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Man of God

Jack Hibbs is an incredible man of God placed here for such a time as this. He doesn’t shy away from any truths and encourages us with great hope to hold on and stay in the battle for our Lord.


Jack Hibbs has become my pastor. From Houston I watch, listen and read as he shepherds us in the truth of the Word. I was hungry for Bible teaching not feel good sermons. Thank you Ccch for sharing Jack with us all.

God Loving Man

Jack Hibbs has helped bring me back to my Lord & Savior in a time I had only fear! Great words and has a awesome sense of humor which is refreshing! But most of all he speaks from the Bible which is very important to me!

Sound biblical teaching

I can’t say enough how much I appreciate this podcast. I have not been able to find a single church in my area that is teaching on current events and end time prophecy, and how it’s all playing out in front of us. Without local churches supporting the people the people are making up crazy things. We need 100,000 more pastors just like him teaching the word, teaching the truth, teaching the prophecies in the Bible. This podcast is keeping my sanity because it helps me to make sense of everything going on around me.

Powerful testimony

Thank you Pastor Jack Hibbs for being willing to get truth out there. God is using you for a time such has this! Thank you!

Great podcast

Love his sound Biblical teaching!

Excellent Teacher

Jack Hibbs has been my “go to” online teacher for almost 2 decades. He teaches The Word book by book and exhorts his students not to take him at his word, but to know and trust God’s Word! Pastor Jack loves Jesus Christ and proclaims the Gospel with passion and honesty.

Edified, Filled, and Informed 🙏🏼

We praise our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ that Pastor Jack is an empty vessel in which our Abba Father can continually fill up and use for His glory. He is an obedient Pastor/Teacher and our family is truly blessed and daily ministered to…… and most importantly equipped ! Maranatha !!! The Rapp family 🙏🏼

Awesome podcast

Truly one of todays most gifted Bible teacher! Jack Hibbs is passionate about the truth of the Bible and following Jesus. Great topics and always fascinating, interesting, and a blessing

Spirit filled Pastor !

I am disabled and unable to attend church. I listen to Pastor Hibbs every day. I watch all of his sermons. I’m so thankful to have a spirit filled pastor for my Bible study.


Such great messages that bring hope and encouragement

For such a time like this.

Some believers may say O how I would love to live in the New Testament area, my fellow believers wake up we are in it, Love my pastor and Friend and brother in Christ bringing reality of being a true follower of Christ, reminding us to pick up our cross, to die to self and live in newness of life, to live is Christ to die is gain, what a adventure we are all in, soldiers of the kingdom of God.

Thankful to believers…

This podcast was just at the right moment… We had finished our Bible Study on Islam and to have an example of another reason of conversion to Christianity was what we needed.

Inspired By God

I live outside Tampa, Florida, and began listening to Jack Hibbs, Calvary Chapel -Chino Hills, during the Covid lockdowns. Jack has an amazing testimony from start when he survived a botched abortion, his acceptance of Christ as his savior, and what led him into ministry. Your faith and relationship will grow because of his teachings. If you have the opportunity, please watch his sermons. You will be moved by the joy of the Lord radiating from him.


This is a powerful testimony how the Lord can use anyone to do his work if we surrender ourselves and allow the Holy Spirit to work through us. Jack Hobbs is a great pastor and a great conversationalist, I was sad when the podcast ended because I wanted to hear more of Hedieh’s story.

Teaching as it has to be done to make a difference

Jack is one of the contemporary members of the “black robe brigade” that, at the dawn of our country, called their congregations to rise up against the tyranny of their time. We are at such a juncture in our day and men like Jack, who pursue God with all their heart, are teaching and sharing the word of God with such applicability to our time that one is compelled to rise up and take a stand against the tyrannical mania of our day. The Creator and King of the universe is calling His creation to be set apart from the madness of our day, to go out and make disciples and keep our eyes up as we look for His coming. We are continuously blessed by brother Jack’s ministry. Give him a go, you will as well! The Grace of our eternal God be upon you.

A blessing!

Hibbs is a blessing to us all! God is using him in such an amazing way to teach the Word - I listen to every service from Dallas and now his podcast is a bonus!

Excellent teacher of the Word

Pastor Jack is an excellent teacher of the Word. He breaks down scripture verse by verse and helps you understand how it applies to today’s current events and our role in discipleship. Pastor Jack is one of the rare teachers that is truly teaching the full gospel, not the watered down, feel good gospel. Thank you Pastor Jack for fighting the good fight!


Pastor Jack Hibbs is awesome with the Behold Israel Team!!!!


Love the new podcasts


Jack's teachings are wonderful. I am eager to learn more from him.

You want to hear the truth?

This preacher will give you the truth. Listening to his podcasts has made a difference in me. How I read my Bible, my prayer life & wanting to go to church. I want to be the hands & feet of Jesus. Jack Hibbs is preaching the word & being a helper to the Holy Spirit in many ways. Listen to his podcasts. Love his Sunday Church (that I catch on TV) Give the 3 in 1 to change your life.


So grateful that God brought us to Calvary Chapel Chino Hills right before the “pandemic” and shut down. Pastor Jack’s Bible teachings are great, we have learned so much and love his love for not only our country but also for our state (California). Pastor Jack is right…it (California) is worth fighting for.

Jack has messages for many faiths

This interview with Hediah brings home the message that we come to faith by many different roads. I am a practicing Catholic converted from a Protestant back ground. I follow Jack Hibbs regularly because he brings Jesus and scripture to life in ways my worship at mass does not. Both keep me focused on Jesus every day.

Soooo gooood

This was so good ,, thank you


Hope he has teachers on form apologetics, how to witness to other religions and so on!!! So excited! 🙏🙌✝️🎺


AMAZING!!! Glory to God!!! Such boldness!! 💙💙💙

Great listen!

Love this story. God is on the move saving people in a dark world. My parents emigrated and wanted so badly to be Americans as well. They love this country.

Great Podcast!

Great topic and ministry for such a time as this; where you hear and read that a lot of people in the Islam religion are having dreams and seeing visions of Jesus. Her ministry can and will point them in the right direction. Amen!