our prayers are with them, along with all the others trying their best to do the work God had called them to do!