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Powerful Testimony

What an amazing testimony of the desire of one woman’s heart to know God. That despite everything she faced, God guided her to get to know Him personally and now she’s changing lives of women everywhere. Thank you for sharing her story !

Heaven Sent

I had been looking for a church home for many years. It is so hard to find a church in my area that teaches the Word of God instead of the word of being socially acceptable to the community around us. Thank the Lord, He used Facebook for good and I found Calvary Chapel Chino Hills online in early 2020. It was an answer to prayer and hopelessness, because the church I was attending had just switched from preaching the Gospel to preaching social justice. I watch CCCH every chance I get… Sunday, Wednesday, special events. And my young adult children watch with me. So now these podcasts are just another moment of truth, blessing, and Jesus in our lives. So thankful and grateful to our Lord for placing CCCH, Jack Hibbs, and all of the amazing Bible teachers we have found through them in our lives.


Wonderful uplifting interview!

What a blessing

This is the best of all pod cast. Bless you Jack Hibbs, and bless you !!

Will renew your faith

I can’t even begin to describe how God is using this man to touch lives, mine included! This is part of my daily bread

Love this pastor!

IMO the best Bible teacher ever. Thank you for what you do!


God envourshing us He is always calling the lost to come. Watched thire on Youtube also, PrAying for this young woman

Excellent Word!

What a blessing!! Incredibly Grateful for Gods word in this chaotic world. To God be the Glory.

Satan's Multi Pronged Attacks

It's interesting how Satan interweaves himself through religion, economics, government, and social issues by way of confusion, delusion, and profusion. Fortunately, Ephesians 6 gives us a look into military armor that will protect us from the evil one. Pastor Jack and Hedieh give us a glimpse of how Islam subjugates those who are trapped. Thanks Jack for providing a platform to get the message out!


Easy to listen, inspiring.

Gods ways are perfect

Absolutely heartwarming message of redemption through Jesus Christ. Inspiring proof that God uses the most unsuspecting people.

The Best!!

I listened to the first podcast…excellent. But that was no surprise! I listen to Jack Hibbs on Sundays and on Wednesday nights. I knew his podcast would be absolutely the best. I immediately subscribed through Apple.

Awesome Testamony

Thank you for sharing your testamony and your strong witness to others. God Bless you.


Great interview- toooooo short!!

Great testimony

Great interview Pastor Jack. What a powerful testimony, great to know of her ministry. It also cut off with ~4 min left on the interview but going to play it back I was able to listen to the end.

Jesus saves

No matter what religion one is in , when our God the Lord Jesus Christ calls you in His perfect time to His flock then you enter in His glory. Pastor Jack is a great man of God called to preach God’s Truth and His Gospel. God bless 🙏🙏🙏

Love Jesus Christ Our Savior 🙏

Thanks to Jack Hibbs, he has changed my life😊I’m really obsessed with every word he preaches. Im so much happier and at peace since I started following. Thank God most of all.

Powerful and encouraging

Love Jack’s boldness and passion for the preservation of the USA and for God’s Truths. He always presents the gospel in love.

Great podcast

Pastor Jack continues to bring the teachings of the Bible to anybody who will listen.

Informative and Easy Listening

I love listening to Jack. He’s so informative and easy to listen too. I can’t wait to hear more!

Great Podcast!

Amazing podcast. God is doing great things through Jack!

Been following Jack for a while now.

I tried many fellowships and listened to many different messages from teachers. Jack is the real deal, he is honest even when it hurts.

Interview Heidieh Mirahamdi

Wonderful testimony…Praise God! Heidieh, Thank you for sharing and creating a ministry to share Jesus with Muslins and all whom hear you. 🙏🏼Blessings to surround you and your family, as well as, Pastor Jack Hibbs and his family.

Biblical teaching!!

Jack Hibbs’ teaching is wonderful & so on point relating current events with Biblical truth!! Love Jack!! I’m so excited for his new podcast!!

Johnny Ringo


John 3:16

Excellent Word! God is good

Amazing people

It is so important that we understand what each person means to Christ.

Amazing! Please do more of these!

Very exciting and inspiring.