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April 21, 2022

The Reality Of Heaven

Heaven – you’ve heard about it. You might have even read about it. But do you believe that it’s real? Join Pastor Jack as he looks at what the Bible says about the Christian’s eternal home, the proof for its existence, and how to live, in light of Heaven.

Heaven – you’ve heard about it. You might have even read about it. But do you believe that it’s real? Join Pastor Jack as he looks at what the Bible says about the Christian’s eternal home, the proof for its existence, and how to live, in light of Heaven.

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Real life presents the Jack Hibbs podcast with intention and boldness to proclaim truth, equip the saints and impact our culture. 

You and I were designed by God to be with him in worship and in fellow it. And it's called heaven and he's gonna come back and he's going to, he's gonna undo this world. You can cheer up. It's not gonna stay this way. He's gonna fix it. He's gonna get real bad before it gets good, though. He's gonna let man run out the clock and then he is gonna come and fix it. 

You can get the outlines of this podcast by going to Jack Today. If this podcast lifts you up and encourages you to live a more fulfilled life in Christ, then make sure you leave us one of those five-star ratings to us. That's like saying amen, or yes, then that rating will encourage others to listen. Now, open your hearts to what God's word has to say to you here is Jack hips. 

The number one thing about the reality of heaven and making sure that you're going there is waking up to some truths that we need to consider. 

Number one, write it down. If you would it's this, that there is natural witness of creation. God has not asked any of you to make a blind leap of faith. Now, believe in me, close your eyes, put a blindfold on and leap out into darkness. The God of the Bible doesn't do that. Psalm chapter eight, verse three regard, the natural witness of creation should cause you and I to wanna go to heaven. And the reality of heaven can be argued. The SMA says, when I consider your heavens and the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have ordained, you gotta circle the word ordained. What is man that you're mindful of him? Is that awesome? The word ordained here is epic. The story sky, God says I've ordained it. 

Teleo. I've set a course for them to travel on. It's so certain you can do math later on in the 20 and 20 for centuries. And you'll be able to figure out when to launch a rocket from Florida or from California, you can figure out by my mechanics of the heavens, just right where the space station could meet up with the incoming capsule. Did you know, you cannot do that. JPL could never figure that out except, or unless God is dependable. Think about that. Who don't believe in God? Why not? He screams at us and says, you think this is something I've got a heaven coming. Your eyes can't even handle it. Your ears can't even receive it. And I've given you a physical or natural witness. The second thing is that there's a personal witness That all of us can agree with. And that is all of us have a conscience. There's a consciousness That God has given. You See, you can say today, I don't believe in God or believe in heaven. It's funny. You don't believe in heaven, but you wanna live in a beautiful place and beautiful manicured lawns and gardens. And you wanna live in a, if you could, you live in a palace and 

I believe that you're searching for heaven. You don't know it. And you wanna have stability and protection and safety, and you don't wanna, you don't wanna, you want your kids to be unstable like you were. So you give them everything. And why, because you want them to experience something better. Why would you deprive that from God, wanting you to experience something better and heaven, Thus, our conscience, amazing thing. Conscience. Do you realize right now, your, your, your physical body, listen, we've done. We we've been doing this for thousands of years. If we cut you open like a Christmas Turkey and took out all your parts And we searched for your conscious, Think about it. Where is it? Could it be here? Let's let's open that up. What's that 


What's that little thing behind the liver right there. What's that? That's not it. Where's your conscience. So you gotta move up near the head. It's it's in the head. Hold we open up your head, look around. There's not much up there by the way. Did you know that your brain is highly composed of cholesterol and other types of things? It's um, it's there, it's about seven and a half, eight pounds. Crack that thing open. Put it out there, look around, you know, the brain today is still more advanced than any of the observable universes. We've seen The brain. Listen, they and people look at it. What is it? Is it brain? What do we do with it? We're not exactly sure It's beyond us, But where's the conscience. Nowhere. How'd it get there. Isn't that amazing mean first Timothy chapter four, verse one first Timothy four, one, a familiar verse, cuz it's so important for our age and will become more important every day. But first Timothy four once is not the, not the holy spirit. Expressly says that in the latter time is the last days as we approach the end of time, Some will depart from the faith. Some will give up for whatever reasons. Jesus gives you those reasons in Matthew 13 in the parable of the so and the seed, here's what they're gonna do. They're gonna give heed, give attention, watch people. It means that they're going to give themselves fully over attention, completely yielded to deceiving spirit. Stop right there to, to be so captivated by something. And you're watching it and you're listening. You can't even hear anybody else. Susie, Susie, Susie SA. And they're like this, have you ever seen this happen? 

And then you have to touch them. Excuse me. I'm talking to you. What, what is it? What I've been speaking to you? What is it? Where have you been? I'm just, I'm just watching this or looking at this game or what's up. The Bible says that there's gonna be people who depart from the faith I'm done with this Christian stuff. I'm learning some really cool stuff over here. It's captivating. Isn't amazing that when you're gonna read the Bible, you gotta work at it. I mean, I'm confessing. I didn't ask you about this. I'm confessing. That's I assume it's the same. Is it hard for you to read the Bible? Yes. Come on. Yes. Yes. Me too. The moment I, I read my Bible, I'm gonna read it. It's awesome. Nobody's awake. It's a great morning. I'm gonna read Bible and it's almost like, hell goes, no, you are not. And The doorbell goes off or the fire alarm or I don't know. What are you with me? Somebody calls wrong number. I'm sorry. It's like Satan. Call, call that number. Call it. You have to, you have to work at it. The moment though, the moment something of a demonic power comes along like a deceiving spirit to teach know you're captivated. Oh, 

And you can barely go to work. You're captivated. The Bible says, watch out. There's gonna be days, right at the end that things are gonna captivate you to pull you into another world. It's not even real. It's a world of demonic influences. And then the second thing is, look what he says here that what's before us also is doctrines of demons. Oof demons telling people things. I had a dream. Yeah. Watch out. The Bible says this would characterize the last days. This sounds like a Jerry Springer program or that kind of stuff or Oprah show. I died. And I saw, I went and it was amazing. And Jesus is really no big deal. He was just all with us. And you, you can believe anything you want, you gotta have it. That's right outta the pit. Hell. That's exactly what seed wants you to believe. Right? But listen, in first Timothy four one, it says speaking lies in hypo. See, I'm sorry. Staring doors wear your mask and you can't go to any restaurants. Sorry. Listen. This is the punchline. Having their conscience seared with a hot iron well we'll end here. Listen, this is what this means. They, they started listening to things that caused them to pull away from the eighth. They gave themselves over to its full attention. They invested in it little did they know it was the workings of demon spirits, invisible. 

And it, it never got ahold of their attention. They never figured that part out. And why would the, why would the spiritual dark world tell you about their lands anyway, if they're really smart and they are, they're not gonna tell you, Hey, we're gonna attack you next week. Jesus said, if somebody knew that they would not allow their home to be broken into. Right? Right. So look at this, they speak lies in hypocrisy. What does that mean? They dress up in white while they tell you darkness, We're here to help Watch out having their own conscience. SEAD the word SEAD is where we get the word characterize CATA though, to characterize something, to heat up a piece of metal, glowing, hot to take an open wound that is hemorrhaging. You can take that hot iron and you can put it right on the wound and melt it shut and save someone's life. When listen, depending upon what kind of surgery you're having, the doctor can cut with the blade and right connected to the blade is a little item that trails the blade and it lasers, the skin melts the skin right back together. We run its cut. It's brilliant. It's brilliant with the right application. But if you've ever had a scar and then you open up that scar again, if you ever ripped open a scar, 

And if that keeps happening, you keep bumping it, tearing it, ripping it. You know what happens? You end up getting skin that loses its ability to feel the, the skin becomes dead and you can rub your hand across and you'll feel the dead area. And then you'll pick up on the feeling. Again, the sensation's gone where it has been traumatized beyond feeling when that happened. You can't feel anymore. 

These people what's happened to them is that they dabbled into something and they got burned, just burned. But then they went back to it and they got burned again. And they went back again to it a little bit and they got burned, but it was that bad of a burn. Then they went again and then they couldn't even feel the burn after a while. And then they could just pick it up and hold it. Can you do this? You've seen those guys walk across, you know, in Hawaii they have those fire walkers, which is like nuts. It's like you. And then I don't know, you know, I go there for the food. I don't go there for the show, But the guy goes, Hey, watch this, you throwing the th and he walks bare feet on burning coals. And it's just like, yeah, I'm not impressed. Don't wanna do that. I mean, what's the point I can do it. I, I would freak out. I don't feel anything. Yeah. That's the problem. When the LAPD brings a man in for having committed multiple murders in the apartment and they ask him, how did you do it with a knife? 

How long did it take a couple hours? What were you thinking? I don't know. Wondering what they felt, maybe. What did you feel? Uh, nothing conscience. SEAD With a hot iron Having committed. Something's so often, listen, listen, you've committed it so often that you don't even feel it anymore. 

And the danger is you can go even go to church, stuck in tradition, but living that kind of life you've been hurt so many times. For example, if you don't keep your heart tender, safe in the arms of Jesus, you can be hurt so many times that you even think you're protecting yourself and shielding yourself from that. And you'll only get involved in a situation so far, then you'll pull back and something really good comes along, but you've conditioned yourself to pull back. You know why? Because for some reason, hurt pain, sorrow, disappointment. You've somehow concluded. Not only will I never have on house like blind home palace or Kathryn, the greats, but I don't care. I don't care about your heaven. I don't care about your Bible. I don't care about any of that stuff. You have allowed your heart to become so seared that it can't feel anymore. And that when, when the Bible tells you, God loves you. You say not me, Not for me. This is danger. You see, the way you get to heaven Is by that Jesus Christ died for your sins. But if you've become so callous to your own activity, that you don't see yourself, a sinner, you are an epic, eternal danger. 

And if everything you do is followed up by a justification sentence outta your mouth, you are even for further. And when you, when you do something and, and you get caught, and then you say, yeah, but you know what? It's because Callous, callous, hardened, hardened, no feeling. You know, who's in heaven. Bunch of sinners are in heaven. How do you know ask him? You can ask him, you can read the, their statements in the book. Isaiah saw heaven. You. And he said, Isaiah Wo was me. I'm undone. My lips are filthy. I'm wicked. And I live in a, I live in an entire nation. That's wicked. You know what God said to him? God said, I have taken a coal from off the altar and placed it on your tongue. And you are purged. Your Nick has been removed from you. Amen. Isaiah's in heaven today. And he still thinks he's a sinner when you and I get to heaven, you know what? We're gonna walk like this. We're gonna be like a bunch of people walking in to captain the greats. Uh palace's like, what, what, what are we doing here? Just shut up. Just come on. 

Just act like you suck. Like you're supposed to be here. Nod your head here. It's like, we're here. Think about it. Are we here? Oh, we're here. How long are we staying? Uh, forever. Um, think about it because listen, when you, when you walk through, it's gonna say something like, imagine the gate, imagine the gate called before the foundations of the world. Right? And you walk through and you walk in and you look back on the back side of the gate. And it says something to the effect, all have sin to come short of the glory of God. And you're standing there. Oh, And let me tell you a friend it's gonna cause everything in this world that man can build to it. Look like a joke. Glory. Be to God That Heaven is not made with human hands. What awaits us is absolutely awesome that it takes sanctified Imagination. To begin to wonder how in the world will a tree is be used trees and there'll be water. And on street, main street heaven down the main street. The street is transparent, but gold and 


And the nations will come and bring their glory to a nations. 


The Kings will honor the Lord from year to year. It says, Think about it, the Bible. Have you ever thought about that? That's not metaphorical, man. That's gonna happen. 

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