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Love listening to Jack


I absolutely love how pastor Jack is so bold & on fire for the Jesus! Also, how he wants to bring everyone with him to heaven! I always felt the same way but did not know how to go about being so bold! Until listening to his sermons, teachings and now podcasts! Thanks Pastor Jack!

Remarkable woman

Thank you for bringing this Saint to light Jack. What a joy to hear that testimony - What an amazing life she has and is experiencing! Praise God for her ministry as well !!!!

Great first guest

Excellent interview, unfortunately cut out last 3 min, but still happy to find out about her!

Waiting to hear more….

I thought Jack’s interview with Hedieh Mirahamadi was thought provoking and Christian power inspiring. Hedieh’s inside knowledge of the White House, 5 American presidents, and America’s struggle to understand Islam left me wanting to read her book. Jack Hibb’s is one of our Nation’s beloved Biblical Shepherds. I would request many more interviews with Hedieh revealing more of her experiences throughout her career, her journey to Christ, and how her relationship with Christ changed her interactions with world leaders, friends, and family. Thank you both for being faithful servants.


As with everything Pastor Jack does, this too was inspiring and drives me to want more of Jesus. Listen!

Salt and light!

Compelling and eye opening! Praise God!

Excellent! You won’t be disappointed.

So happy to see pastor Jack has a new podcast. Be prepared to be blessed by this podcast.

For Such as Time as This

Amazing New Podcast Annointed by God, will be Praying that it is used Mightily.


When is the premiere episode?

Praise God!

We are so blessed by the ministry of Pastor Jack Hibbs ... who proclaims the capital "t" Truth. Maranatha!